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  1. GRG

    Best Player Nicknames

    Minnesotan nickname the whizzinator Onterrio Smith
  2. GRG

    New XFL

    I'm all for more football especially if I can stream it on any device. I don't know why you'd want to deny talent like Manziel and Greg Hardy (criminal records) but I guess that's the direction of our country. Maybe it will inspire an anti Madden video game. All time xfl/cfl/arena rosters..
  3. Bump Can this be added to hacking directory
  4. This is incorrect Its already 2F 2C is end of quarter music but it also changes end of game music
  5. Is there a way to get rid of the large helmets match up screen right before the game starts (nes)
  6. GRG

    Deion as KR?

    Does anyone want to write code so cbs can return kicks/punts I believe its half a byte and would need to need changed to allow a full byte
  7. GRG

    Does Madden Have a Monopoly on NFL License?

    Wasn't Family Fun Football for the wii a scrapped TSB game? I hate madden but there has been no decent competition since all pro 2k6, blitz the league 2 and backbreaker.
  8. GRG

    Tecmo Bowl Throwback

    Lobby Tecmo to release a patch with an editor..
  9. Funny that no one brought this up - how Kickoff wont allow bad words for player names. Its fine in theory - but names like Hasselbeck, Cassel, Cockrell are rejected.. Any way around this?
  10. GRG

    Tecmo Bowl Throwback

    I don't mean to piss anyone off. I like the game. It's good to point out differences like no bombs is a change but I don't think it effects gameplay. Tecmo would have been wise to have a full blown editor.. I can make tedy bridgewater but he's white, number 00 and has a red uniform.
  11. GRG

    Tecmo Bowl Throwback

    This is cheaper now I picked it up, I don't see what all the complaints are about. slow and lethargic? It plays like the snes version which yes can be described as slower than the nes version I suppose. Everything is pretty much the same But oh you can't throw 90 yards bombs, who cares I still beat the cpu like 40-3 my first game. It's the same. there is a name editor, maybe this was added later? But no att, uni, or number editor's.
  12. Looks like you got it figured out. The reason I did that was so every R&S play was available in every slot since I had all teams set at 4 WR. It's no problem everyone has their own taste when it comes to tsb There are glitches in the game. Someone edited my original post, I had to play test it still. If you get backed up to your own end zone the ball can be shotgunned or hb pitched out the back of the end zone This is the only glitch and it wasn't fixed in your upload.
  13. GRG

    (NES) CFL

    Ok I need to be more specific. I haven't worked on this Rom since 2014 so I couldn't remember how far I got . Since I uploaded I've play tested it and the only glitch is if you are backed up to your own endzone. The ball can be shotgunned out of the back of the end zone or hb pitched out the back of the end zone. 99.9% of people play pick up games and won't have an issue
  14. Just wanted to say nice job on the CFL rom. The players, team colors and everything else was spot on. I prefer the NFL even though i am in Canada but it's really nice to be able to have a CFL tourny now. New to this site but i will check out any other roms you have. 

  15. GRG

    (NES) CFL

    I don't keep up on all the editors, because this Rom was expanded for the 4-3 defense hack it doesn't work in a lot of the editors. I know tsmb2000 works but I'm not sure about others