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  1. When you go to Edit rosters hit Reset and you will see the names. Do this for every team. And your rosters will be complete
  2. I would also like to add that you did a heck of a job with the players in 2019, the Dodgers were way Off on 2018 version and the 2017 version...One complaint I will give you is that you have no Julio Urias on the 2019 roster for the Dodgers. I don't even know who S. Alexander is, I would substitute him for Julio Urias. Other than that Great Job.
  3. Hope I am not too late to the party here, but I vote for a 2020 version of KGJ so I can play with Betts on the Dodgers, also a 1988 version so I can play with Kirk Gibson on the Dodgers, Thanks
  4. Mr Baron, Where can I get the 2020 rosters of Ken Griffey, I want to play a season with Betts on the Dodgers sir, Thanks
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