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  1. I am sure you are busy, but any way I can get Millard's Mayhem IV pinned?  Have a great weekend!


    SammieSmith aka Kris

  2. Is that because Self is running from the NCAA?
  3. Injuries, redshirts, suspension. I've been actually hoping that lil' Ricky will keep winning so that the Minnesota job doesn't open up. also please let this happen
  4. Team is/was down to 6 scholarship players and 2 walk-ons. Lil' Pitino with another big win
  5. I'm a big Nebraska basketball and college basketball junkie. I don't typically post about it here though some of you guys know. My basketball season has been a rollercoster this year.
  6. Bell should help with Darnold I think because you can check down to him. I guess we'll see what Gase does there. Their defense was pretty bad with a "defensive coach" last year so what they do on that side of the ball probably matters a lot more for where they finish next season. If Brady stays healthy it's hard to see New England falling to less than double digit wins.
  7. I have Windows 10 and don't have this problem
  8. Wouldn't the Knicks move be to instead of rebuilding for the future to double down and bring in washed up super stars? This is more of a 'we have no plan' situation. They drafted an elite running back, a position notorious for not lasting long in the NFL. That's to compete now, right? Then one year later they trade away one of the NFL's best offensive players and didn't franchise Landon Collins so now they're rebuilding? The Giants unlike the Knicks have competent ownership. Very much might want to look at getting a new GM.
  9. R.I.P. Odell Beckham NYG era R.I.P. Antonio Brown Steelers era
  10. Congrats and fingers crossed @Deviled Greg
  11. If you're recording the games you can basically replay the tape and fast forward. I do this a lot when I'm trying to make a video
  12. What this video lacked in accuracy it made up for in views. 225K !!
  13. Winner winner, Twitter dinner. I had to travel and got to watch about 20 minutes of the entire super bowl. I will get with Deviled Greg about his prize in a day or so
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