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  1. so...this isn't working for me and I don't know why. I see other people had success with it. There must be something I'm doing wrong. Tried player 1, player 2, preseason, season, man, coa, com, hitting reset in OF Starters before I played a game. The ROM isn't changing anything about the offensive lineup for me, regardless of which play I call.
  2. Not sure if this is helpful to anyone else, but I did it for myself so figured I'd put it up here SET(0x00006,0x42) SET(0x08519,0x935422) SET(0x08601,0x9384) SET(0x086B8,0x93945531) SET(0x08837,0x94634531) SET(0x08A55,0x9451) SET(0x08BA0,0x93744522) SET(0x08DD2,0x63) SET(0x08DD4,0x21) SET(0x09009,0x93515442) SET(0x090ED,0x935442) SET(0x092AC,0x9483755221) SET(0x092F0,0x94734221) SET(0x09314,0x93544521) SET(0x09351,0x6364454221) SET(0x09388,0x94925355) SET(0x093C1,0x9473452221) SET(0x093E6,0x94634132) SET(0x0941A,0x93924431) SET(0x0945B,0x945342) SET(0x0949A,0x935422) SET(0x094D1,0x9354) SET(0x094DD,0x9395546122) SET(0x0951A,0x93947255) SET(0x09570,0x94) SET(0x09572,0x32) SET(0x095AE,0x93756442) SET(0x095DF,0x9374524531) SET(0x09611,0x9394817562) SET(0x0964E,0x9395844221) SET(0x0968B,0x9483553231) SET(0x096C3,0x8354) SET(0x096CF,0x8371544522) SET(0x09704,0x94725321) SET(0x09737,0x7344) SET(0x09743,0x9573624421) SET(0x09765,0x9495524331) SET(0x09828,0x94) SET(0x0982A,0x31) SET(0x1DA20,0xA000984868A8C4DC9008F006A53B25DCA860C8B13E29F04A85DDD0034CE99AB13E29F04A4A4A4A85DE0A0A1865DE85DEB13E290F0AAA9848A008B1AE300DBDEBDE8540BDECDE85414C659ABD01DF8540BD02DF8541A214A008B1AE300DBD01DF8542BD02DF85434C849ABDEBDE8542BDECDE8543A015B140D142901CD00788B140D1429013A014B14038F1428544C8B140F14285454CB89AA014B14238F1408544C8B142F1408545A545D021A544C5DDB01BA017B140D142900AB14038F142C5DE4CDB9AB14238F140C5DE9007CACA30064C679A4C149A68A860) SET(0x288BE,0xA010A29AA90E2054C4EAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEA) Bruddog edit (make WRs check downs) SET(0x1DA2C, 0xA08060EAEAEA) SET(0x288C7, 0xC080D005A9034CCB884CC788)
  3. @bruddog still a super cool notion though. it was worth a shot. you wouldn't happen to have the hex code for the rom you posted would you?
  4. this hack is actually way cooler than I thought it was going to be. it does add some realism but no matter how you tweak the speed values, max speed is almost non existent for defense. for the offense, once they get behind the defense they stay in a straight line, so they are able to hit their max speeds then. but since there's no analog controls for NES, when the defense pursues, even though it looks like they're coming to the middle of the screen at a less then 45 degree angle, the CPU is using a series of quick straight and 45 degree "dpad presses" to make that happen. It blows up the whole hack and off the top of my head, i can't think of anything to mitigate it. It's absolutely awesome before the breakaway plays though.
  5. ugh, @bruddog you moved the injury table by like 10 bytes. oh well, i was thinking about redoing it anyway. Good catch @TheRaja
  6. In case anyone is ever interested, here are my notes on what the defensive patterns are telling the players to do in english. It goes with the initial version of the program posted here (the .2 version was even scarier to try and decipher). I was going to make changes to the csv file but there's 200 entries for each position and only a handful of them correlate to the drop down menus. I've only done the absolute commands, but a most of the %s are the m2m stuff and there's no easier way to explain that anyway. tecmo defense patterns explained.txt
  7. @bruddog thats great man. a couple of quick questions. so in the original hack, there was a byte for QB1-TE2, a byte for KR, a byte for PR, then 2 bytes that coorelated to nothing, totaling 16 bytes per team. Is that the same here? (i tried counting and it seems there are 8 extra slots if i count out 16 slots for 28 teams) And the second question, how does the KR/PR injury rate work? Is it that whoever occupies that spot assumes the injury rate of those bytes, or does everyone keep the injury values plugged into the first 12 slots, rendering the KR/PR slots irrelevant?
