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  1. The rom should support this. If you're using 'Brutopia' this feature is disabled in the emulator because it screw up online play. You have a couple of options One is to get a different emulator where having the battery enabled is the default. My favorite is FCEUX though Nestopia, the basis for Brutopia, will do the trick One is to use save states. That will let you save right in the middle of a game if you'd like. The other is to uncheck the read only for save data. This can be found under options and paths
  2. Who is going to win the NFC East and will they do it with a sub .500 record?
  3. Oh hey you found the site!
  4. Don't the Patriots get their teeth kicked in every December, get kind of written off, and then spend the next month acting like no one ever believed in a franchise that has been the most successful over the last decade? If Brady is healthy they'll get the passing game figured out. What about the running game though? Sony Michel hasn't been good and neither has the offensive line. Seems like the Patriots will have trouble more with teams capable of overwhelming their defense so facing the Bills in the playoffs would be ideal. Seems like their best case scenario would be to hope that the Chiefs or maybe the Texans can outgun a Ravens team that hasn't scored under 20 this year. We'll see what happens this week when the Ravens bring their talents to Buffalo.
  5. Who is the bigger surprise turnaround from last season between the 49ers, Bills, and Raiders?
  6. What held Andy Dalton back is that unless his offensive line can form a protective cocoon around him he falls apart
  7. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28021754/barnwell-ranks-best-qbs-never-reach-super-bowl-philip-rivers-no-1 3 Tecmo QBs make the list. #1 is your man Philip Rivers @buck 😂
  8. The record holder for TSB is @thegamer1185 with 175!!!! points https://www.twingalaxies.com/game/tecmo-super-bowl/nintendo-entertainment-system/ntsc-biggest-blowout/
  9. Patriots signed 35 year old Nick Folk. It would appear they are into kickers of a certain age
  10. It's still fairly conceivable with how top heavy the NFC is that the 7-0 49ers could not make the playoffs.
  11. I have. Use an earlier version of TSB Tool and it will pull properly
  12. There's always money in the banana stand
  13. One big factor in return averages is the schedule because returners are pitted against also determine the outcome of a kick/punt return Via @bruddog (kr/pr skill + condition adjust + random) - (opponent run defense + random) You come up with a value which then determines which bucket of return lengths you will get Here is an example of some logic for that. On kick returns if i had things turned all the way up I could notice a guy always being towards the top consistently 20+ yards per return. I'm not sure if it's anecdotal but it seems like more RBs are towards the top of the current season i'm looking at and they tend to have higher rushing numbers than wrs) On punt returns the averages are so bunched together it we're talking about the top guys at 10-11 yards per return. Not a lot of juice in the squeeze there.
  14. Did anyone think that New Orleans would be undefeated with Bridgewater as QB?
  15. It looks like we've been wrong about how some of the sim stats work for years
  16. Is it also used for Receiving Yardage and Receiving Target, respectively?
  17. TSB Supreme is incorrectly documented in terms of offensive skill position sim attributes This is a rough edit by me and please don't feel obligated to use my labels as i just needed something that fit in an image @bruddog If KR/PR numbers aren't being pulled from here, where are they coming from? Also here is essentially what the team stats should be. Not sure if anyone ever bothered to tell @BAD_AL about any of this.
  18. To me this is just one piece of sim. I'd pin a comprehensive document on all of it. This belongs in a line for the FAQs or rom editing
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