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  1. Been working on this for a while - Basically, my computer automatically streams CPU vs CPU Tecmo Bowl games in which users can bet. It's not incredibly complicated but involves a lot with presentation. I'd love to get some feedback. I have also plugged this site on the stream since it's a great resource in keeping our favorite childhood games alive. Rom used is Tecmonster's (also given credit). Style works similar to a TV show I would say and in some ways, more entertaining than watching NFL games Pick your poison : https://www.twitch.tv/tecmobowlforever https://mixer.com/tecmobowlforever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wv_fNCIMXos To get the basic idea, you get 1 point per 6 minute you watch the stream. You can then bet your points in games with increasing wager caps(Super bowl is 1000!). Basically a competitive betting environment with rewards for picking "underdogs" since you split less. I'm running a 24 hour test stream right now but the eventual goal is 24/7 fully automated besides downtime for new updates or problems.
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