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  1. Thank you for the explanation, that aligns with my experience playing around with it. I would guess eliminating the third wild card winner--having it recognize only two division champs, sorting the third best team--would be of similar complexity?


    That seems to be the issue--i.e., Tampa Bay (sitting in the NFC East) finishes 13-5 and gets a bye, but 12-6 Memphis--narratively the second place Southern Division team--gets the other bye because they "finished" first in the NFC Central--where they're placed--over Baltimore, who "wins" the NFC East with a 9-9 record, when Baltimore "should" get the bye from a narrative standpoint. 


    Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill...



  2. Hi Everybody,


    I was wondering if anyone knew how to sort playoff teams by record rather than division champion? My experience--or inexperience--led the USFL hack to have three divisions of three teams each. While scheduling keeps the original league's integrity--two divisions--I sometimes find that a club gets a bye because they won the "middle" division despite another team having a better record. I've played around with the code that determines division champs and wild card teams before, but I haven't had any success. 


    Anybody know how to get the rom to sort based on best record? 

  3. I was playing around with the idea of swapping teams into different divisions. Like, I considered turning the New Orleans Breakers back into the Boston Breakers. My goal is to group them closer to the Atlantic division clubs; in turn, I'd place the Feds closer as well. Essentially, swapping both clubs places either on the Team Data/Control screens or just the standings.


    I can always adjust the schedule to where the Breakers play PIT/NJ/BALT twice and WASH play MEM/JAX/BIR/TB twice, but that could mess up my standings. 


    I guess I'm just asking is there a way to "swap" the spots for both clubs in the code? It seems division organization is more built around arrays of teams rather than where each individual team is placed. 

    Any help would be great. 


  4. USFL '87: The Ballad of Brian Bosworth

    A continuation of my hypothetical USFL series. Narrative up soon and in pieces. 


    Player placement is based on collegiate territory research, polling, and some hypotheticals. Number re-arrangements for NFL vets based as closely as possible on that player's number in college. Veterans also based on researching preseason NFL transactions and contemporary trade/cut/signing rumors for a little what-if stuff.


    This hack uses Buck's "Juice Helper" so it is challenging, though I also modified offensive stats--high pass control, receptions--to keep the frenzied "USFL" feel. 


    If you wish to vote on future player placements, follow me on Twitter (@Tombor13). 


    I apologize for the delay. 






    -7 minute quarters
    -Stats after every quarter
    -Wedge Returns
    -Directional Punting
    -Graphic Tweaks, including funky end zones 
    -Stat Tweaks

    -Sim Data Tweaks

    -Offensive Formation Tweaks 
    -3 team, 3 Division Structure
    -12 teams make playoffs (as opposed to original 8 teams)
    -18 game, locked, custom schedule
    -All Pro: '87 All-NFL Vs. '87 All-USFL (I had to make modifications: if an All-Pro is in the USFL, they were replaced by an all-conference or Pro Bowler) 


    Transactions/Roster Edits:


    *New Jersey trades rights to Kelvin Martin (NFL), Scott Schwedes (signed), Steve Trapilo (signed), and '87 and '88 Open Draft 1st round picks to Oklahoma for rights to Brian Bosworth (10 years, $15 million). The '87 pick is via Chicago, completing compensation for Keith Byars signing in '86. 


    *Pittsburgh trades their 9th round selection  to New Jersey per arbitrator ruling after the Maulers signed Joe Shield.


    *Memphis trades rights to Walter Lewis and Dwight Stone to Birmingham for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks in the '88 Open Draft; one territorial selection. 


    *Oklahoma trades an 11th round Open Draft pick to Memphis for rights to Clyde Duncan per arbitrator ruling.


    *Denver trades 16th and 18th round Open Draft picks to Houston for rights to Rick McIvor. Deal completed to avoid arbitration. 


    *San Antonio trades James Hadnot (cut in training camp), 5th, 8th, and 12th round picks to Washington for rights to Ethan Horton per arbitrator decision; Washington request for a 2nd round pick denied. 


    *Houston trades 4th round open draft pick to Washington for rights to Calvin Daniels per arbitrator decision; Washington request for a 1st round pick denied.


