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  1. I just replicated that on my NES Classic Mini, about a month ago. I just decided to run a season with Kansas City, for some reason. I made it to the Super Bowl, and the 49ers happened to be the opposition. Not exactly the same score-wise as the game on tv, but the 49ers still lost to the Chiefs, nonetheless.
  2. I stand in agreement. Although if we're talking a remake of the NES version (based on the 1991 season) for the Game Boy Advance, then one area they need to take advantage of is the GBA's graphics and sound. Teams like Kansas City, Chicago, Denver and Atlanta being shown both on the field and in cutscenes in their full, official uniforms (with corresponding home and away color schemes [including helmet colors, with stripes where appropriate]) that were in use at the time. So kind of like they did with TSB for the Super Nintendo. So, I think that it should be based on (and play like) the NES version, but have SNES-style graphics and sound. Another feature that could be included (I think it's worth considering, anyhow) would be a player editor, like Tecmo Super Bowl 3: Final Edition for the SNES. Although if that were included, one suggestion I have would be the ability to put in a full first name, instead of an initial.
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