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  1. This is fun occasionally but I prefer a challenge nowadays!
  2. The updated NES version is pristine. Beautiful. Now The divisions are set up exactly the same in TSB2 SNES. Why haven't I seen anyone do a complete overhaul on the divisions with updated teams and rosters? I personally prefer the snes version with weather and kickoff Touchbacks. anyway the only one ive seen has the divisions messed up a bit like the ravens and the Texans being together and Cleveland over in the AFC west, etc. as I understand it TSB 3 cant be done either.
  3. Someone once asked what is the worst record an NFL team could have and still clinch their division. And although it is a mathematical LONGSHOT the short answer is 3-13. And to achieve this record, Each team in a division has to lose all their games outside their division. And they have to split their series with each divisional opponent 1-1. This ends up in a 4 way tie at 3-13 making some obscure tiebreaker (probably strength of schedule) the deciding factor. Witness my visual examples that I engineered inside Tecmo Superbowl. These pictures show this phenomenon occurring in the AFC West with the LA Chargers winning their division at a dismal 3-13 and by rule the automatic #4 seed. These 3-13 Chargers marched onto the Superbowl culminating in the battle of LA with the Rams. Narrowly escaping with the SB trophy Is a team with a .187 winning pct. LoL. Quite entertaining to see. Although I suppose theoretically the record could be a bit more complicated. Replace the wins among divisional opponents with ties. Making the division a 4 way 0-10-6. However I think technically recording 6 ties and only 10 losses constitutes a better record than 13 losses and only 3 wins. So yeah its 3-13!
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