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  1. Lol! You overlooked one. Greg McMurtry. Gotta add that "r" at the end.
  2. You've been killing it on these edits!! Kudos to you!!!! You have mastered the endzone art. Something I dabbled in, but didn't want to get too deep.
  3. I love everything guys! My "W" was struggling to look even anything close to yours. Yours way more accurate!!!
  4. Can't do Commanders, too cheesy!! I whipped this up in about 20 minutes, not accurate. Added a little black shade to the edges, for crispness.
  5. Just use "Buffalo". It's plural that way also. Sounds better too. Buddies is the correct version. "Mega Buffalo Buddies" 20 characters. "Grand/Great Buffalo Buds" Just spitballing my friend. Quick idea.
  6. Yes. You can make them completely yellow, but the main cloud looks yellow and that looks goofy. We could remove the clouds completely or swap the palette. This was the quick and easiest solution. The bar was blue/white before, so I figure at least it has a slight hint of yellow.
  7. Hack is complete with SET commands and all cutscenes.
  8. Better late than never! This changes the on field goal post color and all cutscenes. Here's how to change the posts to yellow...... Like they should be! (just me, LOL!) Note: The pad stripes have to be cleared out and edited in Tile Layer Pro, to clear the yellow. This is the side view cutscene XP attempt SET(0x1A626,0x11) SET(0x1A622,0x28) SET(0x1A623,0x38) Palette colors SET(0x2C426,0x1A) SET(0x2C427,0x11) SET(0x2C428,0x28) Palette swap SET(0x2C5A1,0x00) SET(0x2C5B2,0x80) SET(0x2C5C3,0x00) SET(0x2C5D4,0xA0) SET(0x2C607,0x88) SET(0x2C618,0xB0) SET(0x2C629,0xBB) SET(0x2C63A,0xBB) SET(0x2C64B,0xAB) SET(0x2C67E,0xA0) SET(0x2C6E4,0xA0) SET(0x2C74A,0xA0) SET(0x2C805,0xA0) SET(0x2C86B,0xA0) SET(0x2C8C0,0xA0) SET(0x2CA8B,0xA0) SET(0x2CBBD,0xA0) SET(0x2CBDF,0xA0) SET(0x2CC01,0xA0) SET(0x2CC23,0xA0) SET(0x2CC45,0xA0) SET(0x2CCAB,0x50) SET(0x2CD11,0x50) SET(0x2CD77,0xD8) SET(0x2CD88,0xDD) SET(0x2CD99,0xDD) SET(0x2CDAA,0xDD) SET(0x2CDDD,0xA0) SET(0x2CDEE,0x11) SET(0x2CDFF,0x11) SET(0x2CE54,0x00) SET(0x2CE65,0x08) SET(0x2CE87,0xA0) SET(0x2CEBA,0xA0) SET(0x2CEDC,0xA0) SET(0x2CEED,0xA0) SET(0x2CEFE,0xA0) SET(0x2CF0F,0xA0) SET(0x2CF20,0xA0) FG attempt, top down end zone cutscene. "bounce off bar", Wide left or right SET(0x1A185,0x38) SET(0x1A186,0x28) Scrolling long FG attempt (Edits clouds slightly, but doable) SET(0x1A012,0x38)
  9. Thank you! I learned a lot over the last month when I was on my vacation. When the helmets are solid backgrounds makes it even easier, which those all are. I might go back and attempt the minis on my little project, now that I see the big picture.
  10. Fixed! Enjoy! One pixel was off on the packers and 49ers helmet, fixed that too. Also, does this rom not have any hacks applied to it? simply base? I'm gonna tear this one down if it's clean. Can someone verify this for me? I know it says "base rom". T-Borg 20XX Base ROM 2020 Edit.nes
  11. I'm finishing up that base rom you posted now. stay tuned!
  12. accomplished on SBlueman vanilla. Found some empty tiles and just drew new facemask parts. At first I tried copying the TBorg graphics, hence why it's slightly different (jets, Wash)
  13. I'm trying to wrap my brain around these minis. They are driving me nuts!!
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