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  1. I think if someone is still using nesticle in 2021 they have bigger problems than worrying about extracting states from the save.🤣
  2. Also the city length is limited to 16 characters. And the mascot length is limited to 16 characters. This was to make sure both city and mascot combined don’t go over 32 characters or 20h
  3. 2E84B is the location that sets the limit for the team name to 20 characters. Its default value is 14h . In would go in even amounts since it is trying to center it. Max value should be 20h.
  4. @TheRaja I don’t have the code in front of me but I’m pretty sure that is the pct chance they come back from probable Not sure if FF is never come back or just extremely unlikely… 1/256. Examples 1. 0x40 = 1- (64/256) = 75% chance 2. 0x80= 1 - (128/256) = 50% chance
  5. Answering before looking but I think the result is the same since the total games wont fit in the allocated space
  6. @BAD_AL don’t worry. I won’t gave time to get to this anytime soon.
  7. #1 would be pretty complex. Possible but not something I care to do. #2 would probably be fairly easy to do.
  8. So I got 95% of the hack done but there is another hack related to the schedule display right after where the extra schedule stuff needs to go. It's a pain to fix the last 5 % without the enitre rom being rebuildable since i need to move that around to make room for an additional week of games in the rom. And then a bunch of stuff has to be shifted
  9. There are couple different places that reference the total weeks in the season that need to be fixed. One is used to calculate when teams have clinched the playoffs. Another is used to know when the games are playoff games. Probably a few others I’m not thinking of. Then an extra week needs to be added in the actual schedule by adding a pointer to the week. The actual date and schedule and then the number of weeks in the schedule section gets increased.
  10. The 7th team in the playoffs is a much more massive change due to all the graphical changes and there isn’t enough save memory to accommodate the additional scores and teams without a massive change like eliminating some stats that are tracked.
  11. @War6 there isnt much in the way of save memory left in order to do that at least on the 28 team rom. You’d have to sacrifice something else in order to expand how many tds the game can save. For example getting rid of individual punt and kick return stats.
  12. Hmm didn't think nestopia and mesen had the same sav format but maybe they do. I have the nes sram memory locations all mapped for tecmo its just a matter of what offset they start at in the emulators sav file.
  13. Typically the save locations are different for every emulator since every emulator has a different way and format of saving the state.
  14. Sweet man. What software did you use to covert the face to an NES format
  15. Your welcome! Please post some of your work so we can see.
  16. Hello all, Over a period of years I managed to reverse engineer the entire Tecmo Super Bowl game into 6502 assembly source code with every piece of code documented and every variable labeled. There was a potential project in the works with said code but that project looks all but dead now. Because of that I am targeting the 30 year anniversary of TSB as the date I will publicly post all of the reverse engineered source code. -Bruddog
  17. Ahh nevermind it is slightly more complex the way this scene is set up. Its 4 bytes per large letter. I forgot I hacked this scene to make it easier to change the year without looking up the large letter tile pointers.
  18. This seems like a crazy long set command when only like 3-4 bytes need to be changed.
  19. It would be much harder to have a guide for this because its way more difficult than play editing which is also very difficult. Many if the things you are asking for here require reprogramming the game from the core and not just changing a few values.
  20. It's definitely possible but its a decently complex assembly hack doing it the way you described. Youd have to 1. Create a fake punt formation that is just for punt plays that aren't punts. 2. Design said fake punt plays and hopefully there is room for them 3. THe game would have to know that if you selcted play number X in the last pass slot that you want to do a normal punt.
  21. 5.0.2 uploaded. 1. Screen size program takes up reduced. 2. Fixed issue of teams not updating if multiple games played.
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