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  1. It probably was written for Win 95/98. TBH I've barely ever used it. I would try running it in compatibility mode and see if you get better results
  2. I would agree. Art and rosters pretty much covers what can be done
  3. This has been around forever but the old link on emuware is dead. (do people remember emuware anymore?)
  4. View File Helmet Editor Editor that lets you edit large helmets & their logos for Tecmo Super Bowl 28 team rom Submitter Knobbe Submitted 02/20/2020 Category Editors, Tools & Misc  
  5. Version 0.10


    Editor that lets you edit large helmets & their logos for Tecmo Super Bowl 28 team rom
  6. Request that someone makes a video parody of Parks and Rec's "eggs bacon and toast" song but instead sings "The Median-Buchholz Score"
  7. Thunderdome was originally created by MR TSB, pictured here
  8. respectable zombie post dig here
  9. There isn't really anything I know of that occurs in that neck of the woods.
  10. Rivers was pretty bad last year to the point where he should have been benched, often looked like he was killing the team and shouldn't be in the league next year until I remember that the Broncos are in the league.
  11. You can try this but no idea if it will work or might brick your system https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/how-to-hack-a-nes-classic-edition/
  12. IMO Twitch is the better avenue for streaming games.
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