    *Denver trades Stan Blinka to Oklahoma for a 6th round Open Draft pick in '88.


    *Los Angeles trades Darrell Patillo to Baltimore for a 5th round Open Draft pick in '88. 


    *San Antonio trades 13th round '88 Open Draft pick to Los Angeles for rights to Gary Moten. 


    Roster Additions:



    David Adams*

    Jon Horton

    Danny Lockett

    Dan Saleaumuna*

    Jeff Van Raaphorst

    Darren Willis



    Alvin Blount

    Michael Clemons (2nd round Open Draft)

    Chuck Faucette

    Rich Gannon



    Tommie Agee 

    Howard Ballard*

    Cornelius Bennett

    Lewis Colbert

    Keith McKeller

    Freddie Robinson #10

    Mike Shula*

    Dwight Stone (4th round Open Draft)



    John Carney 

    Curtis Duncan 

    Les Miller* (3rd round Open Draft)

    Todd Peat*

    Ray Wallace

    Frank Winters



    Steve Alvord

    Steve Bartalo*

    Tyrone Braxton

    Jeff Criswell (17th round Open Draft)

    Jon Embree

    Merrill Hoge

    Lakei Heimuli

    Frankie Neal (1st round Open Draft)

    Pete Najarian* (11th round Open Draft)

    Ed Simmons (2nd round Open Draft)

    Al Smith 

    Kevin Willhite (19th round Open Draft)



    Jerry Ball 

    Ray Berry

    Thomas Everett

    Donald Narcisse 

    Derrick Macadoo

    Matt Stevens (9th round Open Draft)



    Tracy Ham*

    Kirby Jackson (2nd round Open Draft) 

    Greg Lloyd*

    Ricky Nattiel

    Jesse Tuggle



    Rick Finney (5th round Open Draft)

    Charles Lockett

    Tim McDonald

    Christian Okoye



    Tony Burse

    Jimmy Clinkscales

    Enis Jackson*

    Wayne Haddix* (17th round Open Draft)

    Tony Robinson

    Elbert Shelley*

    Daryle Smtih*

    Theo Young*



    Doug DuBose (22nd round Open Draft)


    New Jersey

    Walter Briggs*

    Brian Bosworth (rights trade w/Oklahoma)

    Cris Carter

    Scott Merserau*

    Ed Rubbert* (8th round Open Draft)

    Tyronne Stowe*

    Harry Swayne


    New Orleans

    Milton Barney 

    Joe Caravello

    Mark Carrier

    Willie Fears

    Patrick Scott*

    Ronald Scott

    Henry Thomas



    Toi Cook

    David Diaz-Infante

    Kevin Gogan

    Lorenzo Lynch*

    Hardy Nickerson

    Gene Taylor



    John Clay (1st round Open Draft via NJ) ('87 Raiders)

    Tim Gordon*

    Andrew Jackson (15th round Open Draft) 

    Robert Mimbs*

    Scott Schwedes (New Jersey rights, Boz trade) 

    Derrick Shepard 

    Steve Trapilo (New Jersey rights, Boz trade)



    Tom Brown 

    Cornell Burbage (3rd round Open Draft)

    Mitch Frerotte

    Ray Isom

    Mancia Massimo

    John Settle (2nd round Open Draft)


    San Antonio

    Ron Bernstine 

    David Caldwell (rights trade w/Houston, future considerations)

    Sammy Garza 

    Larry Kelm*

    Kevin Murray* (signed post NFL Draft)

    Eugene Seale


    Tampa Bay

    Eddie Hunter (10th round Open Draft pick)

    Dan Sileo

    Jeff Zimmerman (rights trade w/Jacksonville, future considerations) 



    James Brim 

    Robert Clark*

    Kenny Flowers 

    Don Majkowski 

    Mike Junkin 


    USFL Transactions Free Agency/Trades/Listing Acquisition



    Kim Bokemper

    Trent Bryant

    Earl Cooper

    John Harris 

    Howard Richards  



    Stefon Adams ('85 territorial pick)

    Tyrone Anthony ('84 territorial pick)

    Marvin Harvey

    David Martin 

    Mike McCloskey (‘83 territorial pick) 

