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  1. Hypothetically, what would Bo Jackson's passing attributes be in Tecmo if you moved him there? Here are his in game stats As an example, here is Jay Schroeder We know that Accuracy doesn't do anything. What would Bo Jackson's passing speed, pass control, and avoid pass block be? Please be verbose as possible with your answers.
  2. Knobbe

    Sammamish, WA - CFT 4

  3. I restored the previous version.
  4. I restored the previous version. I have it testing now but let me know if you run into any other issues.
  5. Yeah, I'm seeing the same thing. I'm looking into it.
  6. I'll get those rounded up at some point. I know I owe some champion results to @hankthetank so don't think i forgot about you
  7. I am sure you are busy, but any way I can get Millard's Mayhem IV pinned?  Have a great weekend!


    SammieSmith aka Kris

  8. Is that because Self is running from the NCAA?
  9. Injuries, redshirts, suspension. I've been actually hoping that lil' Ricky will keep winning so that the Minnesota job doesn't open up. also please let this happen
  10. Team is/was down to 6 scholarship players and 2 walk-ons. Lil' Pitino with another big win
  11. I'm a big Nebraska basketball and college basketball junkie. I don't typically post about it here though some of you guys know. My basketball season has been a rollercoster this year.
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