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  1. I find it humorous that this implies the QB is on the field for kick returns. Do we know who the left out player is?
  2. Who is on the field for: Kickoffs Kickoff returns Field Goal Attempts Field Goal Blocks It may not matter for field goals outside of the kicker and Lawrence Taylor (though I'm stil linterested.) What about kickoffs though?
  3. This is so cool. One thing I'm not seeing in here, is there a way to edit the playbooks?
  4. Any update on the TB Tool? I'd love to updated playbooks, for example.
  5. Is there anything that can edit QB throwing ratings, etc?
  6. I see a lot of Tecom Super Bowl editors, but nothing for regular old Tecmo Bowl. Does such a thing exist?
  7. This is mostly right, but I found a simplification and thought I'd throw in an example. In this case, I (SF) have defeated, in order, DEN, WAS, MIN, MIA, DAL We'll break the number into [email protected]#$%^&* [email protected] is from the code as described above. I'm sure you could pick whoever you want, I pick my most recent team since that is what Tecmo does while you play. The chart is accurate and looking at it you get 9C for a defeat of Dallas. Similarly, the description of $%^ is correct. Adding up the teams gives 9CA. Right now we have 9C#9CA&*, needing to solve for #, &, and *. Again, the base for these digits is correct, going down the table to see where SF beat Dallas (again, game uses most recent victory though I'm sure it's irrelevant, it's just the only way I can test.) Dallas is D86. 6 + teams from first block = 10 (Denver = 8, Miami = 2), so we add 6 + 10 = 0. We carry the one to the D. So those last 3 are now E80. In fact, we now know 9C#9CA&0. #=E, &=8. We go again, adding 20 (8 for MIN, SFO, WAS and 0 for DAL since they were the team used to derive this base set). E+20=34=2=#. Since we rolled over twice we add 2 to 8 to get A. Final password = 9C29CAA0. So, mostly the same, but it doesn't have to be the first team in the order you beat, it could be any, and most notably if you roll over on the very last digit, you add it to both # and &, not just # as described above. Thanks for finding all this!
  8. I've heard you might be able to get away with a slant sometimes on certain pass plays? Is there anything that can be done when the computer calls the same play? Is it different run vs. pass? While we're talking, does anybody have any ideas of the CPUs defensive play calling run vs. pass? When playing as SF I note that it seems to call run on the first play of the game and inside the 10 yard line. Is there any known knowledge on this? Distributions?
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