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  1. Dear Coa Elway  I love  SNES  Tecmo  Super bowl  HACKS I cant find your links to your work? how can I make 1992 season on snes  Tecmo super bowl  with graphics update  like you did 1987 like the Helmet   etc  

    1. COA Elway

      COA Elway

      Sorry bro haven't really logged on for awhile. You need the Tile Layer Pro program to edit the helmets. As far as those rosters go, I'd just open up TSB3 and copy the 1992 rosters from there. It'll save you a ton of time.

    2. youngj21


      thanks points to me I cant find the big helmets  and small ones? maybe you  can point that out for me place. by any chance planing to make new roms for nes or snes? my goals 28 teams era most roster are made here, I basically wanna touch theme up with right helmets for that year.   

  2. Version 1.0.0 Final


    A rework of my former project. I took the greatest Tecmo players across all stock roms, then drafted them to their respective teams. I then went ahead and added fictional player names to the rom, over the Tecmo legends. So all ratings are O.G. style. Player names were taken from football movies, football video games and random name generators. Player names were selected to each position carefully and in a random draft format. Player names EX......... Flash Gordon "Quarterback, New York Jets" "I'm sorry, New York Empire" Mike Winchell Willie Beamen Deacon Moss Al
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