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  1. Its probably easier just to put the no flicker hack into a base 32 team rom.
  2. Holy juice for NE. Lol For reference the 49ers are 345 on the original rom. The Colts are a 30. Average team around 200.
  3. No. 6 MS really corresponds to a value in a table which represents some amount of yards per second…let say 10(not the real value) The values below are for the sake of this example. 6MS = 10 yards per second 50 RS = 9.5 yards per second 44RS = 9 yards per second 38 RS = 8.5 yards per second etc..
  4. It doesn’t all go to 100 ms. The defense max speed values reference a different table then offense ones. It means a defender with 56 ms has a top speed equal to an offensive player with 156 max speed. What boost are you referring to? 1. The players attributes all get boosted during season play in man vs com games depending on the man teams win loss record. 2. Boosts during picked plays? 3. A man controlled defender has his top speed reduced at the beginning of the snap and then it is boosted back up not quite to the original max speed at a later time.
  5. That is not correct. 6MS = 56RS 13MS = 63RS etc..
  6. Is there really a correct acronym? Different stat sites tend to abbreviate team cities/teams slightly differently.
  7. Can’t say I’ve ever gotten that error. Does it give you the error no matter what set command it is?
  8. I'd make a copy of the rom you want to try it on and just test it out. It might be fine and maybe the set commands should be modified but I'm not sure to be honest. Don't have time to dig thru this right now.
  9. @War6 requested this hack so I thought I’d post it here. Well this hack is not exactly what he wanted but he said it was good enough. This hack makes it so the COM will punt if more than 50 yards away from the endzone in the 4th qtr. He wanted this because the computer going for it and failing effected the stats too much SET (0x187FC, 0x4C2FA8)
  10. The extra weeks aren’t too hard its the additional playoff team and fixing the playoff bracket that is a pain…
  11. Could be wrong but I feel like a lot of people change the default playbooks even for the COM. Hence why I’ve never spent much time on them.
  12. Ya when I have to convert 4-3s into a 3-4 format I typically do the following… lde = le Ldt = nt rdt = rde rde = rolb wlb = rilb mlb = lilb slb = lolb
  13. It would be possible to write such a tool but such tool does not exist.
  14. Here is the documentation for mesen https://www.mesen.ca/snes/docs/
  15. This was the best tool I ever found to try and disassemble an SNES rom. Looks like its had quite a few updates lately after being not worked on for awhile. https://github.com/furious/diztinguish The key problem with creating an SNES disassembly is the following: " The 65816 (processor used in the NES) has runtime dynamic register sizing (m/x, 8 vs. 16-bit), which affects the disassembly output. The problem is that it's done at runtime, not at assemble-time, thus the only way a disassembler could know what the proper values are to use at that time would be for an disassembler to *also* be a full-on SNES emulator"
  16. I don’t think anyone has.
  17. When I was trying to do a project like you are describing I tried to avoid duplicates if possible but not excessively so. But the bigger issue is a lot of teams end up very samey even just looking over a decade time span. I would try to narrow the scope if possible.
  18. Those were custom carts that aren’t being made any longer. The ones available now are just taking roms from here for free and selling them.
  19. WORKS - COM DIVE TACKLINE LIKE SNES1. I don't know exactly how dive tackling works in SNES but this reduces the COM dive tackle chance from 60% down to 18% BROKEN- DEF PURSUIT BASED ON QUICKNESS....totally BROKEN do not use. HALF WORK/HALF BROKEN- OFF JUMP/DIVE BASED ON REC WORKS Off jumping based on rec TOTALLY BROKE - Off diving based on rec - code never jumps to the dive command. DO NOT USE FUNCTIONAL BUT WOULD NOT USE- CONTROL PERCEN TAGE OF DEFENSIVE JUMPING. This works but its like a partial check, then the defender still has to be close enough to the ball to jump for it. This hack changes the first check where the ball has to be within a window of the final ball location to just a random number check. Not sure this will have the intended effect so I would say probably don't use. Will look at more later...
  20. SET(0x22186, 0xA999856A856B) This replaces setting timeouts to zero for each team in untimed overtime to setting the clock to 99:99
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