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  1. Edit: I like this game and all the unlockables and easter egss You guys can do what you want I would think the DE name is a RAM issue hard to find without debugger
  2. Trading players will work around the jersey number thing Every time you win the super bowl you will get a boost in attributes If you get 2000 or 2500 (can't remember) yards rushing you unlock "Tecmo Jo" with 85 max speed
  3. I know running plays defenitly affect simming like If a QB has a running play they will have rushing stats, same as if a WR has a reverse they'll also have rushing stats. If a RB has 4 running plays they will have more rushing yards than having 1,2, or 3 running plays
  4. Is this the same thing as Ken Griffey JR baseball? You'd have to go diving into the tecmo builders archive because I'm pretty sure we found the uniform info years ago. Other wise go to some Rom hacking sites and read beginner documents
  5. It's linked to in the hacking directory But yeah to elaborate on what Bruddog said people used to ask about it ALL THE TIME and it's an 8 bit hardware limitation to have 3 color uniforms
  6. Tecmo Bowl Manager.zip If Miami's intro name is longer than 5 letters you'll get an error message
  7. Jarious Byrd Cam Jordan Chris Long Kyle Long Ryan Nece Chris Simms Matt Simms Matthew Slater Clay Matthews III Casey Matthews Kevin Matthews Jake Matthews
  8. Anyone interested in this topic? Chad Beebe - Vikings Austin Proehl - XFL Jerry Rice JR out of football
  9. Jstout was the best thing to ever happen to this site. We need a thanks Jstout thread
  10. Just found out there was a nes game for the movie - but it was only released in japan. Too bad it's all in japaneese
  11. Minnesotan nickname the whizzinator Onterrio Smith
  12. GRG

    New XFL

    I'm all for more football especially if I can stream it on any device. I don't know why you'd want to deny talent like Manziel and Greg Hardy (criminal records) but I guess that's the direction of our country. Maybe it will inspire an anti Madden video game. All time xfl/cfl/arena rosters..
  13. Bump Can this be added to hacking directory
  14. This is incorrect Its already 2F 2C is end of quarter music but it also changes end of game music
  15. Is there a way to get rid of the large helmets match up screen right before the game starts (nes)
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