    Darrell Pattillo (trade w/LA for 5th round '88 Open Draft pick)



    John Fourcade

    Walter Lewis (trade w/Memphis for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round '88 Open Draft picks)

    Junior Miller

    Virgil Seay 

    Ken Woodard



    Owen Gill ('85 territorial pick)

    Gary Ellerson ('86 territorial pick)

    Mel Jenkins



    Rick McIvor 



    Rodney Bellinger 

    George Cumby

    Calvin Daniels

    Marvin Powell

    Al Richardson

    Adam Schriber (‘84 territorial pick) 

    Jason Stauvosky (rights swap w/Oklahoma, future considerations)



    Charles Alexander #4 ('83 Bengals)

    Bobby Duckworth

    Mike Rozier

    Turk Schonert 



    Keith Browner ('84 territorial pick)

    Steve Busick

    Craig Ellis 

    Paul McDonald #16

    Timmie Ware #19 ('85 territorial pick) 



    Jimmy Colquitt

    Allama Matthews

    Calvin Muhammad

    Brad White 

    Van Williams



    Doug Marsh

    Eugene Marve

    Rick Massie 

    Joe Morris

    Butch Wolfork


    New Jersey 

    Paul Coffman

    Joe Dufek

    Garcia Lane

    Jeff Rohrer

    Mike Siano (‘86 territorial pick) 


    New Orleans

    Jerry Gordon 

    Kyle Mackey



    Clyde Glover ('84 territorial pick)

    Alvin Hall 

    Earnest Jackson ('83 9th round Open Draft pick)

    Clint Sampson 

    Byron Smith ('84 territorial pick)

    Ted Watts

    Jim Zorn 



    Stan Blinka

    Gordon Brown ('86 territorial pick)

    Clyde Duncan



    Dennis Fowlkes 

    Ralph Giacomarro 

    Bernard Henry

    Joe Shield 

    Larry Station (rights trade w/Chicago, future considerations)


    San Antonio

    Paul Allegre 

    Keith Baldwin

    Pat Franklin (‘86 territorial pick)

    Ethan Horton

    Lam Jones

    Gary Moten 

    James Noble ('86 territorial pick) 

    Buzz Sawyer ('85 territorial pick)


    Tampa Bay

    Greg Allen ('85 territorial pick)

    Chip Banks 

    Harvey Clayton ('83 territorial pick) 

    Jackie Flowers

    Kevin Ingram

    Florian Kempf 

    Dexter Manley

    Jim Miller

    Bob Niziolinek

    Joel Williams 



    Charles Bowser

    Lynn Dickey

    Jeff Hayes

    Dan Banish (‘83 territorial pick) 

    Reggie Pleasant ('85 territorial pick)


    *USFL '88 or future hack




  5. Hi everybody,


    I'm getting '87 ready and have been simming through a few times to make sure everything is working all right. How do others handle running quarterbacks? Seems like very season I do, Steve Young or Damon Allen or Walter Lewis only have about 100 rushing yards over the season. I crank up sim run to 15 or even 44/50 MS but it doesn't seem to move the needle when I sim the game. They work great when you play though. 


    Not a big deal, just kind of wondering. 

  6. Hi everybody,


    I was experimenting with another USFL hack and I feel like I've gotten the hang of Sim Data, but I have playing around with a new hack I made and it seems like the only guys recording any stats are my safeties--they get all the sacks and safeties.


    I've attached the file. Is this sim data issues, or a team sim data issue?




  7. USFL '86: Shadow Market

    A continuation of my hypothetical USFL series.




    -7 minute quarters
    -Stats after every quarter
    -Wedge Returns
    -Directional Punting
    -Formation Experimentations
    -Graphic Tweaks, including funky end zones 
    -Stat Tweaks

    -Sim Data Tweaks

    -Offensive Formation Tweaks 
    -3 team, 3 Division Structure
    -12 teams make playoffs (as opposed to original 8 teams)
    -18 game, locked, '85 schedule
    -All Pro: '86 All-NFL Vs. '86 All-USFL (I had to make modifications: Dennis Gentry, Bobby Joe Edmonds, and Tim McGee all made ALL-NFL as Special Teams Players; some other modifications based on ALL-AFC or ALL-NFC) 

    -Custom Schedule 


    Player allocation was based on a mix of the 1986 territorial and Open Drafts, narrative flourishes, and '85 NFL final cuts. In terms of NFL player cuts: I placed players based on their USFL draft status or regional proximity of their college or through research. 


