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  1. bruddog's post in COM punt timing was marked as the answer   


    0x4C2493      ;  Jumps to final COM random punt loop. In the OG rom this final loop makes sure the bar is at least half full. 



    0x1F              ; Random value. If you make this zero com will always punt at the same length. Only use values like 0x0F, 0x1F, 0x3F. With 1F and 3F sometimes the com will let the punt bar go through once but mostly it will go on the first cycle. Basically this effects how long the com will hold the ball before punting. 



    40                ; Check value for bar length ~77%. Max bar is ~ 0x5E 

  2. bruddog's post in preseason injuries? was marked as the answer   
    This it a slightly more more correct way to do  the preseason injuries hack....the other way sort of changes something that might have a possible side effect. 
    LDA $2D                     ; LOAD GAME STATUS
    AND #$03                   ; PRESERVE LAST TWO BITS
    CMP #$02                   ; IS SEASON or PLAYOFFS? (0= preseason, 1=pro bowl, 2= season, 3 = playoffs)
    BCC @Loop1             ; NO->BRANCH TO NO INJURY
    NOP x8                        ; CPU cycle waste no-op
    LDA $2D                     ; LOAD GAME STATUS
    AND #$01                   ; 
    CMP #$01                   ; IS PROBOWL? (0= preseason, 1=pro bowl)
    BEQ  @Loop1             ; NO->BRANCH TO NO INJURY
    SET (0x25EA1,A52D2901C901F01E)
  3. bruddog's post in OL and binary question was marked as the answer   
    In the first example the bottom or (right) tackle is set to block the LILB and the LOLB (the two bottom LB's in the 3/4). Also you transposed the code it was 06 80 not 06 08.  So the RT is set to block the LILB, LOBL, and the bottom CB. 


    In the second example the RG is set to block the LE, and the RILB, LILB, LOLB,. 20 might work but you might have cases where the other players come in blitzes or start to rush in after time has passed . If the original player the guy is blocking is on the ground you don't want the OL sitting not doing anything. 

  4. bruddog's post in boosting HP for a ballcarrier was marked as the answer   
    F6 sets the HP. The byte following it needs to be 00 to 0F. The value following it is an index value used to pull the hex HP value from a table. Anything but 00 to 0F and you will not be pulling a value from the HP table. 


    So yes F6 06 will set the QB's HP to 44


    F7 effectively adds HP to the current HP value. Since the HP table goes in multiples of 0x04, each 0x04 will boost up the player a HP skill level.  


    If a players HP was 50   F7 10  would boost the players 0x04+0x04+0x04+0x04=0x10 or 4  HP skill levels. His new HP would be 75. 


    On blitz plays the players get boosted 0x30 or 12 skill levels. I wouldn't go over this amount . I think there is potential for incorrect calculations in certain places if a players HP hex value were to go over 0x7F. 

  5. bruddog's post in End of Game FieldGoal Kick was marked as the answer   
    Hmm tough call. Since a pass play could take 30 seconds. But here is the location 



    0x1897F- Original value =30


    Change that value to 20 do do what you want. 

  6. bruddog's post in HEX location for each team's run/pass ratio (offensive preference) was marked as the answer   

  7. bruddog's post in Increase/Decrease injury rate HACK.... was marked as the answer   
    Assuming you aren't using the hack in this thread then


    x25E74 P1 normal injury rate value

    x25E79 P1 KR/PR rate 


    x25E8C  P2 normal injury rate value

    x25E91  P2 KR/PR rate
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