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  1. I mean it was a horrendously bad call. And I’m a 49ers fan. Even the most casual fan could tell it was a penalty.
  2. How far away is the person you are playing on netplay @tylpl
  3. I'm 99% sure it doesn't do regular Tecmo Bowl @gojiphen malor
  4. Based on Vegas's early realeased game lines
  5. It looks like in the config file maybe the "i" key will flip the users. https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch/blob/7c13e5746865f1f4f1f6e9f0a6897734c900ec36/retroarch.cfg Found this on the nhl94 forums: "One great thing about RetroArch is you can "hot swap" home and away. As long as the guy hosting is using Direct Connection. You can even do it mid-game or whenevs. This is super handy.To start, let's say both guys are connected. The host will be home, since he connected first. If you need to change that, do this:1. the host hits "i" to leave (right from ROM menu or wherever, it will not reset anything)2. the other guys hits "i" to leave, then "i" again to reconnect (he will be home now, because he is "first" to connect)3. the original host now hits "i" to re-connect, but because he is 2nd to connect now, he will be visitor"
  6. I don't have a pi but as far as I can tell the host always defaults to player 1. It doesn't appear there is any way to switch it currently....at least that I can find any documentation on.
  7. See if emuwares manager works. I think one if them does.
  8. What are you trying to accomplish in general? Running speed already doesn't equal maximum speed. 50 running speed = 06 offensive maximum speed. With 69 rushing power offensive players accelerate to their top speed near instantly.
  9. Good points. You are right he is not completely useless because of the HP but it does depend on who the other player puts where. You can put Harmon at TE. THe bottom OLB for CHI has weak HP. WR2 Derrick Walker (50HP) RB2 Caravello (44HP) Then singletary's ability to blow up the play is gone. And you still have ok options in pass catching spots. I mean you are basically only going to be throwing to wide open players in this 90% of the time. Especially with Tolliver in. With Vlasic in you're likely heaving to Miller or Butts for an end of half or 3rd/4th and forever bomb. So I'd still rather have SD's O'neal in his LB spot than Singletary in his for this match. Which brings me back to my slight edge to SD at LB.
  10. Ya playing the computer vs playing a human is MASSIVE difference.in tecmo The computer doesn't improvise at all when running the ball. And its passing and playcalling is simplistic. An elite player will kill you in the pass game if you try and run in with Singletary to blitz and you are sitting on run 3. It's hard to explain without getting super in depth into it. The analysis below is also simplistic. ROLB is good for defeating a few runs. (The iform run 1 toss down, and run 4 up the middle. Again they are more effective if you cna out-tap) RILB can be used to stop the run 2 sweep down if you can outtap and are good at avoiding blockers. Alsogood at defeating the pro T sweeps up and down but they go unblocked thru the line so unless the player on offense can outtap the player on defense they won't even bother putting the plays in. LILB similar but can also be used for bumping the OL on the WR motion run 1 and run 2 plays. However this a a risk reward play. LiLB can also defeat the R&S sweep up top but you have to guess that is coming so this is not great. LOLB good for diving the up the middle runs for a loss. They have to be a 38 44 lb at minimum but that will be very successful. Good for stopping the single back sweep up as they can avoid the blockers. Good for trying to limit the WR motion sweeps by grappling with the OL immediately. The player then has to reverse field (definitely doable with a fast rb) or they can try to outtap you. So people will use lbs if 1. Its by far the fastest player on their team. Somtetimes you may want to man a much slower player in obvious end of game pass situations. 2. The LB (can be used essentially as a nickel back thats wont take away from the pass coverage. OLB's are better since they pass rush on almost all plays. 3. They think a run play is coming and its their best option for defeating it.
  11. Because two of the best runs in the game go right at him. Pro t up the middle run 2 and run 3 sweep. Its kinda silly but the middle lbs are pretty awful positions for defending most of the best runs because of the blocking schemes.
