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  1. @bruddog Thanks, that’s what it seemed like. Wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing something obvious.
  2. New to TSB online play, but not to TSB. The guides on here have been fantastically helpful, but a friend and I have run into an issue we can’t find a solution to, and I was wondering if anyone could help. Years ago, my friend and I would play season after season of TSB - we’d choose 2 (or 4) teams each and play through the season with com skipping the games not involving our teams, as I’m sure tons of us did. The question is: is there a way, currently, to replicate that experience if we can’t play together in-person? We had a couple cute ideas of how to do it, but ran into snags with all: 1. Just set up man vs. man online play and start a season. This, I think, is one piece of functionality from working. As TSB only recognizes controller 1 for Man vs. Com games, it is only possible for one of the two players to play these. Since you can’t load states in online play (or I couldn’t), you can’t play your man vs. com game, both disconnect, reconnect, and have the other player be player 1 for their game by loading state. The inability to load state also runs into the problem of not being able to play a season in one sitting. 2. Playing man vs. com games offline. The problem of not getting to watch the other guy’s offline games can easily be solved by streaming. You could, then, just play your season game vs. com, save state and email to your buddy, who then plays his. The problem now comes to playing the man vs. man games, where you can’t load state. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance, and thanks for keeping Tecmo alive!
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