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  1. Had a great time guys! I was Paul S. and was with the crew from NC. Good times meeting the great personalities (Mort, Pete, Danny, etc). I probably played with a fire a bit too much (IE I picked a Tier One Team in all but one of my games) but it was interesting to see how my style differed from everyone else's.
  2. So where do we need to set our bookmarks now? Thanks for hosting the Repository on this domain for so many years!
  3. Realistically I will not finish these before my next government assignment. If there is anyone who had interest in doing reviews please do so.
  4. Just giving you guys a head's up that I be delayed in my video and other reviews. I'm just packed with work at my internship at a Medical Center.
  5. Yeah no problem Drummer: The grades are weighted: 10% is Graphics score, 20% is Ratings & Simulation, 20% is Features & Hacks, and the rest of the 50% is "Feel." Graphics, Features, and Ratings/Simulation are more objective categories. The "Feel" category is almost entirely arbitrary although its tends to be heavily influenced by the aforementioned categories. Therefore for half of the ratings I am actively looking for things like mistakes - things that give away your "mod" as a third party modification, wrong colors, typos, no portraits, crazy ratings, simulations that make no sense. With "feel" I'm basically judging on things like, is this fun to play? Do your design decisions make sense? etc. So for the modder/creator the most important categories are the Graphics, Ratings/Sim, and Features. These categories are important because they are generally objective criticisms of your mod, and the presentation of your mod will improve by inspecting these elements more thoroughly. Actually I'll make a narrated PowerPoint for you guys. I'll try to work on it some this weekend. I think we probably need to have a good discussion with all the mod heads about the design process so that every modder can learn from each other.
  6. No problem man! I enjoyed playing the mod, definitely the most classic Tecmo mod! I thought you're ratings were pretty well done, and just a few polish things would make it a little better (mainly the portraits and team colors would add a ton here; since that stuff is very noticeable not only from a graphics standpoint, but also from a "feel" standpoint). However it is very nice to have a mod that caters to the purist crowd.
  7. Rodman49

    NFC Championship

    I'm not going to lie, I would like to see ARodge drop 50+ on them. Screw Jay Cutler, losing me fantasy games left and right.
  8. You could just have it redirect to Knobbe.org and continue to make the Repository more user and newbie friendly.
  9. I've found in the past that utilizing a time based registration check stopped most bots. Admittedly I was using vBulletin at the time (which has always had better security than phpBB, but it costs $$$). But if you can find one that basically rejects all requests for registration that take faster than say 5 seconds, it should stop most of the bots from registering.
  10. Rodman49

    Sup, I'm Back

    I've actually done Proads out of order as I was interested to see his mod since I did not do his last year. I'll try to get other two (Buck MrPaulRyan) done when I get a chance. I still need to upload Proads Video Supplement. Hopefully I can get them done before the Super Bowl but no promises. @Maynard If it's still in BETA I probably won't review it. When I release a BETA I don't expect people to review it, feedback sure but a BETA version itself implies unfinished, unsupported, or not ready for average-joe use. Having said that whatever version you have ready (even if its just last year's with new rosters) should probably be listed on the master thread, even if not reviewed.
  11. Proads' Tecmo Super Bowl 2010 A full review of Proads' Tecmo Super Bowl 2010 • Graphics – Proad’s mod has graphical updates in between Drummer’s unique style and QBEagles’ minimal, original feel. Some of the graphics have been updated such as opening cinema scenes (no longer the 49ers, Lions, and Giants now it’s the Saints, Titans, and Ravens). There have also been a few on-field graphics changes and all the branding has been changed for the 2010 year. Overall it’s not a lot of changes, but the changes are well done. Unfortunately there are few glaring graphical problems. One of the more minor ones is some of the team colors, for instance the Denver Broncos are straight up gray, rather than orange, blue, or even that awful brown and yellow scheme. Additionally none of the players have portraits, they all have the black silhouettes like QB Eagles from original Tecmo. VERDICT: 78% • Features – Proads has the purest feature list with only the most basic 32-team hacks such as Adjustable Quarters and Advanced Playbook. Besides these base hacks he also includes three other hacks - Dedicated Punt Returner, Quickness, and KR Max Speed. A very light amount of features compared to some of the other mods. If you want straight Tecmo with little to no extra features then this is what you are looking for. If you have become accustomed to a large selection of hacks then you may need to look elsewhere. VERDICT: 80% • Ratings/Simulation – By far the most compressed ratings so far Proads ratings are in general much lower than other 2010 roster mods out there. Some may even say that some of the ratings are even too conservative (Wes Welker with 31 Max Speed stood out to me). There are a good bit a power backs (94 or more Hitting Power) and overall the ratings show a good bit of variation, which I like, even if the ratings are slightly compressed and feature a few discrepancies. Simulation statistics on the other hand follow the other mods very closely with about the same QB (4,000 yards), WR (1,500 yards), and RB (1,600 yards) statistics. VERDICT: 90% • Feel – Proads first Tecmo release goes for the classic Tecmo feel. It is about as barebones as you can get; however for those who don’t want 4-3 Defenses, HP Hacks, Coverage Hacks, and the like then this is the modification for you. Developed for the purist crowd, Proads has done a decent job of giving you original Tecmo Super Bowl with updated rosters. Some extra polish on the graphics side and a little fine tuning of the ratings could improve the mod, but the basic core gameplay, simulation, and ratings design are all intact. VERDICT: 84% • OVERALL: 83% • Video Supplement INCOMING
  12. Rodman49

