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  1. You're welcome again! That’s what we are here for to help each other out. If you need any more help just give me a shout.
  2. You're welcome! As for more passes you’ll have to change the offensive preferences. There is 3 locations and you need to change all 3 locations or it won’t work. The locations are 000160904, 001def509 and 001def803. The teams are in order as the sim values order. The colts are 00 which is a rush offense. You can change them to 02 which is pass offense or 03 which is heavy pass. Still not sure what that cc means. I’ve changed other teams byte and nothing seems to happen.
  3. So for Denver the first bytes added up to 256. 10 (16), 76 (118), 4c (76), 22 (34), 0a (10), 01 (1) and 01 (1). I just went by that number (256) when changing sim values. I changed Elway to 08 (8), Davis to d7 (215) and the other 3 running backs 16 (22), 06 (6) and 05 (5). Davis now gets around 360 carries a season, where before the changes backs 1 and 2 split carries almost 50/50. I just went by whatever the number was for each team and don’t go over that number or the sim data won’t add up correctly, eg one player will get no carries. I did the same for receiving sim values as well. Receiving sim value is the 3rd byte. Just add all 3rd byte get the number and adjust for each player, again don’t go over that number. Hope this helps!
  4. I got it working. This editor is awesome! Thanks for the info!
  5. Never mind I got. Thank you for the awesome editor!
  6. For some reason I can't download the file. I get a message saying tsbm2k-w-71.zip is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous. I can't override this. Do you know why i'm getting this result?
  7. Well crap, I tried to download it but it won’t let me. Saying it’s not commonly downloaded and me be dangerous. I can’t override it. Sucks!
  8. @TecmoSuperFan What did you use to update the rosters? Just hex editor?
  9. Cool thanks. I’ll try it out tomorrow.
  10. I was reading some pages about a NCAA snes game Drunken Honkey created based off TSBIII. Was that game ever finished? I saw some info about it in the TSBIII Bible.
  11. Yeah the screen music is pretty lame and the lack of it when playing sucks also. It did have good music in the past!
  12. I love TSB III for SNES, I think they got everything right with that version. Nothing against the other versions, I love TSB I for Genesis but that discussion is for another day. Realistically how hard would it be to add the Texas and Titans as some ROMs already have the Browns and Ravens. It doesn’t even have to be the right divisions, say the Texans can be in the NFC central and the Titans can be in the AFC central. My dream is to see all 32 teams in TSB III regardless of the way divisions are actually. Is it even possible or would I be wasting my time trying? Any input would be awesome. Thanks!
  13. Hxd editor. I actually figured it out. I started in November without have any knowledge of hex, or computer programming, what so ever and just started reading post trying to learn as much as I can before diving into all this. I’m a fast learner and have learned a lot thanks to you guys. I was trying to get NE and Den RBs more carries to match Martin and Davis stats, which I did.
  14. @Fernando 49 Thank you for the info it was very helpful! What I’m trying to do is have a simed season stats match the 95 league leaders stats as close as possible. Thank you again!
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