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  1. rmm1976

    HSTL S46 Draft

    WR Lipps LB Hinkle
  2. rmm1976

    HSTL S46 Draft

    Metcalf and Gash
  3. rmm1976

    HSTL S46 Draft

    Lorenzo White and Bubba McDowell for SEA
  4. rmm1976

    HSTL S46 Draft

    Todd McNair and Albert Lewis for SEA (jebigred already has RB3)
  5. rmm1976

    HSTL S46 Draft

    Sam Graddy and Aaron Wallace
  6. rmm1976

    HSTL S46 Draft

    Chicago OL
  7. rmm1976

    HSTL S46 Draft

    Everson Walls and Hampton
  8. rmm1976

    HSTL S46 Draft

  9. rmm1976

    HSTL S46 Round 0

    Earliest available for SEA
  10. rmm1976

    2017-18 NBA Season Discussion

    The upcoming season will be a joke, the Warriors are a super-team and no one else will stop them (again). Adding Cousins to an already loaded roster was crazy.
  11. rmm1976

    1991 predictions

    NFC Predictions: East BUF. tadaos 11-5 WAS. Joe Gibbs 10-6 DAL. Jimmy Johnson 9-7 CLE. Marty Schottenheimer 3-13 BUF - I believe this will be a strong bounce-back season for tadaos. One of the more skilled NFC owners, he had a nice gain at RB and added some good rookies in the draft. It's a much stronger Bills team than last season and the record should reflect as such. WAS - This solid roster with the best LB corps in the league and a solid owner in Cubsfan should be back in the playoffs this season. The only weaknesses are at RB and DB, which are still servicable given the team's other strengths. DAL - It wouldn't shock me if Jesus finished with a few more wins, or a few more losses. The main problem is the offense, which is slow and average. Elite DB Eric Wright returns again but has aged and is a step slower as he enters the twilight of his legendary career. CLE - The roster is strong in Cleveland, but the coach is still looking for the right scheme. Rookie Brett Favre may be riding the bench for a season, as the erratic but speedy Randall Cunningham provides veteran leadership. I expect another early draft pick for the Browns in this very difficult division. Central CHI. Ryan11p 10-6 G.B Stalltalk 8-8 HOU. purplehaze 7-9 MIN. barletti 6-10 CHI - This is a very good all-around team, with no real weakness at any position. The front seven is up there with Washington as perhaps the best in the league. Bruiser Kevin Mack leads an excellent offense. I expect for Ryan to eek out the division in a closely contested battle with the other members. G.B. - Similar to Dallas, coach Stalltalk might win a few more games (or lose a few more) depending on how this roster performs. The team is weak at all positions except for WR and RB, where star player Eric Dickerson is good enough to carry the offense. But will it be enough to compete for a playoff spot? HOU - Former champ purplehaze returns with another depleted NFC roster. The team has a few stars on defense, led by Vann McElroy. But offense has some major concerns; will Rosey Rosenbach, Cris Carter and Keith Woodside have enough juice to keep up with opponents? I'm guessing they'll come up short in some key matchups. MIN - Barletti fields a strong roster led by legendary QB Steve Young. RB might be the only weak spot, where the team is still good enough to move the chains. The defense has raging bull Derrick Thomas leading the way, with the young stud Eric Turner manning the secondary. If the coach can keep these guys motivated, the sky may be the limit for the Vikes. West PHI. Oklahoma.Bo 13-3 OAK. rmm1976 10-6 N.E. Dukesta151 9-7 PHX. drake 4-12 PHI - The odds on favorite to make it back to the Super Bowl again, the Eagles are back with another very strong roster. Led by QB Jim Harbaugh and veteran RB Otis "O.J." Anderson, the offense will be difficult to stop. Perhaps the only weakness is at WR. The defense has a gaining Wayne Haddix and a strong front seven. The Eagles should breeze to another division title. OAK - Warren Moon has retired, and rookie stalwart Dan McGwire steps in to try and lead the Raidazz back to the playoffs. The good news is, the rest of last year's team is back including defensive phenom Albert Lewis and leading receiver Mike Quick. A playoff spot should be within reach. NE - Led by the lightning quick Thurman Thomas, the Patriots run game will be very strong. But will QB Billy Joe Tolliver limit turnovers when forced to throw? That is the big question for this New England team. If so, a few more wins are a possibility. The defense is above average with a well-rounded secondary and the legendary Howie Long, and should get some stops. PHX - Coach drake is back and hoping to get more wins out of this young team with perhaps the lowest salary cap hit in the league. The good news is Barry Foster gained and the defensive secondary drafted Merton Hanks, and has improved. The bad news, there are still holes at QB, WR and elsewhere. And it won't be easy to score points against the division opponents with Foster being the only threat.
  12. rmm1976

    HSTL S45 Draft

    SD DL
  13. rmm1976

    HSTL S45 Draft

    My next pick in rd5, everyone ahead of me has QB so mods mark me down for ATL QBs please
  14. rmm1976

    HSTL S45 Draft

    Miami LBs
  15. rmm1976

    HSTL S45 Draft

    Rams RBs