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  1. RB1/WR1 John L Williams and his pal Brian Blades
  2. Tampa Bay backups. Lock it in.
  3. LB4/DB4 Tampa Broderick Thomas / Mark Robinson
  4. LB1 / DB1 Eric Allen and what’s his face
  5. Jerome Brown / Ben Smith LB2 / DB2
  6. Running it back with Steve De Berg
  7. Colts take RB2/WR2 Marcus Allen / Willie Gault
  8. Making my picks in tandem 1st - WAS combo - Bowles/Rocker/Grant 2nd pick is gonna be Muster/Morris cuz the dudes in front of me already have their RB1/WR1 combos
  9. load up that D truck. I'm taking NE DL/LB/DB Agnew, Reynolds, Hurst
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