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  1. I have been using this and its pretty nice! Thank you! The only issue I encountered is that after updating the player sim attributes in TSB3 SNES and applying the changes to the rom, the sim changes wont get saved. The next time you open the rom, every other change, rosters, schedule, etc, it's there, but the sim data is the same as before editing. Having this fixed would be cool, as there is no other TSB3 editor that I know of that can directly edit sim data. EDIT: Found the version on the git,, and when trying to apply changes to a TSB3 rom got this: Error! line #46: 'RE2,star LOTULELEI,Face=0x88,#96,44,44,44,56,25,50,6,56,[17,00,06]'Invalid position! RE2 en TSBTool.StaticUtils.CheckTSB2Args(Int32 season, String team, String position) en TSBTool2.TSB3Tool.SetFace(Int32 season, String team, String position, Int32 face) en TSBTool2.InputParser.SetDefensivePlayer(String line) en TSBTool2.InputParser.UpdateRoster(String line) en TSBTool2.InputParser.ProcessLine(String line) en TSBTool2.InputParser.ProcessLines(String[] lines) Operation aborted at this point. Data not applied.
  2. I'm new to the site and got to your roms after it was down, so this is more of a late comment to say thanks, because I played this one a lot! I hope that with the site back we get to see more of your work, as there's not a lot of people tinkering with TSB3.
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