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  1. is there a way to make it show 1 starting RB and 2 back-up 3 starting WR with 2 back-ups? in a one back system you don't really need the 3rd back up RB but but could use a 2nd back up WR incase of injury
  2. how about moving the helmets in TSB 1 on Snes
  3. Thank you pambazos88 Worked perfectly
  4. Thanks this will help What about standings / rankings? Or does changing the mini's fix that?
  5. Hi guys I been having issues moving helmets and was wondering if someone could make a oringal rom with the moves I'm trying to do AFC EAST Buff, N.E, NYG, NYJ, Was AFC CENT Chi, Ind, Phil, Pits AFC WEST Dal, Den, K.C, Hou, Phx NFC EAST Atl, Mia, N.O, T.B NFC CENT Cin, Clev, Det, G.B, Min NFC WEST Raid, Rams, S.D, S.F, Sea Thanks
  6. in the cfl teams have to have 40% players to be canadian and 60% imports
  7. ok sorry Rod for spaming this is the last post i'll do for awhile. i'm making a 2004 rom for genesis it should take a month to key it all in again sorry rod
  8. I just figure out that the stats you give player act as a sim code Ex. i use Joe Carter on Toronto and give him only 1 hr, simmed the season he ended with 3. Then i give me 49 hrs, simmed the season he ended with 45 hrs. so whatever stats you give, it simmed that way.
  9. Ok this is for pitcher's 1-20 1-jeresy # 00-99 2-bat 0=r 1=l 2=s 3-i don't know 4-6 date of birth 7-1 digit stamina 0-9, 2 digit control 0-f 8-1 digit run hold 0-f, 2 digit movement 0-f 9-1 digit velocity 0-f, 2 dight jam 0-f 10-1 digit is specialty pitch 0=slider 1=offspeed 2=fastball 3=curve ball 4=change-up 5=split finger 6=forkball 7=screwball 8=slurve 9=knuckle ball A=circle change B=vulcan change C=sinker D=rising fastball E=breaking curve F=hard slider, 2 digit effect wins and lose some how 11-1 digit wins 0-f, 2 digit lose 0-f 12-saves 00-ef 13-IP 00-ef 14-Hits 00-ef 15-CG 00-ef 16-SO 00-ef 17-GS 00-ef 18-GP 00-ef 19-BB 00-ef 20-ERA 00-ef so far so good
  10. Here's a pic http://img74.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img74&im ... 0001ox.png
  11. Ok i was playing around with Transhex thing and i found how to edit the players stats and abilities. before each name there is 25 hex values start after the person name ex. you are editing Chad Curtis, you start after damion easley. i number them 1 to 25 1 jersey # 00-99 2 Bats first digit only 0=L 1=R 2=S second digit i don't know 3 arm don't know 4-6 date of birth don't know just yet next 4 are abilities edits and yes it changes the bars 7 first digit is speed 0 to F, second digit is hit 0-F 8 first digit is power 0 to F , second digit is steal 0 to F 9 first digit is arm 0 to F , second digit is glove 0 to F 10 is clutch first digit has to be 0 second digit 0 to F 11 i don't know The rest are for stats 12 Runs 00 to EF 13 Hits 00 to EF 14 2b 00 to EF 15 HR 00 to EF 16 RBI 00 to EF 17 BB 00 to EF 18 SO 00 to EF 19 SB 00 to EF 20 Pos 00=CA 01=1b and so on 21 vs,R 00 to EF 22 vs,L 00 to EF 23 AB 00 to EF 24 3B 00 to EF 25 i don't know PS. only for batters stats and abilities so far and it's on Genesis
  12. Thanks jstout for the juice hex sorry if i sounded rude i was playing around with it and it didn't work thats all
  13. I Guess it's not possible how about making the computer play like it's week 12 or so in week 1
  14. Is there a way to change who is on the field like starting QB for a back-up TE or something. same with kick offs change a slow LB with a WR or something just wondering And on the int thing I tried a Rom with all db's have lonnie young stats you get some good returns
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