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  1. Thanks for all the work that went into this. This community continues to astound me with what it has accomplished. Might I be able to get a text or spreadsheet version of the rosters and ratings? I apologize if that is posted somewhere or if it is trivial to extract from the rom itself (I'm on mac) but I couldn't find anything after some searching. My group of guys is planning to run another season with drafted teams and we thought it would be cool to do so with a current rom. Having the ratings in a friendly format would sure make the draft board easier. Thanks, Bill
  2. We're gonna try this rom in our (14th!) annual TecmoWeekend. Thanks to all that put the effort in.
  3. My little group did the same thing but only for the 5 teams we use and pro bowl players were unavailable. Ended up having a fun season but the next year we did identical teams. Not sure yet what we will do this year.
  4. biw314


    I downloaded and tried the mappers mentioned above was not able to restore a save state. When I tried it would bring back to the start menu. On the other hand, I powered on and off the nintendo, reloaded the .sav file and was able to recover the battery save. So, if that behavior is consistent, a huge win for me.
  5. biw314


    OK. Maybe now that I have the semantics down I'll ask him again.
  6. biw314


    I remember asking the manufacturer about this, but I didn't quite understand the response. I'll post the transcript below. My Question: His response: I remember talking to him another time and his answers, while probably correct, did not answer the question of "should I be able to turn the nintendo off, pull the cart out, and get my saves back later?"
  7. biw314


    OK, just tried mine with tsb. I autoskipped a week and saved. After saving i was able to reload the game. I did this for a few weeks of autoskipping and had no trouble loading the .sav back up. Then, I turned the nintendo off and on again. At that point all every .sav file I tried loading started me at week 1.
  8. biw314


    Three, This will likely not directly answer your question but... I have had one of these for over a year now. It plays great and it's easy to get roms on it. The directions state that you need an empty .sav file on the CF card before putting the cart in the nintendo. I have done that, held down reset to choose the .sav file but have never successfully reloaded a saved game. This thread has given me renewed hope so I think I'll play with it some more.
  9. biw314


    Teacher. 1993 - played an entire season with three other guys on a trip from CT to VA in the back of a 1983 subaru sedan 2002 - played during cloudy weather at a Kitt Peak observatory during a two-week observing run 2003 - Baxter State Park, ME with NES and TV running off my car's battery
  10. I think it will be nine years this April since a bunch of people abandoned the Tecmo Forum. Thanks for doing this Matt. I've learned a lot, hopefully contributed a little, and know it will continue in some form.
  11. Thanks for the responses. This seems to be consistent with my experience that QB seems to be strong against MAN controlled players. It's not that he's strong, it's that he is equal. Thanks again.
  12. Let me preface by saying that I have never played online and rarely play against the computer. It would seem to me that if only tapping mattered, then Okoye would be no tougher to bring down than Dave Meggett. Can that be true?
  13. Traditionally, QBs are tough to take down once you are grappling them. It feels like they have high hitting power but a quick check shows that most if not all QBs have a HP of 13. Is that attribute meaningless when the QB is behind the line of scrimmage or something?
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