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  1. So glad you might entertain my idea, and thank you! I know you would have so much work to do, and it isn't easy. All fans appreciate your efforts and time--and especially thank you for considering my proposals for team selection! Of course, the most recent decade of real NFL play much resembles a video game when it comes to stats--especially for the QB slot (and slightly lesser degree for WR's, which is obvious as to correlate with quarterback achievements). That will make your work even more challenging when deciding rankings for those great teams of the past with a fewer game schedule, as well as playing in a different era where stats might not be as high for skill positions (and prior to when Sacks were an official stat). Those players were just as good as today in proportion to the league's talent, and were superstars in their own right. With that you will have quite the challenge in setting your ratings; but I know you will do a fantastic job in appreciating those players' skills and scoring them accordingly--as you'd want all the teams to be competitive on an equal-ish playing field! (One other team I thought of by the way was the 1983 Los Angeles Raiders. Interesting what you might do with considering the Rams offering, as there is something to be said in including the HUGE Eric Dickerson season, which is the 1984 Los Angeles Rams. That would be similar to the 1973 Buffalo Bills, who had "You Know," that year. Fun in the challenge of stopping an "unstoppable" running back... right?!) Have a great weekend!
  2. Hi, my name is Phil! You do great work, and thank you for contributions and efforts! Also, fantastic job putting together this collection of "All-Time" Season teams! With that, and being so impressed, I humbly was curious if you'd be interested in doing another project---my not knowing how hard it would be on you, or time consuming, of course... so again, just a suggestion. I was wondering if you would be willing to put together a list of 32 teams into another edition? They might consist of teams that were really good, but didn't win the championship at whatever point or for whatever reason---though were quite intriguing because of roster, star players, or similar (Examples: 1981 Dallas Cowboys - who lost "The Catch" game but were great that entire 5 year era, 1987 Denver Broncos, 1984 Miami Dolphins, 1975 Minnesota Vikings, 1967 Baltimore Colts); then maybe some teams that did win another title but possibly are not quite as good as the ones you picked, or your forced to pick just one (understandable and necessary, of course) for the game you created (Examples: 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers, 1986 New York Giants, 1982 Washington Redskins, 1966 Green Bay Packers who were awesome); and finally teams that might have been GREAT but played before the Super Bowl era, though still of the modern era (Example: 1964 Cleveland Browns and getting to enjoy Jim Brown, et al.)? Well, I guess those would just be 10 examples/suggestions of really fun teams of 32 to start... :) It would be an honor if you decided to take this project up and included those, and if suggesting more. All of those teams I provided were purposeful as well, for their rosters significantly differ from those you selected as All-Time great teams (in the game you created). Of course, what would be the point if you had teams that were very similar to the fantastic job you did already?! I know some teams would have to have their players compensate for past 14 game seasons or less (those the earlier generation teams), but having them play with the present day 16 game schedule and 3 wild card system as they would today (adjusting accordingly). Will all the respect and deference to the tremendously hard work you no doubt have to put into creating these efforts, I by no means am trying to tell you how to do something. Rather, I can tell and certainly see how much you love the NFL, Tecmo, and the history and fun of this game. Thus, I wanted to make a suggestion that I thought might be really cool! Maybe the name could be something like Tecmo Super Bowl: The Unsung Edition (just brainstorming, so as to give a reason for the game to be "cohesive"). Again, I hope I'm not wasting your time. I, like you, am a huge TSB player at home--who still has the original edition working great in my old NES! It would be great to hear from you and your thoughts! Have a great weekend!
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