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  1. Lets get it right at least.....lol. Jimmy G had 3 incompletions going into the 4th quarter. 18-21. UP 20-10 run(6 yards), pass 12 yards, run 1 yard, incomplete to deebo (outlet guy was wide ass open, penalty, FALSE START, 3rd and 15 (pass) 4 11:57 1 10 SFO 20 Raheem Mostert right tackle for 6 yards (tackle by Reggie Ragland and Damien Wilson) 20 10 0.280 0.540 4 11:18 2 4 SFO 26 Jimmy Garoppolo pass complete short middle to George Kittle for 12 yards (tackle by Daniel Sorensen) 20 10 0.540 1.470 4 10:37 1 10 SFO 38 Raheem Mostert left guard for 1 yard (tackle by Chris Jones and Daniel Sorensen) 20 10 1.470 1.060 4 9:52 2 9 SFO 39 Jimmy Garoppolo pass incomplete short middle intended for Deebo Samuel 20 10 1.060 0.370 4 9:47 3 9 SFO 39 Penalty on Joe Staley: False Start, 5 yards (no play) 20 10 0.370 -0.290 4 9:47 3 14 SFO 34 Jimmy Garoppolo right end for 3 yards (tackle by Rashad Fenton) 20 10 -0.290 -0.910 4 9:01 4 11 SFO 37 Mitch Wishnowsky punts 46 yards, fair catch by Mecole Hardman at UP 20-17 run(5 yards), pass, pass. Both times the pass rush got there quick. they had like 8 guys in the box both times. Would have liked to see maybe one more run there. 4 6:13 KAN 35 Harrison Butker kicks off 64 yards, returned by Richie James for 19 yards (tackle by Ben Niemann) 20 17 0.000 0.280 4 6:06 1 10 SFO 20 Raheem Mostert left tackle for 5 yards (tackle by Derrick Nnadi) 20 17 0.280 0.410 4 5:27 2 5 SFO 25 Jimmy Garoppolo pass incomplete short right intended for George Kittle (defended by Chris Jones) 20 17 0.410 -0.300 4 5:23 3 5 SFO 25 Jimmy Garoppolo pass incomplete short right intended for Kendrick Bourne 20 17 -0.300 -1.700 4 5:18 4 5 SFO 25 Mitch Wishnowsky punts 40 yards, fair catch by Mecole Hardman at KC-35 20 17 -1.700 -1.270 DOWN 24-20 run(17 yards), pass(8 yards), pass(16 yards) 4 2:39 1 10 SFO 15 Raheem Mostert right tackle for 17 yards (tackle by Kendall Fuller) 20 24 -0.220 1.070 4 2:02 1 10 SFO 32 Penalty on Emmanuel Sanders: False Start, 5 yards (no play) 20 24 1.070 0.740 4 2:02 1 15 SFO 27 Jimmy Garoppolo pass complete short right to George Kittle for 8 yards (tackle by Kendall Fuller and Tyrann Mathieu) 20 24 0.740 0.930 4 1:56 2 7 SFO 35 Jimmy Garoppolo pass complete short left to Kendrick Bourne for 16 yards (tackle by Charvarius Ward) 20 24 0.930 2.320 4 1:49 1 10 KAN 49 Jimmy Garoppolo pass incomplete short right intended for Deebo Samuel (defended by Chris Jones) 20 24 2.320 1.780 4 1:44 2 10 KAN 49 Jimmy Garoppolo pass incomplete short middle intended for Kendrick Bourne (defended by Chris Jones) (defended by Kendall Fuller) 20 24 1.780 1.090 4 1:40 3 10 KAN 49 Jimmy Garoppolo pass incomplete deep middle intended for Emmanuel Sanders 20 24 1.090 0.000 4 1:33 4 10 KAN 49 Jimmy Garoppolo sacked by Frank Clark for -9 yards 20 24 0.000 -2.790 The thing is looking at these plays...many of them if Jimmy had made a better play/read the script flips because guys were open. That pass to Emanuel sanders is the same pass he hit in the Saints game and the Rams game. Hard to say the process was totally flawed IMHO.
  2. Yak I’m not sure the play calls were the problem...just the execution. Again if mahomes doesn’t make that bomb to hill or if jimmy completes his to an open sanders then the outcome is very likely reversed and the narratives are stupidly totally different.
  3. You can stream simultaneously to multiple platforms at once....
  4. There was a lot of blame to go around but shanahan was only a part of the problem. His part imho was 1. Not being agressive at the end of the first half. Still they did end up getting a deep shot to Kittle who got called for a pretty weak penalty. At best its just inconsitently called. The saints lost on a no-call on Rudolph. 2. Not being agressive on 4th and short ESPN's Brian Burke said these decisions werent that costly per his game simulator but Edjsports had those as pretty costly decisions. Basically 49ers settled on 4th downs. KC was agressive and converted. KC recovered all 3 of their fumbles. Mahomes mad some huge clutch throws in the 4th. That 3rd and 15 was the game or close to it if the 49er could have got a stop on 4th. Meanwhile Jimmy G airmails an open Sanders. If he hits that pass, its a different story and we are talking about andy reid. It's typical one game myopia. Reid's time management is still not stellar. Shanahan has been too conservative all season.
  5. The team management part of it seemed like it would be decent....the actual on field gameplay grew stale to me REAL quick. The QB passing mechanic is cool. The run game is just incredibly basic. Pretty impressive given though given that its one man operation essentially. Pro football strategy 2020 blows this away currently...
  6. Yes, if you are playing the computer you will probably need to try and give them as many "original" plays a possible. This really wasn't meant to be played MAN vs COM.
  7. 1 Bruddog 2 Weekdays after 8PM PST, Weekends (1-3PM PST) and after 8PM PST 3 Yes. 4. None Currently.
  8. Budda Baker DB ARZ 38 44 56 69 44 2 Cassius Marsh LB ARZ 25 31 38 44
  9. The 49ers come to terms with qbs slowest man rivers to bring him back for season 4.
  10. I created a hack that did this for TSB for the NES but I have no idea where the code is for TSB3.
  11. Another emulator option is MESEN Mesen-S.0.3.0.zip
  12. A few things that are wrong. Texans can win division with a win OR a titans loss. 49ers would still be able to win the NFC west with a loss vs the RAMS. The would likely(~87% after last nights saints win) win the strength of victory tiebreaker. The different games are NO,GB,WAS for 49ers MIN, PHI, ATL for SEA 49ers are currently +3 wins ahead assuming the beat the Seahawks of course in week 17 which they have to do.
  13. @SirPurr3 I don't think the team offensive preferences have been located for TSB3. That is what you need to change in order to increase the number of attempts. Adjusting the default playbooks might help a little too.
  14. Yes, They were playing on an EVERDRIVE. That is a flash cart that can hold tons and tons of roms.
  15. I definitely remember that program but I highly doubt the app would scrape the logs correctly anymore given all the changes to the page layouts that have occurred. Plus I have no idea where that would be located or if it made it through all the board transitions.
  16. Yes he was a former employee...you can google search it if you wish.
  17. Looks like this is the SNES version going by the date? Where did you find this? I assume the cart still works. Did you notice anything different about the gameplay, rosters vs the normal version?
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