    '86 territorial rights/Open Draft




    Phil Freeman

    Greg Baty (rights trade w/Oakland)

    Paul Godbey*

    Max Zandejas 




    Rich Badanjack 

    Todd Bowles 

    Tim Cofield 

    Stan Gelbaugh 

    J.D. Maarveld

    John Taylor 






    Jesse Bendross (‘84 territorial pick) 

    Carl Byrum

    Harold Hallman

    Willie Totten ('87 Bills Strike QB)








    Cap Boso 

    Keith Byars

    Jim Everett

    Bobby Howard

    Devon Mitchell*




    Colorado State



    Utah State


    Mike Busch  ('87 Giants)

    Rick Donnelly

    Dwayne Jiles 

    Glen Kozlowski ('87 Bears)

    Vai Sikahema

    Eric Yarber








    Floyd Dixon 

    Rory Graves (rights acquired in Weddington "liquidation" trade w/New Jersey) 

    Brett Maxie*

    John Teltshick

    Reyna Thompson





    Georgia Tech


    Eddie Anderson*

    Kent Austin (rights trade w/Birmingham)

    Ray Criswell

    Alonzo Johnson (rights trade w/Tampa Bay for Alonzo Mitz)

    Pat Swilling ('86 or '87 Saints)






    Joe Cormier

    John Lee

    Erik Howard (completes '85 trade w/Oakland for rights to Damon Allen)

    Robert Jenkins*

    Allen Pitts

    James Pruitt




    Tennessee State


    Tony Baker

    Brian Blankenship ('86 open draft pick, '87 Steelers)

    Ravin Caldwell

    Don Griffin*

    Enis Jackson*

    Tim Harris




    Michigan State


    Brad Cochran

    John Offerdahl

    Butch Rolle

    John Wojciechowski 


    New Jersey

    Boston College





    Gill Fenerty (3rd round open draft selection, pick acquired in Sam Bowers trade)

    Tim Green

    Mark Jackson (2nd round open draft pick)

    John Tagliaferri


    New Orleans


    La Tech



    Willie Gillus (15th round open draft pick)

    Dalton Hilliard

    Tank Landry

    Ronald Scott*

    Jackie Walker 





    Washington State


    Joe Kelly

    Rueben Mayes

    Junior Tautalatasi




    Oklahoma State



    Tony Casillas

    Charles Crawford

    Rusty Hilger

    Kevin Murphy

    Willie Pless




    Penn State

    West Virginia


    Chuck Banks

    Doug Marrone (4th round open draft pick) 

    Mike Zordich* 


    San Antonio

    Texas A&M


    Domingo Bryant

    Matt Darwin 

    Seth Joyner

    Larry Linne*

    Walter Murray (2nd round Open Draft)

    Anthony Toney


    Tampa Bay


    Jamie Dukes*

    Joe Dudek 

    Percy Griffin*

    Hassan Jones

    Alonzo Mitz (Jacksonville territorial pick, signed after cut)

    Orson Mobely

    Ricky Moore (rights acquired in trade w/Birmingham)

    Jesse Solomon




    North Carolina

    East Carolina


    Dino Hackett 

    Mike Haight (1st round Open Draft)

    Napoleon McCallum (rights acquired in trade w/Baltimore for Curtis Bledsoe)

    Henry Walls*


    *Will appear in future USFL Hack 




    Andre Francis (‘83 territorial pick) 

    Al Harris ('84 Bears)

    Jim Kovach ('83 or '84 Saints)

    Odis McKinney (‘81 Raiders)

    Art Still ('86 Chiefs)

    Eric Truvillion ('87 Lions)



    Curtis Bledsoe (trade w/Washington for  rights to Mark Kelso and Napoleon McCallum)

    James Burroughs

    Clarence Collins 

    Dave Dreschler ('83 territorial pick)

    Major Everett 

    Cornell Gowdy 



    Robert Brazile 

    Jeremiah Castille ('83 territorial pick)

