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  1. It looks like we've been wrong about how some of the sim stats work for years
  2. Is it also used for Receiving Yardage and Receiving Target, respectively?
  3. TSB Supreme is incorrectly documented in terms of offensive skill position sim attributes This is a rough edit by me and please don't feel obligated to use my labels as i just needed something that fit in an image @bruddog If KR/PR numbers aren't being pulled from here, where are they coming from? Also here is essentially what the team stats should be. Not sure if anyone ever bothered to tell @BAD_AL about any of this.
  4. To me this is just one piece of sim. I'd pin a comprehensive document on all of it. This belongs in a line for the FAQs or rom editing
  5. What's New in Version rev3 See changelog Released Just now Antonio Brown removed from Pats, replaced by "WR Patriots" Derrick Nnadi inserted at KC NT Alex Okafor moved to LE, Chris Jones moved to LOLB for KC
  6. What's New in Version rev3 See changelog Released Just now Antonio Brown removed from Pats, replaced by "WR Patriots" Derrick Nnadi inserted at KC NT Alex Okafor moved to LE, Chris Jones moved to LOLB for KC
  7. Thanks @BO FB Offtackle Left and @gojiphen malor. I found where the time was changed to 4 min and changed it to 5. I re-upped to the file here. Probably what needs to happen is this needs to be redone as it's seems very possible there are just random changes in here but for now this will work.
  8. The defense and running attack for the Niners have probably been more valuable to this point. Christian McCaffery has a shot if his team wins enough and there isn't a clear consensus among QBs.
  9. How much of that was his mouth and how much of it was just him underperforming. I don't have access to PFF's stats but apparently he's underperforming
  10. When I turned that game on I had to double check where it was given how the cheering was going. The Chargers at best have slight home field advantage at home and at worst it feels like they're playing on the road at home.
  11. Ah. That is an extremely important point. I will attempt to go back even further and find a better rom.
  12. You posted it in about 6 different places so in one of those I'm pretty sure I replied
  13. If you don't make any changes to the time does it just stay at 5 minutes?
  14. I bought tickets the day they went on sale
  15. G'N'R coming to Lincoln for their first time ever on Tuesday
  16. The Helmet catch gets all the love from this matchup but Ahmad Bradshaw trying to Tecmo is way to eating some clock is up there
  17. The Eli Manning vs Tom Brady magic only exists in Super Bowls. In the regular season Manning went 1-2 lifetime vs the Pats. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/M/MannEl00/gamelog/?opp_id=nwe
  18. So the distance depends on the kicker rating and there is also a random variable as well. The longest possible kick would by by Nick Lowery in excellent who would have a kick rating of 94. He could make a kick 68 yards away (his own 32 yard line) and that would have a 23% chance of being in his range. Al Del Greco in bad would have a kick rating of 13 and after the 50 yard line it's no sure thing after that he would be in range.
  19. Is this the case on the default 32 team rom or a different rom? One way to reverse engineer the location is to search for the pattern. 0 = 2rb-2wr-1te, 1 = 1rb-4-wr-0te 2 = 1rb -3wr-1te Then you go down the line in the AFC first on your rom and make a note of which teams currently have which formations and then do a hex search with those values. Let's say for the first 8 teams only Cincy has a non-1-2-2 formation and theirs is 3 wrs The pattern to search for would be 00002000. The more teams you use for a pattern to search, the easier it will be to find. Also I believe the Pro Bowl formations are listed before the NFC West
  20. Wow the Colts simply ground down the Chiefs. This is the same team that gave up 31 to the Raiders at home the week prior.
  21. The same way you would in the original. Assuming you're talking about a season game you would go under the Team Control option and then toggle by each team what you would like. If you want just a simulated score and outcome, you would want every thing set to SKP If you want to see the actual game being simulated by the computer, you would choose which of those teams you want with "COM" Under schedule you have the option to choose Auto Skip by pressing A. Without changing this you need to start each skp vs skp game one at a time. If you choose this and change it to a week, the system will rapidly simulate games up through that week. This is a faster way to get through SKP vs SKP games if you are only real interested in watching a COM game.
  22. A team could conceivably do this vs the Dolphins this year.
  23. Big turn of events in the first half when Seattle couldn't convert and missed a FG up 14-6 with less than 2 minutes to go. Rams go down and score and what might have been a 17-6 halftime lead was instead 14-13. When the Seahawks scored the go-ahead TD (an easy catch turned into a circus catch by Carson) it was point spread time and Seattle couldn't convert. The Seahawks get that notable finger tip interception and their lack of interest in adding to their lead almost came back to bite them in the end.
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