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  1. i'm terrible at this, but does the above code look like this in a SET command? SET(0x25AE9, 0x4cf39fEAEAEAEA) SET(0x25FFB, 0xa570100e4ce39cffa9068d0080a9188d01004ce09a) SET(0x3200d, 0x4cca9f) SET(0x31fda, 0xa9078d0080a9118d01802095a3a9078d0080a52f8d0180a9068d0080a52e8d0180)
  2. i appreciate the help!! learning new things every time i interact with people here, so i really, really appreciate your help. thanks again!
  3. ooooooh no. that's one of my favorite additions! ok. i'm going to remove my 3 and make sure they weren't doing something wrong. then add them back 1 by 1. that did not work. i've done something else wrong in the process, maybe?
  4. follow up: getting these warnings when checking for conflicts via TSBtool: WARNING! 'SET' Commands modify same locations 'SET(0x1DA20,0xA000984868A8C4DC9008F006A53B25DCA860C8B13E29F04A85DDD0034CE99AB13E29F04A4A4A4A85DE0A0A1865DE85DEB13E290F0AAA9848A008B1AE300DBDEBDE8540BDECDE85414C659ABD01DF8540BD02DF8541A214A008B1AE300DBD01DF8542BD02DF85434C849ABDEBDE8542BDECDE8543A015B140D142901CD00788B140D1429013A014B14038F1428544C8B140F14285454CB89AA014B14238F1408544C8B142F1408545A545D021A544C5DDB01BA017B140D142900AB14038F142C5DE4CDB9AB14238F140C5DE9007CACA30064C679A4C149A68A860)' and 'SET(0x1DA2C, 0xA08060EAEAEA)' WARNING! 'SET' Commands modify same locations 'SET(0x288BE,0xA010A29AA90E2054C4EAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEA)' and 'SET(0x288C7, 0xC080D005A9034CCB884CC788)' i edited the roster. I made the iPS patches first, I used your Hardtype SET commands with these three on the end: #condition changes every play: SET(0x3200d, 0x4cca9f) SET(0x31fda, 0xa9078d0080a9118d01802095a3a9078d0080a52f8d0180a9068d0080a52e8d0180) #play season in preseason: SET(0x21288, 0x4C9492) SET(0x212C6, 0xEAEAEA) #injuries in all mode (except Pro Bowl) SET (0x25EA1, 0xA52D2901C901F01E) BIGDTECMO_4_071120_mk3.nes
  5. thank you for that. i forgot about the NFC West issue, and the resulting need to go back to Vanilla, edit roster, reapply iPS and SET commands. i'm going to add my 3 set commands on the end of yours and see if that helps with my issues. i'll check for conflicts before applying. thanks again!
  6. hmmm. either i have a conflicting SET command that i've applied elsewhere, or this doesn't seem to affect my rom? BIGDTECMO_4_071120_mk2.nes
  7. and another question: you mentioned that some SET commands might not work correctly with other SET commands. i've added 3 to your rom and thus far i know 2 of them work fine, but the 3rd one (change conditions after every play) doesn't seem to be working. question: is there a way for me to drill down and determine whether or not this SET command is conflicting with others? (i've used the menu function "check SET command setting values in same location" and it comes back clear. (the SET command in question:
  8. Question, @SBlueman, noticed the "YEAR=N" line in the code. i did not change that, but i get an error when adjusting rosters and then applying to the rom. (you had James Connor as RB2 on the Steelers and Derek Watt as RB1. i swapped those to and applied to my rom and got that error). the rom seems to still work fine now, but just curious if i need to leave "YEAR=N" as is or if it's changeable?
  9. Learned a bit about this after simming a COM vs COM league. notably, if your RB1 gets injured, the computer will sub in RB3 in his place. this wasn't a huge deal for us as most people used a WR in the RB2 slot as a slot receiver. "What is the strategy for choosing an Offensive Formation?" there is no real effect other than the cosmetics of the starting lineup screen. every depth chart is exactly the same: same number of QB's, RB's etc. no team is different BUT the rosters are different. you don't even have to draft a TE as the 1RB 4WR 0TE formation exists. you would just draft a ton of WR's and then slot them in your roster as TE's. I guess one angle i haven't researched is if a player is slotted as a TE but plays as a WR will their stats count as TE or WR in the league leaders?
  10. ok cool. Then i probably need to go back to my backup rom and apply my "preseason but in season" command and "preseason injuries on" and then use the change conditions every play. For sure want upsets so i think that's probably going to be my best bet. Thank you!!!
  11. i attempted these SET commands, but i got an error: i figured i needed to edit out spaces in your code first. is that my error? anyone know? (including my rom) BIGDTECMO_IV_SCtest_3.nes
  12. SECOND FOLLOW UP: I think the best plan to work in trades is to use this SET command to make all players average: Pros: After a new rom is created after a trade is approved, (from the example of Team A, B & C above), it wouldn't interrupt the flow of teams flying high on Excellent condition, because they'd all start teach game in the same condition. Team Owners will know that player X will always play at their drafted stat level (ex: max speed will always be 56). Eliminates the need for Team Owners to inquire on the condition of their starters before setting a lineup. Owners could still tinker with lineups and playbooks, but they wouldn't have to worry about the conditions. Cons: This could disrupt the ebb and flow of a season, the highs and lows of a player's seasonal trends. Could maybe make the game less random and more predictable? with these combined SET commands (preseason as season mode (keeps stats), preseason injuries on, and conditions always average) along with stat extraction, we'll be able to functionally run a SIM league that allows trades. I'm open to someone pointing out where my logic is flawed!
  13. FOLLOW UP: (this is a COM vs COM sim league where all games happen in preseason mode) ok. Game 1: preseason COM vs COM, P1: Team A vs P2: Team B = no injuries. Game 2: preseason COM vs COM, P1: Team B vs P2: Team A = 3 injuries for Team B Game 3: preseason COM vs COM, P1: Team A vs P2: Team B = 1 player from Team B returned Game 4: preseason COM vs COM, P1: Team B vs P2: TEam A = 2 remaining injured players returned SO, i learned that those 2 SET commands can in fact be placed on top of each other (at least on the ROM i'm using, noted above). for my next trick: using the "change condition every play" SET command. my reasoning is this: if i want to somehow incorporate trades, i'll need something to counter the fact that conditions would be reset every time i made a new ROM after the trade, essentially resetting everyone to average. If the player condition changes every play, then it's less of a factor. here's an example: if Team A is cruising along winning weeks 1 & 2 in dominating fashion with their QB and WR both in Excellent condition. Team B and Team C negotiate a trade and after the new ROM is created, Team A's QB and WR will go back to average condition. My logic is: if player condition changes every play, it would be less of a factor. lastly, i'm wondering if there's a SET command to make every player start the game at Average or Good and then the condition will change every play from there. Kind of like you're fresh and ready before a game and your condition will either go up or down through the game. Not sure if that's doable, but I'll start looking/testing.
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