    Bob Harris (‘83 territorial pick) 

    Mike Landrum ('84 Falcons)

    Malcolm Scott ('83 Giants or '87 Saints)



    Tron Armstrong ('84 3rd round open draft selection) 

    Todd Bell

    Tom Cousineau 

    Ted Petersen

    Gerald Small 

    Bob Thomas 



    Hasson Arbubakrr

    Wendell Cason ('85 22nd round open draft pick via Jacksonville, acquired in Hemphill/Turner trade)

    Chris Kołodziejski (‘84 territorial pick) 

    Larry Mason (trade w/Jacksonville for Daryl Hemphill, Calvin Turner, incul. cash, draft picks)

    Todd Shell 

    Byron Williams



    Danny Knight

    Bobby Micho ('84 territorial pick)

    Allen Rice ('84 territorial pick)

    Jimmy Teal ('85 territorial pick)

    Mike Weddington (trade w/New Jersey for Kiki DeAyala, Ricky Sanders, and Hosea Taylor)

    Mike Whitwell



    Carl Aikens (part of Evans trade)

    Vince Evans (trade w/Chicago for '88 and '89 1st round open draft picks and Carl Aikens)

    Daryl Hemphill (trade w/Denver for Larry Mason, 2nd and 14th open round picks)

    Ken Jenkins ('85 Skins, check '82 Lions)

    Frank Middleton ('83 territorial pick by Tampa Bay, rights acquired in trade)

    Mike Pruitt

    Larry Swider

    Calvin Turner (part of Hemphill trade)



    Mark Bortz ('83 6th round open draft pick)

    Michael Harper ('84 territorial pick)

    John Hendy ('85 territorial pick)

    Bernard Quarles ('83 22nd round open draft pick)

    Kelly Thomas (‘83 territorial pick)



    Sam Bowers (trade w/New Jersey for '86 3rd round open pick (Gill Fenerty), '87 5th round open pick)

    Earnest Gray 

    Eddie Hill 

    Gary Hogeboom 



    Ross Browner 

    Bill Elko (rights acquired in trade w/Tampa Bay)

    Ron Springs

    Lawrence Ricks ('83 Territorial pick)


    New Jersey

    Kiki DeAyala

    Chas Fox ('85 6th round open draft pick)

    Russell Erxleben 

    Kris Haines

    Beasley Reece 

    Tommy Robison

    Jay Saldi

    Ricky Sanders 

    Hosea Taylor (trade w/Houston for Mike Weddington, Danny Knight, rights to Rory Graves, and '87 territorial pick)

    Richard Todd

    Reggie Wilkes


    New Orleans

    Perry Brooks

    Hokie Gajan 

    Gary Kowalski 

    Todd Leibenstein

    Herkie Walls 



    Cliff Benson ('85 1st round open draft pick)

    Greg Braclin

    Henry Ellard

    Neil Elshire 

    Emilie Harry ('85 territorial pick) 

    Jackie Flowers 

    Mike Lush (trade w/Baltimore for 2nd and 3rd round open draft picks '87)

    Mike Moroski 

    Vince Newsome 

    Dwaine Wilson



    Theotis Brown

    Duane Galloway 

    Louis Oubre 

    Stump Mitchell 

    Drew Pearson

    Willie Tullis 

    Uwe Von Schumann



    Less Browne 

    Julius Dawkins

    Scott Fitzkee

    Guy Fraizer

    Tom Orosz 

    Don Smith

    Leo Wisniewski

    Dirt Winston


    San Antonio

    Greg Bingham

    Bruce Davis ('85 territorial pick)

    Doug Dawson ('84 territorial pick)

    George Farmer

    Paul Johns

    Ronnie Paggett (trade w/Birmingham for 9th and 14th round '87 open picks)


    Tampa Bay

    Ray Alexander

    Warren Bryant 

    Alphonso Carraker ("trade" w/Green Bay for Mike Butler) 

    Putt Choate

    Speedy Neal

    Marcus Quinn (trade w/Oakland)



    K.D. Dunn ('85 territorial pick)

    Kelvin Edwards*

    Bubba Green 

    Homer Jordan ('83 territorial pick)

    Mark Kelso ('85 6th round open pick by Baltimore, rights trade as part of Bledsoe deal)

    William Perry ('85 territorial pick)

    R.C. Thielemann 

    Tommy Vigorito 


  8. Is there a way to change the color of the football itself? I know it likely isn't a sprite in the same sense of the other graphics. I saw an article on Twitter about Charles O'Finnley's bid to start another spring league post-USFL and he had what looked like an orange and red football in the photo. Thought it might be a cool experiment...

