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  1. Ok, that's sort of what I thought although I appreciate the explanation. I didn't realize the how the 1kb banks were split into 4 different sections. I was looking at the tiles in the PPU viewer, but the tile number I was looking for said 80. I thought the number had to be between 00-3f so I was confused. The 2KB banks will be split into tiles 00-7F and 80-FF. The 1KB banks will be split into tiles 00-3F, 40-7F, 80-BF, and C0-FF. This sentence was very helpful. As usual, you gave me a quick, helpful answer. Thank you.
  2. Ok, I learned alot of this from asking questions and reading the romhacking.net docs. I know where all the pointers and data are stored for the large helmets. So, lets say I want to put the logo in for a team that isn't there already. I know how to use tile editor to insert the logo. I also understand how the grid works so that I can determine the locations and order for putting together the logo. I know there are 5 banks for storing the large helmet logos. Consider this example taken from jstout's large helmet editing sticky... Example: Lets change Houston's logo. Replace their line with: 9E 3D 1E 01 34 05 36 9F 3D 1F 01 35 05 37 80 3D 39 01 3C 05 3D FF. The logo should have the base legs to the right of the upper section. Go ahead and put it back after you looked. How did he know that tile 1E, tile 34, tile 36, etc were the correct tiles within that bank? My question is how do I determine the tile number within each bank? Or also, how do I determine where each bank starts? (I know they are numbered 00 to 3F) Tile editor gives me an absolute hex address within the ROM, but when I am looking at the tiles I need to know which one contains my image so I can draw it using the grid. Thanks.
  3. Working on a "greatest college teams ever" ROM. I've pieced together every team I need except this one. I've looked through Wikipedia, USC website, other peoples ROM's, CFBdatabase, and several other college football websites. I do know the QB's, Lynn Swann, and the RB's, but everyone else is missing. Any ideas?
  4. Ok, that is a little over my head, but I can follow your steps. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain it. Many people edit the title screen (where it says "Start Game"). They may add there own name or something like that. Did they actually go through all those steps to determine the address that needed to be changed? You (I mean specifically you) make it sound so easy when someone asks for an address or offset and you come up with it in about 2 seconds. I suppose that is just your experience, but it really is incredible. Thanks again.
  5. Ok, I read several threads about using nesticle or fceued to determine hex addresses. Several of the threads have comments by GRG and the links are broken. So here is my question. I open up fceued and load the rom. I start the name table and the pattern table viewers. I see for example when I hover over "S" that it is found at tile 53 in the pattern table. If I want to change that "S" to a "T" then I know I need to point to tile 54. How do I determine the address that tells the game to point to tile 54? I see in the name table viewer that there is a "PPU address". Is that what I need to use? If so what math do I need to use? I know that with the large helmet addresses I had to add 10 and 60 then reverse the numbers to find the location. Is this similar? I really did try to find the answer myself. Thanks.
  6. Great. Thank you very much. Sorry I didn't look hard enough to find the answer myself.
  7. Thank you very much. That was exactly what I needed to know. Good answer.
  8. I get this error when I try to use the GetBytes feature: #Problem with input line '' #correct format = -,byte width #example: 0x12345-0x12355,0x10 1. I load a rom 2. I type 0x23BC6-0x23C51,0x5 3. I hit enter and it asks me to choose a file to save to? (I presume) 4. I create a *.txt file called whatever and hit save 5. I get the above output Sorry, but what am I doing wrong?
  9. If you are editing a ROM with a custom playbook. (Someone else created it) How do you assign plays to teams without changing it within the game? If you use TecmoToolSupreme it loads the original playbook and not the custom one. I found the playbook editor on this site to pull playbooks out of a ROM, but can these be applied somehow to be used by TecmoTool?
  10. ren6175

    simple mini-helmets question

    I answered the first part of my question. Using jstout's awesome table I was able to easily shift the helmets around to the spots I wanted. (I had never used a hex editor before yesterday.) The special designs are marked at x23C52 to x23C60 and are designed at x23C61 to x23CE8. Now to the second part of my question. Referencing the above addresses. If I load someone else ROM, should I be able to go to x23C61 to find the special tiles where the logos are stored? Again, say I want to find a helmet for BYU or Boise St. that someone else has made. I am guessing the game "looks" at x23C52 to see where to go to find the special logos. Then "goes" to the logos which are stored from x23C61 to x23CE8. Is this at all how it works?
  11. ren6175

    simple mini-helmets question

    So, if I go to these address x23C61 to x23CE8 in someone else's ROM those should be the designs for the different helmets? More specifically, I have found several college ROM's with well designed helmets. I want to move some teams around, so I need to move the helmet. I know that the design is already there. So, can if I copy the hex values of the team I want over to the address of the slot I want to move the team to will it look right? (Actually, I will just try this I think) Getting more detailed would I use a tile editor to pull the tiles out of a different ROM? Say someone has designed a helmet for Boise St. If I look at the ROM to find which team Boise St. is assigned to, then I should be able to find the address of tiles associated with that helmet by looking in the address from x23C61 to x23CE8? Then can I "copy" those tiles somehow? Using a tile editor? Am I anywhere close to understanding this or am I speaking gibberish?
  12. I have read through the stickys and threads that talk all about mini-helmets and hex addresses. On a basic level is it possible to "pull" a helmet out of one rom and insert it into another rom using hex editing? It seems from what I've read that this is impossible because each rom has its own tiles. I want to take some of the college helmets that people have made to use in my college dynasty rom. Do I need to make them myself? Thanks.
  13. ren6175

    apply excel spreadsheet to rom?

    Great. Thank you. I knew there had to be a way to at least insert the commas automatically. Just that helps. I will keep working on it.
  14. Sorry I'm very uninformed but what is a "standard in"? I want to find an easy way to put excel spreadsheet data into TSBtoolsupreme. What I mean is I want to avoid manually adding all the commas and formatting? Maybe I need to work with Excel to determine a better way to output the file. Thanks.