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  1. Knobbe

    Super Bowl 53 according to Tecmo

    What this video lacked in accuracy it made up for in views. 225K !!
  2. Knobbe

    Who do you have in the Super Bowl 53

    Winner winner, Twitter dinner. I had to travel and got to watch about 20 minutes of the entire super bowl. I will get with Deviled Greg about his prize in a day or so
  3. Knobbe

    Who do you have in the Super Bowl 53

    No. He picked the Rams
  4. Knobbe

    Detroit, MI - Tecmo Kumite VII

  5. Knobbe

    Dallas, TX - Tecmo Texas

  6. Knobbe

    Woodbridge, NJ - TSB Tourney

  7. Knobbe

    Wayne, NJ - The Jersey Cup

  8. Knobbe

    Fargo, ND - Tecmo Fargo 2019

  9. Knobbe

    Who do you have in the Super Bowl 53

    I'm very excited to see what sort of unforeseen-monkey-paw like ending this is going to have for me!
  10. Knobbe

    Who do you have in the Super Bowl 53

    Game recognizes game
  11. Newb with a very basic question.  I am playing with a handheld Chinese PSP copy that play 1000's of .nes games.  I have loaded the latest Tecmo Super Bowl file, but when I try to launch it, I get "invalid file format."  I am assuming that the downloadable files on this site are specific to the emulators that are offered here.  I tried this just as a hunch, but I think I am probably right.  Your thoughts?


    Thank you for your time . . . 


    1. Knobbe


      It should work on most emulators but there is no way I can support nor test all emulators.  Try some of the other mods here, those might work

    2. McQuillian


      Thanks.  you were right.  Some of the other files worked fine.  Appreciate the response . . . 


  12. Knobbe

    NFL 2018-2019 Season Discussion

    Do you think the Pats defense was going to stop the Chiefs in OT? Seemed pretty unlikely. Winning that flip was a big deal!
  13. Knobbe

    Computer or Raspberry pie?

    Make sure your inputs are set up Go to input under config Then you should configure the buttons for each item on Gamepad 1 (you can skip turbo) So I use the keyboard arrows and the Z button for B, the X button for A. (you can use what feels comfortable)