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  1. Hi guys Some of the links give a 404 error
  2. bgiadam

    Tecmo Bowl Throwback

    i wouldn't mind it coming out on the Wii U
  3. bgiadam

    Best Ever NFL Names

    Le-Lo Lang Ben Gay Chris Fuamatu-Ma’afala Tim Biakabutuka C.J Ah You Kirby Dar Dar Lofa Tatupu Tecmo Names Webster slaughter David Meggett Mosi Tatupu Christian Okoye
  4. bgiadam

    NHL General Discussion Mega Thread

    Winnipeg jets season ticket holder Hoping for some play-offs this year. Going to be tough
  5. bgiadam

    changing formations

    is there a way to make it show 1 starting RB and 2 back-up 3 starting WR with 2 back-ups? in a one back system you don't really need the 3rd back up RB but but could use a 2nd back up WR incase of injury
  6. bgiadam

    Editing all three schedules?

    the doc is no longer avl i would like to edit all 3 season if i can
  7. bgiadam

    Moving helmets

    how about moving the helmets in TSB 1 on Snes
  8. bgiadam

    Moving helmets

    Thank you pambazos88 Worked perfectly
  9. bgiadam

    Moving helmets

    Thanks this will help What about standings / rankings? Or does changing the mini's fix that?
  10. bgiadam

    Moving helmets

    Hi guys I been having issues moving helmets and was wondering if someone could make a oringal rom with the moves I'm trying to do AFC EAST Buff, N.E, NYG, NYJ, Was AFC CENT Chi, Ind, Phil, Pits AFC WEST Dal, Den, K.C, Hou, Phx NFC EAST Atl, Mia, N.O, T.B NFC CENT Cin, Clev, Det, G.B, Min NFC WEST Raid, Rams, S.D, S.F, Sea Thanks
  11. bgiadam

    CFL Rom to Finish

    in the cfl teams have to have 40% players to be canadian and 60% imports
  12. bgiadam

    Whos the best DB in Tecmo?

    i like Henry jones on buffalo and eugene robinson on seattle
  13. bgiadam

    Favorite Tight End

    i would choose Marv Cook just he fumbles alot
  14. bgiadam

    Canseco's book

    Brady Anderson in 95 had 16 hrs and in 96 he had 50 hmm
  15. bgiadam

    Most Annoying Player in Tecmo Super Bowl

    For me it's Barry Word and Tommie Agee they always bust big runs on me some how. and on D Reggie White or Bruce Smith