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  1. Wow! You really dug that one out, didn't you!?😃 You got the same cart i do? I thought i saw him in there. On more than one occasion. Look, just cause the guy doesn't start... And why the hell is there so much space!??
  2. Gotta rehash this one.... I know it all comes down to everyone's ability and playcalling, as well as running, but whenever we all got together to grind out our seasons back in the hood, the 9ers never held sway over anyone else. We would obviously play the seasons as the cart would present them, and while they always made the playoffs, they made the Bowl only once. And that was on "Tecmo time" - it was a Neal Anderson fumble with time running out that sealed their fate. Else it was in the bag for Chicago. The Bears, Giants, Eagles and Lions really stepped up for us in the postseason games. Somehow becoming more than the 9ers could overcome. But of course during regular season they were pretty dominant. I believe it took a really good Rams player to actually make them lose their division crown the only time it happened for us.
  3. Props to you good sir for the "European" reference.

  4. You Canadian Ponce!





    Sorry. Had to do that.

  5. Okay, so this would have to be like, teams from specific years, yeah? Cause there can be no multiple 'favorites' in any given year. Neato. 81 Chargers 89 49ers 92 Eagles 91 Lions 90 Falcons 83 Cowboys 04 Falcons 91 Chiefs 03 Vikings 85 Redskins - i'm really torn; kinda want to put the 86 Bengals here.
  6. I of course get a special kick out of this.
  7. North Carolina has some perverted names (when looked at like that): Climax Morehead City Bunn Level Blowing Rock Pink Hill But then, the same can probably be said about a great many states.
  8. Yup. This. CHI. NYG. SF4. BUF. HOU. KCC. And this of course all depends on who you play with. Like, MvM we never had BUF go to the Bowl. Believe it or don't. Sure they were good, but someone was always just a touch better. Same as HOU. MIA pretty good. CIN really good too. They step their game up in the playoffs it seems (well, they did for us - repeated as AFC champs). OAK was alright too. WAS was typically the fourth in the NFC, whilst 5th and 6th seed were always a scrambled bunch of everyone else. I think DET and PHI went twice. Now, this all goes out the window if you let COM run your opponents. BUF? Yeah, they're probably Bowl bound. But damn the NFC has a peanut gallery of opponents in the Bowl. Hell, i saw GB go once. Seriously? They freakin suck!
  9. Yeah. Dunno what happened there. I think autocorrect changed something some reason without my knowledge or noticing. Stupid small screens. But 'my team' always refers to the ATL.
  10. Lemme re-up another one. PIT/ATL. Where else can you get 1 stellar WR and a god-like CB with a QB you can't trust and 8 other interchangeable rogues?
  11. This thread had webs on it... 1 = CLE. GB sucks. I like CLE's offensive weapons. AHAHAHAHA! 2 = PHO. My team is so frustrating on this cart. Even with Bad Moon and Deion. 3 = MIA. Seriously? Not even close. I like challenges, but damn. It's Browner or nobody for MIN. 4 = I wouldn't play this. If I had to choose, NE I suppose. Cause I'd have to. 5 = Tough. Probably HOU. Too much fun. Probably get beat though. The Giants are the Giants.
  12. Okay, so maybe all 8000 of us (rounded up) aren't active here all that much. But say we were - if we all chipped in $20.50, the price of a cup of coffee (at Starbucks), we could get this - One mans' obsession Seriously. Like, wow. Is that even possible? Is there a chance he could've played all those? AND enjoyed them? I mean, how? Why? What? And why sell them now? THAT many - he's even got a kid! Why not just continue down the line? I don't think i'd ever get rid of all that! Unless i was going on Pawn Stars or something.
  13. Okay, part 1. So obviously most of us have successfully played many games without desynchs. And after i have searched i have found no real direct solutions to some of the desynchs that have happened to players, regardless of the fixes offered or roms/ems used. Now, after many times playing with a plaything similar to Nameless', me & mine have discovered a major cause of at least ours. And i'm sure some of you have figured this out. What we were looking to find out is; how are you guys successfully playing after changing your playbooks? Or do you do that at all? We really mostly play NES/TSB with NEStopia or FCEU on Hamachi. No matter how many times we have adjusted and pinged (with no saved anything in any situation), the game will desynch on a play switch. How long we go before desynch i assume depends on when either of us uses the first different play. Now, i'm asking on how do you peeps circumvent that. Do you both agree on the plays before hand so there's a mesh? Do you just not change anything? Or does yours simply work (and how in the fuck are yours able to DO that??) It may be simple, maybe not. But i have not found anything here or elsewhere on how to avoid the desynchs related to this. Part 2. Are you peeps recording your games during gameplay? Streaming or simple recording? If you are; how are you doing it and with what? I'd like a sample of what some of you are using so we can go about doing this so it is similar to what me and Wampa did in the golden days. The games can be so much more with audio backup as well as the visuals. Other than actually mounting a vid cam at the screen so i can talk and visualize, we've been having problems recording our games live. I believe we used CamStudio but got some weird colors and a cross-screen visual. That may simply be a problem with the em, but we don't know. I also am aware of the few online sites where you can stream what you play (like Twitch), but haven't tried that yet. I know that'd be live, but haven't looked into any recording possibilities there. Any input on this would be helpful. End of Line.
  14. And this is why it's near impossible to have a balanced offense. RBs seem to go into BAD more often than any other position.
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