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  1. Discord: Shotgun Nickname (if applicable): Email: [email protected] Availability: Any day, Anytime, just schedule with me ahead of time and I can play. Can you host?: Yes List 4 Team Preferences: Any What's your location/timezone?: EST Why do you want to join HSTL?: Because I love being around guys that love this game and I want the challenge of course, to get better and eventually kick somebody's ass instead of my own.
  2. Please add me to the wait list, also I can host.
  3. I'm 4 sure in, once there is a spot, also I can host if that matters.
  4. Hi, I signed up October 6th on the "TTL wait list" as instructed by one of the league members.
  5. I signed up for the next one on the original ttl sign up? Does that count?
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