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  1. this idea is almost as bad as mini ditka's "tecmo university"
  2. I saw the 1999 Vikings highlights the other day and would have to disagree with you. When Robert Smith was healthy he was better than anybody. He easily had more long runs than any Vikings back in history and his yards per carry average is unprecedented in a purple and white jersey. I think the only things that kept him from having a hall-of-fame career were his shoddy knees.
  3. Jesus Christ dude, you need to quit posting 10 times in a row without a reply. Do you even understand how annoying that is?
  4. Those were stupid and never insync. I agree. I couldn't stand that garbage. I think I sat through it once when it was the 90's Cowboys against the 80's 49ers. It was horrible though.
  5. If I were you I'd make the vikings have a 2 back set with Robert Smith and Chuck Foreman. Robert Smith is the best back in Vikings history. Just look at his stats in 1998-2000.....unreal. Chuck Foreman was a great player too and should be in the position to catch more passes out of the backfield....but he wasn't as good as Robert Smith. Brown and Mason should be the two backups though.
  6. The Vikings roster is flawed. First of all, Fran Tarkenton should be starting over Daunte Culpepper. Fran took the team to 3 superbowls and is a hall-of-famer. Also, where are Chuck Foreman and Ahmad Rashad? You need to remove Michael Bennett and Jake Reed and put those two guys on there. I just noticed something else on your all-time Bears team. Where the fuck is Jim McMahon? There is no fucking way Erik Kramer and Jim Harbaugh should be ahead of him.
  7. Is there already a rom with each team's best year...because that would be pretty cool. I'm talking 85 bears 98 Vikings 89 49ers 86 Giants 60 Browns 67 Packers 95 Lions 01 Bucs 94 Cowboys 04 Eagles 99 Rams 68 Jets 04 Patriots 98 Falcons 83 Raiders 72 Dolphins 90 Bills 99 Titans 87 Redskins 80 Bengals 76 Steelers 98 Cardinals 69 Chiefs 97 Broncos 94 Chargers 70 Colts Seahawks? Saints?
  8. so all teams are the exact same or what
  9. nobody has answered any of my questions yet.... What system is this game for? What year was it released? Who was the developer? What makes it so damn good?
  10. while you're at it you should fix that stat bugs and make it count the stats if a player fumbles.
  11. I've never heard of Coach K basketball. What system is it for, what year was it released and who was the developer?
  12. nice guys. I'll bug you about it again once I fly back in July.
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