    NFC Championship

    Nope. His multiple negative fantasy point weeks have gained Jay Cutler a significant amount of ire from me.
  13. Rodman49

    AFC Championship

    I would like the Jets if they weren't a bunch of loudmouths. So I'm rooting for the Steelers.
  14. Drummer's Tecmo Super Bowl 2k11 A full review of Drummer's Tecmo Super Bowl 2k11 • Graphics – Every year Drummer manages to add small graphical updates that always raise the bar for graphics in Tecmo Super Bowl mods. This year is no different – the menu screens were redone in the colors of the New Orleans Saints since they won the 2009 Super Bowl, it has updated cinema scenes at the beginning, and even laces have been added to the in-game football. He made a new screen for Quarter Updates after every quarter and even changed some of the text on screens such as P.A.T and Injury Screens. Far and above the rest of the field, Drummer’s NFL Tecmo Super Bowl 2k11 is hands-down the best when it comes to visuals. VERDICT: 100% • Features – TSB 2k11 has also upped the amount of features in this year’s version with 13 hacks. Most of the standard ones are utilized such as Adjustable Quarters, Advanced Playbook, Dedicated KR/PR Speeds, and the Pass Control/Pass Accuracy Hack. There are also some hacks that are not in some of the other mods such as Ultra Logic Hack (CPU plays better Defense), HP Hack, 4-3 Defenses, and Post-Quarter Stat Updates. Drummer’s mod has about as many hacks as other mods, his selection is just slightly different. Overall they are well implemented with the only issue being that a readme with the hack list should be included in the download. VERDICT: 98% • Ratings/Simulation – Ratings and simulation have typically been the most controversial categories of Drummer’s modifications in the past; but this year Drummer’s ratings fall more in line with traditional Tecmo ratings. In general good players have good ratings, those ratings will also fall in line with the range of ratings from original or vanilla Tecmo Super Bowl. However there seems to be little difference among the best players at each position, especially at Quarterback. For instance Peyton, Brady, and Brees have almost identical stats; maybe Brady could have had higher PA or PC since he hardly threw interceptions, and the quarterback with the best arm could have had the highest Passing Speed. So although good players are good, there isn’t much of a difference between them. Simulation stats are very similar to other mods, being slightly deflated (most QBs less than 4,000 yards, most wideouts under 1,500 yards, most running backs less than 1,500 yards). Sacks were very high, a few players over 20, but not that much higher than sims of vanilla Tecmo. Overall the ratings are solid if lacking in variation while the simulation stats are in line with most other modifications. VERDICT: 92% • Feel – Drummer has significantly improved the overall feel of this year’s modification. It has hacks not included in other mods such as the Post Quarter Reviews and 4-3 Defenses which give the mod, along with the graphical changes, a unique feel and style. The primary weaknesses of the mod are the ratings variations, KR/PR hack + high returner speeds, and the playbooks (although varied, just have too many tells I feel). VERDICT: 91% • OVERALL: 93% • Video Supplement WNhZ567VhS4
  15. Rodman49

    Sup, I'm Back

    Reviews are here: viewtopic.php?f=104&t=14195
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