  9. USFL '85: Nasty War

    'USFL '85: Nasty War 


    A continuation of my USFL Project, this is a "hypothetical" season that features all 18 clubs from '84, with some modifications to rosters. 



    -7 minute quarters
    -Stats after every quarter
    -Wedge Returns
    -Directional Punting
    -Formation Experimentations
    -Graphic Tweaks, including funky end zones (watching USFL games I came to admire how bad the end zones often looked)
    -Stat Tweaks

    -Sim Data Tweaks

    -Offensive Formation Tweaks 
    -3 team, 3 Division Structure
    -12 teams make playoffs (as opposed to original 8 teams)
    -18 game, locked, '85 schedule
    -All Pro: '85 All-NFL Vs. '85 All-USFL in Vanilla (Gerald Riggs replaces Eric Dickerson on NFL All-Pros)



    -As the four clubs that folded/merged are returning, '85 territorial lists returned to their general '84 designations, and new players were redistributed. The imagined '85 rosters of the Blitz, Maulers, Outlaws, and Panthers generally resemble their '84 assemblies, though I did take liberties and retained players. This meant the surviving clubs had to be reworked. I tried to keep these "realistic" by filling gaps with actual territorial selections or by doing research into near-miss signings. Dickerson, for instance, did consider an offer from the Wranglers in '83 and used the league as leverage for negotiations in '85. 


    -These rosters are continued from my reimagined '84 roster. If you want accuracy, an NFL and USFL '85 hack by Buck on TBorg has real-life rosters and some cool graphics. 

    The schedule is an adaptation of the original '84--I flipped interdivisional and conference hosts, but they are the same "pattern"; I did shuffle the weeks around to avoid the same schedule. If I can get to an '86, maybe I can make one that swaps inter-conference and inter-divisional matchups.


    Territorial and Open Draft Picks

    *Year denotes their territorial selection; unmarked players were territorial or Open Draft selections in ‘85 unless noted. 

    Ron Brown ('84)
    Randall Cunningham
    Rickey Hunley ('84)
    Vernon Maxwell ('83)
    Rick Mallory ('84)
    Pete Mandley (‘84)
    Rich Moran 
    Vance Johnson 
    Lionel Vital 


    Troy Benson ('85 Maulers territorial pick, traded for Mike Johnson, imagined)


    Al Del Greco
    Kevin Greene 
    Paul Ott Carruth 
    Emmanuel King 
    Freddie Joe Nunn 
    Jerry Rice


    Carl Aikens ('84)
    Dwight Beverly ('84)
    Bobby Bell Jr. ('84)
    Mitchell Brookins ('84)
    Mike Burgereau (‘84)
    Jeff Dellenbach
    Babe Laufenberg ('83)
    Alex Moyer
    Ken Stills
    Stacey Toran ('84)
    Al Toon 
    Dan Turk 


    Joe Walter
    Rich Miano


    Frank Bush
    Robert Lavette
    Gary Wilkins


    Ray Childress
    Jeff Fuller (‘84)
    Raphel Cherry


    Los Angeles 
    Duane Bickett


    Tiger Greene
    Herman Hunter 
    Fuad Reviz 
    Chris Scott ('84)
    Gizmo Williams 
    Carl Zander 


    Carl Banks ('84)
    Mike Green ('83)
    Ali Haji-Sheikh (‘83) 
    Paul Skansi ('83)
    Steve Smith ('84)
    Daryl Turner ('84)
    Lonnie Young 


    New Jersey
    Steve DeOssie
    Lionel Emmanuel ('84 LA territorial pick, imagined trade w/LA)
    Herman Fontenot 
    Doug Flutie
    Eugene Robinson 


