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  1. We did open the game up too after he agreed to buy it as i didnt want to open it, it for sure was a.prototype, he said he will be listing it on ebay
  2. Hmm that is an nba game and it looks damn near identical! Thank you that is interesting!! I ended up selling my copy to the store that tested it for me hahaha i got 200$
  3. Yup, thanks for pointing me in the right directi on!
  4. I am looking to sale it, let me make sure.it works first before, i appreciate it!
  5. As for if the cart still works i will find out tmrrw, ive lost my cables to my snes😢
  6. Yes snes version, it was given to me when i was a kid around 94ish, i thought it was some bootleg version of the game. This is the only tecmo i ever played, freakin loved it as a kid! I didnt notice anything wierd in the gameplay tho i was about 6 yrs old
  7. Reddit suggested i post this here, any info you can give is great! Ppl have reccomended i dump it, but as im interested in selling it, i really dont want to break it, idk how to post a picture heres.a.link to one on my twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/whiteboi311/status/1202562840122417152/photo/1
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