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  1. Install direct x 9. It might already be installed but install it again. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=34429 Make sure that Windows XP SP3 is installed (should say which Service Pack you have under the system control panel option) Install this if you don't have it. If that doesn't do the trick... Run Sfc /scannow from the command line ( this will fix any corrupted files)
  2. Because they fair caught it the time remained at 2:01 and Baltimore essentially got a free time out. It's possible that KC could have muffed the kick as well. KC got the first down and it didn't matter.
  3. They were talking about him like he was dead man walking at the end of MNF.
  4. I'm able to load it in Nestopia just fine so not real sure
  5. Yes Doug Flutie kicked an extra point via drop kick in 2010 for the Pats, which was the first time anyone had done so since the 40s. Drop kicking used to be popular back when the ball was rounder and you could get a better bounce out of it.
  6. Anthony Wallace was a running back from the U. of California. Was drafted by the Saints in 1991 in the 9th round, waived Training camp guy for the Falcons in 93 and 94, waived both times. Never played in the NFL. The Falcons only had 4 running backs on the roster that year. 33 Erric Pegram 44 Steve Broussard 29 Eric Dickerson 28 Tony Smith Pegram was the lead back with Broussard spelling him very occasionally. Tony Smith was the former first round RB that Jerry Glanville didn't want who was only used for KR/PR They traded for Dickerson in late July and he ended up starting 2 of the 4 games he played there. The Falcons tried to trade him to the Packers in October but he failed the physical and that was the end of his career. Dickerson was listed as "RB Raiders" for the 1992 roster. With what seems like no running backs to choose from Tecmo put in a guy who was there for the preseason and might have been on the practice squad.
  7. Did everyone see the drop kick from the Ravens?
  8. Kent Hull A6 3A 0B 1B 1. RS 2. RP 3. MS 4 HP 5 Race 6 sim? 7 Balance 8 ? Trade ranking? sim?
  9. John Elway A3 45 00 B6 8B 79 3E It turns out that bit 6 for every single QB is 0 so its possible it's unused.
  10. I'll have to look through but I wonder if it's sim values because the QBs also have byte 7 that aren't attributes and the RBs have the 2nd bit of byte 5 also not used. My best guess just looking through for 5 minutes based on what I might expect from the Bills QB bits - RS, RP, MS, HP, race, Sim Run, PS, PC, PA, AR, Sim Pocket, Cool, BB, Sim Pass RB/WR/TE bits - RS, RP, MS, HP, race, Sim Run, Bc, Rec, sim rec I'll try and shore this up by looking at guys who should be dominant, especially running QBs
  11. Maybe i'll have to submit my first FAQ. Elway has 38 HP on all 3 years
  12. To tie a bow on Brown the NFL at some point either can (or has to?) rule on whether or not Brown is on the commissioner's exempt list. The NFL can drag their feet/take their time with this because he's not on a roster. If he eventually gets to the point he's cleared then assuming we're not talking too long down the road a few teams will line up for his services because he's valuable enough to someone to outweigh everything else.
  13. I wonder how many people at ESPN are still into Tecmo? This is a short drive from Bristol.
  14. Joeygats is probably consensus top 5 if not consensus #1. After that there is a group of guys that are capable of beating JG and it's really a matter of how sharp they're keeping their skills. With no Tecmo Madison it's a little harder so I'd pay attention to what happens at the Tundra Bowl this year in January.
  15. I have to say I'm surprised watching through those two hardcore tecmo tutorials (maybe I missed it fast forwarding through) that there were no LE lurches used.
  16. Just to get the obvious out of the way: if you're hosting from the same place you posted from your IP should start with 75. If it starts with something like 192 or 10 then you're using an internal address. It's possible it could be a firewall issue as many firewalls would allow you to freely interact using internal ips but might require configuration for outside use. One other thing: did you use port forwarding for both computers when you were testing it internally? Perhaps you didn't disable for your friend's then it's in some weird state where it's trying to connect through the wrong IP. If you are hitting your head against the wall and want to get this going quick you can use VPN service Himachi which will put you both on a VPN where it will function like an internal network (no port forwarding required) https://www.vpn.net/
  17. I can't say that I have gone through the uniforms very much for the last couple of years. As long as there wasn't any instances with the opposing teams having the same uniform I was pretty happy though I'd be interested in going through what you have. It's surprising to here there are a lot of uniform numbers wrong as i do methodically go through those.
  18. Your working theory is that 3 days after the Patriots signed Brown that a conspiracy from 2017 was devised to derail their dynasty?
  19. And....Antonio Brown has been released by the Pats
  20. Actually the Genesis versions are probably the least represented in terms of roster editors
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