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  1. Thanks for giving the program the old Pepsi challenge. I am actually a windows user but was asking for a Mac user who reached out for some help via PM. I am partial to Translhexation and hopefully there is a solution for Mac users that can give them the same functionality. He seems to be having issues with inserting code as per @Tecmonster's instructions for how to edit rosters in his game:
  2. I was looking for suggestions from any users who have experience with any specific hex editors for mac. If this isn't the proper forum for that question then feel free to have this moved to the correct area.
  3. Using a hex editor to edit TSB becomes a required tool once you want to get deeper into editing the game. Does anyone out there have any suggestions on good hex editors for Mac to use?
  4. There is this editor: But the TBTool? Unless someone can re-upload it I guess it was lost when the site migrated to a new backend. There's lots of notes that have been lost and are unlikely to be replaced on the site, it's too bad.....
  5. https://www.google.com/search?q=How+do+I+download+games+on+to+my+sandisk+through+my+Mac%3F&oq=How+do+I+download+games+on+to+my+sandisk+through+my+Mac%3F&aqs=chrome..69i57&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  6. The person who could give us a definitive answer would be @bruddog. He was the man who discovered this gem and shared it with the community.
  7. The quickness for pass incompletions hack also conflicts with the diving time based on HP hack:
  8. Sweet, thanks @bruddog! Should we consider this the new 32-team base rom from here on out?
  9. Ugh...I am so done with Mariota under center. He's regressed and playing like a scared rookie. He's so not the future for Tennessee. How sad is it when Tannehill might be the better option???
  10. Oh boy....Steeler fans might as well pack it in for the year. Big Ben's done for the year: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27630164/big-ben-season-ending-elbow-surgery And Drew Brees is out maybe 6 weeks after tearing a ligament in his right thumb. No bueno: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001055668/article/drew-brees-to-have-surgery-on-torn-right-thumb
  11. What's New in Version 1.2 See changelog Released Just now Updated mini-helmets for the Jets, Browns and Chargers Updated the facemasks on the large helmets of the Jets and Chargers Updated player rankings for MIA QB1 R. Fitzpatrick Updated uniform numbers for: N.E. WR1 Antonio Brown, TE1 Ben Watson, Jets WR2 D. Thomas Added JAX QB2 Joshua Dobbs, K.C. WR3 D. Thomas, K.C. FS Juan Thornhill, DAL RB4 Darius Jackson, N.O. WR3 Deonte Harris Updated Offensive Depth Chart and/or Return Men for Jaguars, Chiefs, Redskins, Saints, Panthers, Falcons Thanks once again to @gojiphen malor for his help with the graphical edits!
  12. Right on, down to Antonio Brown now. You never know when to expect a curveball from him.
  13. I know Josh Malone has # 83 but he's on the Jets practice squad. Who knows with AB, that guy might come out with a third number today. He was # 1 for his first practice but he can't use that as WR. Friggin' primadonna!
  14. I should have a minor update up soon. Some small graphic edits to the Jets, Browns and Chargers helmets (again, thanks to @gojiphen malor for his help with the Chargers helmets!) as well as some small roster edits. I am just waiting on official word on what numbers Antonio Brown and Demaryius Thomas will be wearing. I'll have it up as soon as we know!
  15. 19 points? Ooofa. Just a note to consider.....Brady is 1-5 at Miami since 2013. The real question is how bad is this Dolphins team? I think he gets to 2-5 and cleans up against a team that seems to have already quit on their new coach. https://www.boston.com/sports/nfl/2019/09/09/miami-dolphins-mutiny
  16. I was visiting my girlfriend in San Jose (I was living in Connecticut at the time) and was actually supposed to fly back home on 9/11. I was woken up by a panicked phone call from my mother who wasn't sure of my flight schedule and when she called the facts were still hazy as to what was going on. It was real early out in the West Coast and she told me to turn on the news. No more than a minute after I did the second plane hit the second tower. The whole day was just surreal after that. It didn't hit home until a couple days later when flights were resumed and I flew back to New York only to see what was the Twin Towers still smoldering and billowing smoke. A couple months later I moved out to San Jose for good but before I did I went back to my hometown to say goodbye to friends and family. I lived in a commuter town and it was shocking to see so many homes with ribbons for missing people from the attack. Just a horrible nightmare that ripped families apart......
  17. Uh oh... https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/10/sports/football/antonio-brown-sexual-asssault-patriots.html
  18. WinZip or 7zip should be free. Give 'em a whirl Earl: https://www.winzip.com/win/en/ https://www.7-zip.org/download.html
  19. Check out the collection of roms on http://www.tecmosb.com/ http://www.tecmosb.com/Downloads/Roms/ALL_TSB_ROMS11.16.2014.rar The only year I see missing is 1997 in the download.
  20. At least it's looking up for the Raiders. That rookie RB looks like he could be a real bell cow for them, I'm kicking myself for passing on him on my fantasy draft.
  21. Who did the Raiders piss off? Their schedule coming up is BRUTAL....vs Chiefs, at Vikings, at Colts, vs Bears, at Packers, at Texans. We'll find out real fast if they are legit or not.
  22. Wait...didn't Brown get traded to the Raiders? It's not like he signed with them as a free agent. The Steelers sent him to a team they felt wasn't going to contend. They originally had a deal in place with Buffalo but they backed out after Brown wasn't willing to go there. He then orchestrated the hissy fits of drama to get out of Oakland and go to the Patriots. Watch him become a model Patriot now and have an All-Pro year.
  23. Thanks for the kind words, happy you are enjoying the game! I plan on having a final version released around the conference championships and maybe I'll do a mid-season update. We'll seem depends on my schedule really.
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