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  1. So I'm still simming from my aforementioned All-Backups Team trade mode. I decided to let a league play out while I work on some other stuff. These were the records and PF/PA for the AFC West: *1) SEA 9-7 264 286 *2) RAI 9-7 272 313 3) DEN 8-8 277 269 4) KC 7-9 291 240 5) SD 7-9 263 245 The two playoff teams had a negative point differential. The three non-playoff teams had a positive point differential. I've NEVER seen that before. This same season, the Patriots won the AFC East at 9-5-2, and the 49ers finished second in the NFC West at 9-5-2. There were five tie games this season.
  2. Now I'm wondering if he was out here returning onside kicks for TDs
  3. Hey everyone, I was just putzing around with this game and got bored winning with teams I assembled to do well (having three reliable WRs, a quality blocking back who never touches the ball so he never gets hurt, six reliable DBs, four reliable LBs, etc.) and I wanted to do a new challenge: Assemble the best team I could entirely out of other teams' backups. Has anyone done this before? What's the team you assembled? So far I'm thinking: QB: B. Kosar, B. Brister, B. Hebert RB: R. Harmon, T. Vardell, R. Cobb, E. Metcalf (H. Walker if you don't want the second FB) WR: G. Clark, D. Howard, J. Graham, T. Small ||| R. Sanders (FA) TE: K. Brady, M. Bavaro OL: I usually just swap in all the FA guys DL: J. Cross, W. Sapp, J. Jeffcoat, C. Hennings, F. Stokes, J. Geathers ||| T. Harris (FA), G. Townsend (FA) - sidenote, getting Waldrop from KC and Bratzke from NYG in trades = 220 droppable points, net gain of 120 after adding Harris & Townsend LB: R. Holmberg, D. Bickett, T. Irving, K. Gouveia, J. Kelly ||| M. Vanderbeek (FA), W. Marshall (FA) CB: M. McGruder, N. Mustafaa, J. Hasty, C. Raymond ||| T. Cook (FA) {for this exercise I purposely avoid Deion Sanders, since he delayed signing with anybody on purpose that season) S: K. Schulz, R. Lott, K. Taylor LB and S are the most difficult because they're supposed to be able to hit, and the ones who can hit typically start for their teams. I used to think OL didn't matter very much, but Derrmontti Dawson just won Offensive Player of the Year in a sim I let fly.
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