  12. I used to think it was Chicago but looking at it more closely after joeygats won as SD three times in that match its pretty even with maybe a ls QBs: Slight Edge SD. Since both passing games are pretty weak and can be jump picked. Passing speed becomes a bit more important and Tolliver can throw those quick strike lasers when the opponent is sitting on run. RB's: Edge CHI Sticking Neal at WR is one of the tweaks you can make in this match to give you some speed on the outside WR's: Edge SD The CHI WR's are horrid. Anthony Miller is a average option. OL: Even Both are solid OL's DL: Slight Edge CHI Only Because you can use Dent an his 44 int as a nickel back option LB: Slight Edge SD Both Lb's aren't of much use in this match but O'neal can be useful in potential XP or FG block attempts DB: Slight Edge CHI This could be even depending on how well you can use DB2 to defend the run 3 sweep since that is where byrd is. But both team have two useable DB's. If Carrier goes in bad it makes it hard to use him to defend the run vs a 63ms back since he is not super quick being a 38 44 defender. Now factor in that most people are going to take CHI if you call this as p1 and you get the player 1 side advantages (onside kicks, passing) and it makes this a pretty even matchup. My automated matchup rater gives CHI the slightest edge (1point)
  13. Here is my tier list which is pretty similar. Tier5 above is one thats too big. I definitely wouldn't recommend GB or CLE vs IND. Don't blindly following tiers as some teams can jump tiers in certain matchups. Whether or not you can tap fast is also a big influence on the type of matchup you should choose. For example if you can't tap fast you may want to avoid a run heavy match like CHI-CIN Here is a google doc that will try and give an opinion on a matchup as well as the strengths and weaknesses: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w0sntWyYUWOZ0xVncnGATONP57lnqFUZuIhDgYoh2Z8/edit#gid=626874606 In the chart below avoid any match that is green or read. Grey matches aren't really recommended but a certain player may be able to make them work. Tier 1 good matches: SF-HOU NYG-BUF Tier 2 good matches PHI-RAI KC-PHI CHI-CIN (tier jump) Tier 3 good matches RAM-MIA CIN-MIA RAM-MIN (tier jump) CIN-TB (tier jump) DET-SD (tier jump) Tier 4 good matches MIN-WAS Tier 5 good matches NYJ-DAL NO-PHX ATL-NO DAL-DEN NO-PIT DAL-PIT Tier 6 good matches PIT-PHX CLE-GB I tend to find SEA-NE and NE-IND somewhat mismatched but they are fairly common and a lot of junk can happen that make them workable. In general try and get a matchup where you think you can play with either team or that has a style that you are good at playing at.
  14. I see what happened now. You copied it to the second pass one play slot. That means you need to change all the byte coded pointers to the play it runs.... the values at 0x1d750: 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 neeed to change to 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 I did this and the play ran correctly
  15. For the shotgun you also need to change the centers code too so that he will shotgun snap it.
  16. I pretty sure there are some issues/bugs if you try to edit individual actions etc. i think it really only works for moving plays into different slots. But i don't remember 100% anymore. For my custom plays and defenses i ended up doing most things by hand.
  17. I posted about faces about 2 years ago on my twitter. And yes the jim kelly face is one of the unused ones. The most used face...
  18. Kaepernick basically declined every year or rather never really improved and the league figured it out and the team itself obviously declined with a large outflux of talent. He just never seemed to be able to read a defense very well or improve on that. So you’ve got to have the perfect type of team around him to support his athleticism which will wane with time.
  19. Its kinda tricky. There is more to fix besides the division champ and wild card calcluations. You also have to change the whole playoff structure and how it draws the teams for the playoff bracket one the regular season is over The reason why you get buffalo vs buffalo is the memory locations that are now empty for the wild card games default to zero (buffalos team id) hence why you get buffalo vs buffalo for at least the first 4 games that no longer exist.
  20. http://www.louraguse.com/the-fathers-of-tecmo-super-bowl/
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