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  1. So I am trying to edit player ratings quickly and then apply them to my ROM hack using TSBToolSupreme. I understand how to save my data as a .csv to get it into Excel, but how would I get that back into TSBToolSupreme? When I try to load data, nothing shows up in the tool. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hello, I was working on a TSB hack this past summer, but my computer died on me and I had to get a new one, and not all of my files were saved. I have recently been attempting to work on bringing my hack back, and I am ready to go through with rating the players. I seem to recall coming across a spreadsheet that had the ranges for each attribute for each position in the game. It said something like 6-56 is max speed for QBs, while 25-81 is pass accuracy. Does anyone know what spreadsheet I am talking about? If so, could you send me a copy of it? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello, so I have been working on an all-time NCAA rom hack and was trying to use the 32teamrom_teamrater excel file to see how my players and teams were ranked relative to each other. It seems to work for the players, but when I look at the team rankings it gets all screwy. Attached is my rom data loaded into the excel file. Does anyone know what is wrong, or have some kind of alternative to show me my team rankings? Thanks in advance! 32teamrom_teamrater all time cfb attempt.xls
  4. While TSBToolSupreme is amazing, it's kind of a pain to edit all of the attributes for all of the players on all of the teams. Is it at all possible to change the file into an excel spreadsheet or something like that, and make the edits there? Thanks in advance.
  5. You're right, that has been useful. I think I figured out a solution to my helmet problem, thanks a ton!
  6. Hello, I'm looking to make an all-time NCAA ROM hack, but I'm having lots of problems with making the helmets. Is there any kind of "base" NCAA file that I can take and simply alter the rosters? Ideally, I'm looking for something that's exactly like the original Tecmo Super Bowl file, just with college helmets. Alternatively, would anyone with more knowledge on making helmets be willing to give me a hand? Thanks in advance!
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