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  1. Oops LOL It's still all there! My screen for some reason wasn't loading past Off-Topic.
  2. I used to participate occasionally on the Tecmo Super Bowl III forum, but I can't figure out how to navigate to it now. Does it still exist?
  3. Thank you for getting these posted again!
  4. Try this topic, tecmo alpha:
  5. Try this video, tecmoalpha. It shows different styles of DL use by both coaches:
  6. I missed the whole thing as I was out of town. I got back just in time to see the slow painful death that is the free agency period. Can't wait to see the playoff games, but by the time they are posted my interest will have waned. Honestly not really worth watching NFTGL until the Panthers are competitive again
  7. Is there an auction tool out there where you can plug players into the system (and other information like team budgets, roster positions, etc) and then launch a live auction draft in a chat room? Also, how would a sealed bid draft function? Would you have every team submit a full roster with bids on each player in the draft pool totaling their salary cap (assuming zero bids allowed)? Really, any experience or advice with this is appreciated.
  8. Are you talking about the postseason awards or actually playing in the pro bowl? Postseason awards are done by the computer and I believe there are weighted odds usually based on league leaders in one particular statistic. The Pro Bowl is the actual Pro Bowlers from that year and the roster never changes. Do I have this right, guys?
  9. So was the game normal after that?
  10. What a wild and crazy game. A ridiculous lucky bomb, back-to-back returns (one by an OL), one horrible mistake followed by another, and a close game at the end. Two questions... First, why was Smutnik allowed to onside kick with 2:30 left in the 3rd quarter only down 14? Second, what is the rule again on cuts? What if Irv's third "cut" had been 90 degrees (straight down, for example) instead of diagonal?
  11. Oh man, I remember this. He glitched himself right out of the playoffs Fantastic INT return at 37:00
  12. Loved this one for the constant whining
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