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  1. I just happened to stumble across this topic in a Google search related to Ken Griffey baseball. 15.5 years have passed since my post here and my opinion hasn’t changed - the Ken Griffey baseball games are still not fun to play and Bad News Baseball is still king! The only thing I can add to the topic is that Super Mega Baseball is a good modern choice for some old school baseball fun.
  2. We lost an NFL legend today...
  3. Ha, no worries. I guess in order to have an accurate sample of the US population we have to include those living in dense urban environments who aren't automobile dependant like the rest of us suckers. When I lived in Mexico I got by fine without a car too, and you can bet I wouldn't bother with a car if i lived in NYC.
  4. Thanks for the help guys. I assume there is a Tecmo tournament going on at Madison? I really don't have an excuse not to show, it really wouldn't be that far from me. I might have to check it out.
  5. Jesus, I don't even recognize this place anymore.
  6. Slig

    Knobbe back

    Go kick an ass or two while you're at it.
  7. I'm not saying Childress is a great coach by any means, but I'll respect any coach that can win a division with Gus Frerotte and Tavarris Jackson as his starting quarterbacks. We can only fairly evaluate the guy this year when he actually has a competent quarterback to work with in Brett Favre and if needed, Sage Rosenfells.
  8. I've been a Vikings fan since 1989 and I feel as good about this year's squad as I have about any Minnesota team in a long time. Go Vikings! If we don't do it this year it might never happen. We won't get a new stadium, the metrodome will deflate and Zygie will move the team to New Jersey. For God's sake, win the Super Bowl already!
  9. I used to tread water in this forum. I no longer tread shit, but if I did I'd give the nod to AverageTSBplayer to give him the abilities to clean up spam wherever needed. He's been around long enough where he should be trusted to be given more abilities.
  10. http://tecmoforums.com/eve/forums/a/frm/f/295105482 The Original Tecmo Bowl forum from Tecmoinc.com is back it looks like. Knobbe started this forum when the mods on that forum went wack and started banning regulars left and right. This all occured back in 2001. I believe I had about 1200 posts there before I was axed. Anyways, after that happened the whole forum shut down for a long time but now it looks like it is back up. I don't know when it came back but either it just happened recently or the place gets hardly any traffic.
  11. Hey, I'm checking back since I'm suspended from my new regular forum. I think I see tumbleweeds blowing by me, where did everybody go?
  12. If I'm not mistaken, after thorough testing it was determined that the "avoid pass block" attribute was completely worthless. That being said, all else between the two is equal except Montana is a better scrambler (19 ms to 13 ms). Advantage Montana.
  13. Slig

    What about Sproles?

    Anyone remember Napoleon Kaufman?
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