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  1. SEA 11.1 takes Miami RB4 Troy Stradford and pal
  2. SEA 10.28 Takes QB2 Jeff Hoffsteter
  3. Gamehigh per list for 8.22 should get NE McSwain / Fryar
  4. 7.1 RB Kelvin Bryant and Manusky
  5. SEA takes DB Robert Massey and friend with pick 6.28
  6. 5.1 Percy Snow and Barry Word for SEA
  7. 3.3 Rico takes Stephone Paige and Deron Cherry per Discord
  8. This might have been game of the year, wish I filmed it (I didn't, not sure if Barletti did). Game was back and forth, then went to OT... He threw an INT in OT on my side of the field, I fumbled back, he turned it over again, I got blitzed by Derrick Thomas and threw an INT and that led to the game winning FG with 3 seconds left in OT. It was nuts!
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