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  1. Added this to the download section as I don't have file permissions set up to download files from the forum for guests
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Rosters for the 1992, 1993, and 1994 seasons dumped from TSB II: Special Edition for the Genesis via TSBM 2000. The attributes for Rushing Power and Rushing Speed are swapped on the spreadsheet compared to the game.
  3. For 12 hours i thought i was going here. I was blocked, once again by the same child who once caused me to miss Tecmo Madison by being born.
  4. Confirmed. I didn't play a single game.
  5. Dumped from the Genesis version (should be the same as the SNES) This was dumped using TSBM 2000 so it swaps RP and RS compared to how it displays in the game. TSB2rosters.xlsx
  6. The hack is to sim the seasons and then to reset until you get the correct team to win.
  7. It definitely was released in December. I'd assume because of the lag time it would take to release something like this. I think it would have made sense to release at the beginning of the football season so they probably had them prepared earlier. Also there was probably limited data on changes made. Steve Grogan was released on April 28th. Hugh Millen was signed by the Patriots on April 1, 1991 (was on the Falcons in TSB) The roster I'm sure are an inconsistent mashup of rosters between the end of the 1990 season and the start of 1991.
  8. This rom will work to pull the rosters in TSBM2000. I haven't edited and saved so I don't know if that functionality works. Tecmo Super Bowl 2 - Genesis.bin
  9. Thanks I wasn't aware of the special ending. I'll have to get there and put it on youtube
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