    New Orleans
    Bud Brown 

    Dino Hall
    Calvin Magee*
    Eric Martin
    Lance Smith
    Elton Veals ('84)

    Damon Allen (imagined rights trade w/LA)
    Bo Eason ('84)
    Damone Johnson
    Reggie Langhorne 
    Tom Neville
    Ron Rivera (‘84)
    Tom Toth 
    Dokie Williams (‘83)


    Tom Benson ('84)
    Scott Case ('84)
    John Goode ('84)
    Jamie Harris
    Rodney Harding 
    Shawn Jones 
    Kevin Murphy
    Terry Orr (imagined rights trade w/San Antonio)


    Dwight Collins ('84)
    Chris Doleman 
    Willie Drewery 
    Tom Flynn ('84)
    Bill Fralic
    John Frank ('84)
    Mike Johnson ('84 territorial pick, signed w/Baltimore, imagined trade w/Baltimore for rights to Troy Benson)
    Tony Paige ('84)
    Doug Strang 
    Ron Wolfley 


    San Antonio
    Danny Bradley (imagined rights trade w/Oklahoma for Terry Orr, though an actual territorial selection in ‘85)
    Alan Veingrad


    Tampa Bay 
    Eddie Brown 
    Steve Calabria (NJ territorial pick, imagined traded to Bandits though Jim Bassett claimed to sign him in '85)


    George Adams
    Louis Cooper
    Mike Golic
    Willie Joyner ('84)
    Lester Lyles 
    Bob Olderman
    Andre Reed 
    Chris Washington ('84)


    Free Agency/Veteran Transactions/Returning from ‘84 What-If Hack


    Eric Dickerson
    Ronnie Lott (1-year deal offered during hold-out)


    Irving Fryar
    Walter Payton


    John Grimsley
    Prince McJunkins


    Billy Sims


    Deron Cherry (imagined)
    Brian Sipe (trade w/New Jersey for draft pick)


    Reggie Brown (played '83, appeared in one game in '84, stays w/LA for '85, imagined)


    Anthony Allen (trade w/LA before club folded) 


    New Jersey
    Mark May (imagined but offered)
    Randy White (imagined but offered)


    New Orleans
    EJ Junior
    Johnny Meads
    Alan Risher (trade w/Arizona, imagined)


    Greg Kragen
    Darrol Ray (nearly signed for '85 back in '83)
    J.C. Watts (expressed interest, rights held by NJ)


    Jeff Hostetler (offered in '84)
    Russ Grimm (offered in '84)


    San Antonio
    Earl Campbell (offered in '83)


    Tampa Bay
    Cris Collinsworth (signed to start playing in '85)
    Wilber Marshall


    Boomer Esaison 


    *Will appear in a future USFL Hack


  10. I got two questions; if anyone knows of an older thread to direct me, that'd be great too.


    1) Is there a way, either in sim or when playing the COM, you can get the COM to substitute players? Sometimes in a regular season game it gets a little ugly when the opposing quarterback falls into a bad condition. I remember the COM would swap out players in TECMO NBA Basketball on occasion. 


    2) Is there a way to prevent your entire roster from being "reset" when a player returns from injury? There has been a few times where I got some backups in "excellent" condition and a guy is out, but then when I sim the result and the guy returns, the entire roster resets. 


    There questions are probably more source code questions. I was just curious. 

  11. Because there are fewer than 28 teams (there are 18 in the USFL mod), I am able to sort of "stack" a couple matchups within a single week: with 18 teams, there are 9 a week, so around Week 13 and Week 14, I double-up the schedule in order to fit the whole schedule. And since there were even fewer WFL clubs, I think I could work the schedule in order to make a 20 games work. 


    Thanks Kamphuna! I will try to reach out. Work has been a little crazy. 

  12. I kind of got some notes for an '85 hack--it would likely be completely "reimagined," with all 18 teams--but I was wondering if the current ESPN (it was updated in '85) or ABC logo ever appeared in any NES games? Just so I can have maybe a baseline. 


    Are there any good programs out there to import and digitize graphics in Tile Layer Pro? 

