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  1. Seems obvious there is too much money involved with the NFL to not have a season. When will it start and what will it look like?
  2. Knobbe


    As noted above, it's possible to do this in a modified rom. In the original version this is not possible
  3. Maybe the ones on the East Coast had work in the morning
  4. Rom/Game = Cartridge Emulator = NES If i understand what you are asking, you're asking if you had a cartridge and no NES, could you play Tecmo Bowl. The answer is you need both. As the emulator is the system, you can most definitely use it to play against the computer.
  5. @Ghost Either this or else this editor has the individual faces as BMPs
  6. If he can get through a season with the Jets at this age he truly is one of the great running backs of all time
  7. Knobbe

    Waiting List

    This league has been defunct for about as long as you've been playing tecmo
  8. You can either shoot down with a fast LB 1 or RCB or FS. Else you can grapple with your LB4 and immediately start running down after throwing the blocker.
  9. View File Nintendo Font Called "Pretendo" Submitter Knobbe Submitted 04/29/2020 Category Editors, Tools & Misc  
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Called "Pretendo"
  11. @TecSpectre Are there differences in all three games? How many differences?
  12. Somewhat. It's not really maintained much but I run the server it's on. Here's the problems I came across. Registering sends out an email with a confirmation link. That email goes to spam for me. You'll probably find yours there if you didn't find it already. The confirmation link you received would be invalid because it was pointing at the old site. You need to change www.onlinetecmo.com to tecmobowl.net and it will confirm correctly. I have fixed this so going forward it will work correctly. Let me know if you run into other issues and i'll see about those as well.
  13. What you need next is a league manager...a way to schedule games, keep track of stats, etc. You can do that with this site - http://tecmobowl.net/main/default.php
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Originally this was a game meant to be released in the U.S. per the movie release of Major League but it was only released in Japan. Here is the recently patched English version.
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