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  1. It's been rather quiet in here.....How was Thanksgiving for everyone?
  2. Hello. My brother used that program back when he did SMW Hacking. I'll consider checking that one out too. As for TileLayerPro, it's pretty good. It gets basically what I want and lays it all out in a neat and clean way. I'll continue to work with them and see how they come out. Thank you. Stay safe
  3. Hello, I apologize for constantly posting on this forum, and realistically it's a massive waste of time for me to be experimenting, but this is my first "Psudo" attempt at a helmet. It's nowhere near as quality as the game itself, but I did what I could. Note that due to the way the game layers the face shield on the helmets, they are stored somewhat disaligned within the tiles, so I had to manually re-align them with Microsoft Paint to give a better idea of what the face shield looks like. Also I know the colors are way off, but I just wanted to get a visual representation. If any of you have any critiques to my method, do not be afraid to point them out to me. This tilemaker program is really cool and I want to see what else can be done with it.
  4. I'll be honest...I've never really done this before. It takes some patience and a lot of hope. I also plan on re-doing the other Team Texts so they match with their modern-day font....only problem is whether I'll have enough blank spaces.
  5. Hello, After some more time I decided to take another crack at a few more, just to get the feel of making them. I'm not entirely sure what limitations would be placed on these if they were to get translated into the game, but I figured I'd try it out regardless. Next I might try and make some custom helmets to see what they would look like....only problem is I would have to dig through my tile editor to find the helmet face shields. As mentioned, if any of ya'll want to try and imrove them, by all means, do so.
  6. Hello, I began working with a tile edditor recently, and I decided to try and see what mock-ups I can create with it. First I decided to tackle some missing Team Texts from the game. I decided to do the Texans since that team doesn't exist in this game, and wanted to see what I could create. It's not perfect by any means, but if any of you want to try and make improvments to it, by all means do so. (Edit: I made a minor mistake on the "X" in Texans, that I must've missed, so I've reuploaded the image to make it look cleaner.)
  7. Hello, Hm, I'll try and take a look at a few of them and see how I do. I don't know too much about ROM Hacking, and this is a dip in the water for me, but I'll try some of them out and see how it goes. Thank you for the suggestions. Thank you. Stay safe
  8. Hello. I've been wanting to try and find a graphics editor for Tecmo Super Bowl III on SNES. Or at least a program that can edit the graphics of the large helmets. I've been looking and looking and I can't find one. Anyone know any good programs that work with this sort of thing? I've been wanting to try and make a helmet design for the Ravens/Texans/etc, and I can't find any good clean images of the helmets in the game. Thank you. Stay safe
  9. Hello, Well, it's good to hear the NFL Season is the new deadline. Make sure that all of the grapics have been updated with the most recent uniform designs. Some have changed in the last few years. Also, glad to hear you have more time on your hands. Hearing you this close makes me and a lot of people here excited. Keep it up! Thank you. Stay safe
  10. Hello, I've known about this project for a while, but only discovered this thread recently. Holy crap this game goes down to the roots! I can see why people are excited. I've been looking around places, trying to find all of the information about this that is strewn around the internet. It's been...interesting. One thing I really am looking forward to are the Helmet designs. Particularly the new team's. Whatever the case, do take your time and make this project as good as possible. Tecmo Super Bowl 4 is highly anticipated. I wonder if the code for this game can also be duplicated to take the pre-existing game, Tecmo Suer Bowl III, and make that cartridge a 32 Team ROM. If so, that would be sick, as me (and many others) fondly remember this game as a part of their childhood. Whatever it takes, I believe in you to make this possible. You guys have already impressed me with your knowledge of coding in general. Keep it up! And remember, real life comes first. Do whatever you can to make sure you all are doing ok in the world, then the project will be in focus. Thank you for your hard work, and stay safe.
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