  13. USFL '84: Kings of Spring

    USFL '84: Kings of Spring




    -7 minute quarters

    -Stats after every quarter

    -Wedge Returns

    -Directional Punting

    -Run and Shoot formation for Houston

    -What If Players

    -'84 Rosters as close as possible (there were a lot of midseason trades, so I tried to place players on rosters where they made more appearances)

    -New Orleans Breakers

    -Graphic Tweaks, including funky end zones (watching USFL games I came to admire how bad the end zones often looked)

    -Stat Tweaks

    -3 team, 3 Division Structure

    -12 teams make playoffs (as opposed to original 8 teams)

    -18 game, locked, '84 schedule

    -All Pro: '84 All-NFL Vs. '84 All-USFL in Vanilla (slightly modified in What If--All-AFC Freeman McNeil replaces Payton)


    Built off the legendary USFL-WLAF hack by jstout and Denny, this rom features the '84 USFL teams, schedule, and rosters, along with a few wrinkles.


    This rom was tricky as I am still new to this. I looked to TheRaja's TFO rom for some structure. Clubs are split into three, 3-team divisions. The schedule is '84's, so clubs still have the same division matchups. I tried to order games as close as possible to their original times and distributions, as USFL clubs played Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday every week. This still got a little murky in the middle, but all schedules are as accurate as possible.


    This rom maintains TSB's playoff structure as well--six get in from each conference as opposed to the original 4, but, honestly, I wondered why the league didn't go with 6 just from a marketing standpoint. You got a new league with new teams, why not show them all off, a la the NHL? Once I get better at this stuff, I will edit down to a 4 team playoff.


    Jstout's and Denny's hack was invaluable--they did the art and logos. I did make some light edits to the helmets and logos--several clubs had "triple stripe" helmets, so I shifted them to the "40" code designation, with the exception of the Maulers, whose logo is placed in the Rams making that too difficult. I changed the Feds' big helmet to reflect the switch to silver in '84 and I edited the Blitz's and Star's logos just a little bit. I also took a crack at the midfield and end zone graphics. 


    Special thanks to USFLFan (@VUSFL2018 on Twitter) for providing invaluable knowledge on the what-if roster changes. Reading about some of the league's near-miss signings inspired me to take this on; @VUSFL2018's Virtual USFL project provided a great guide and framework. 


    There are two versions of this rom:


    Vanilla--the more I experimented with rosters, the more I realized I needed some balance. Vanilla has more accurate rosters. 


    What If Edit--this is the counterfactual version, a little harder (not super juiced, but all clubs start 2-0 in terms of difficulty). This includes the "What If" Rosters.


    Note non-TSB players: as this is an edit, and if you are playing TSB for the first time, this rom lacks the 2-point conversion implemented in USFL. Also, no touchbacks on kick-offs.


    The Read Me includes a partial narrative and explains roster placements. 


  14. I was just wondering if there is a thread that has discussed editing text on the black event screens ahead of playoff games or regular season games. Screens like below:


    I have managed to edit some text on menu and playoff screens by tooling around with translhextion, finding spots where I can read the text to the right of my location, but this has been sort of tedious. I am nearly done with my USFL '84 hack and I just wanted to change "World Bowl," as it is displayed in the USFL-WLAF hack, to "USFL Championship" or something like that. I have seen thread discussions on how to edit the title screen and "Super Pro Football," but can't seem to find discussions on how to do this here. Buck's 1985 USFL-NFL hack does something similar, as do other historic hacks.

    Any help would be appreciated. 




  15. I have been using Carther's excellent end zone guide to experiment; and I figured out that the mid-field logo and the right end zone are controlled by palate 55, at least in Jstout and Denny's original WLAF rom, which I am using as a basis for mine. I changed "11 25 30" to "11 25 1A." The white background on the the USFL logo below swtiched to green:




    This, of course, did this to the end zone:




    I have tried to manipulate it in TLP: I hoped to edit the "USFL" to look blue (as green is 01 in the tile layer pro palate, I assumed it would register within palate 55 as "blue"), but it isn't registering onscreen--it is still green. I thought this would be a shortcut, but I guess not. I have been debating just "blanking out" the endzones and making them a generic green. I was wondering also, I guess, how do these end zone tiles interact with the palatte? 




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