  8. @bruddog far as i can tell, that rom runs like a scalded dog. again, set RB1 RB2 and RB3 to FF. Thomas went down on the first hit, making buffalo slightly less godlike. Then Davis down on his first hit, But that was ok because Don Smith has been patiently waiting his entire tecmo life to embarrass himself on the gridiron, and he's got double zeroes, so his ceaseless emasculation earned him the mvp of the game....for the dolphins. but wait, late in the third quarter, having had enough of Smith's tecmo bullsh*t, Levy decides to call Mueller's number for the first time. It can't be any worse right? wrong. Mueller's 50k/yr salary is immediately voided due to the worst case of turf toe the nfl will ever see. It's only 1 game into Marv's very first march to the super bowl, and he's already lost every real option he has at the running back position. Even the Tim Tebow of halfbacks, Don Smith can't play both HB and FB at once, So levy looks around at his squad. He's got Metzelaars...he's big, hes strong, he's even ugly enough to play nose tackle. But due to the technicality of being next on the list, Don Beebe gets the nod. He's lightning fast and roughly the size of my 11 year old son. He'll be perfect at fullback. I guess what I'm trying to say is, Brude, you're a genius. Awesome code. Furthermore, this is the first season where 4-5 KRs didn't get injured prior to the buffalo game. Thanks man. I'll post back if anything comes up but this looks solid to me so far. Can we get it in the hex code?
  9. @bruddog tried it on a 28 team rom. 2 games. first game i set RB1 for buffalo to FF and left the rest at 00. set buf to com and played their first game. everything went fine. thomas went down first carry and everyone else was gtg. then tried the same setup again, except i changed the bills RB1 RB2 and RB3 to FF. Thomas went down first carry as expected, davis came in, but neither davis nor kinnebrew went down, despite having 5-6 carries each. furthermore, the PR for miami got hurt, they subbed in Logan for the injured Martin. But then Logan got hurt as well, and on the injury replacement screen it showed MIA starters, but the reserve side of the screen was BUF. so, in the middle of a game, miami worked out an unprecedented trade with buffalo and replaced Logan with edwards....or so it would seem. In the span of 1 quarter, Marc Logan had had enough of Marv Levy's sh*t and said I would rather play injured for Miami than sit on the bench for a team that's destined to lose 4 consecutive super bowls, and since there was none of that sissy concussion protocol in 1990, he was right back in on the next punt return.
  10. @bruddog i wasn't asking for anything, just making conversation while i had the forum up in my browser. And there are some good GUIs out there that let you do a bunch more than just graphics. I was able to learn at least half of the programming language for TS1 using a GUI called codex to edit behaviors and objects (which in that game is where over 50% of the behaviors are stored). With the Frosty editor for madden 19&20, you can edit way more than just graphics and rosters, you can even edit the physics of the game, you can really change anything about the game, and they made a patch for it that breaks down what all the values you're working with are doing. The civ games have some decent GUIs too, but I haven't gotten into them as much yet. There's usually separate GUIs for the graphics/animations side of games that work alongside programs like adobe and blender, but I stink at graphics so i leave them alone. But things like that churn out a lot of content for games and increase the longevity of the community, because more people can get involved on a creative level. Anything on this forum that says "change this value to do this"....GUI. Pointers for the ROMs behaviors and where they point to....GUI. What the snippet of code does that the pointers are pointing to...GUI. That playbook editor taught me as much about this game in 15 minutes as spending all night sifting through threads that point to what hex codes are doing, and there a few things I had written off as failed experiments, but once I saw all that offense and defense behavior stuff i was like hey i think i can implement this now and it can work. And think about how many times you or @jstout had to figure out this or that for someone, when it was something they likely could have easily worked on themselves if they better understood what they were looking at. If this were a "hack NES games" community I would say yeah, a GUI isn't practical, but this is - or was - a community revolved around modifying the code to a single game. Again, I'm not asking for anything, its all a moot point now, just having a convo about the merits of GUIs in modding communities, like the last two people left in a mad max wasteland.
  11. dang. so out of the 100s of folks that put d*cks on SMB and RCR, only 3 of them decided to show up to the TSB party? That's a shame. It looked like this was a cool little community.But yeah, I'd imagine that TSB is a pretty generational thing. And the hex stuff def looks painful. I dled that fceaux or w/e to see if it could help me make heads or tails of anything, but watching it highlight different sets of numbers made my head spin and all i really could glean from it is where it was drawing the loading screens and where it was drawing the field. Which is something that's actually in the sparse documentation available. It takes a long time for people to develop those GUIs but it does help the modding community around a particular game grow and stay involved. I wish you luck with your code but careful, I read they just shut down Gridiron Heroes (it was a FB game that was nearly identical gameplay as TSB).
  12. does quickness do anything yet? 🤣🤣
  13. I noticed. If I could go back to 05 and post, I would. But no, I'm more or less asking why did everything stop? I'm a part of several modding forums for PC games and they stop too, but there's usually a clear and obvious reason...like a new version of the game came out which implemented all the stuff that was being modded into the old game...but you guys started messing around with this game like a decade after it's release, in which span, there were a other incarnations of the game....but most everyone is still interested in the old game. Or sometimes a community just feels like there's not much else to be done with the game and it kind of fades out...but here half the hacks aren't perfected or they don't work at all or they don't work with half the other hacks. Everything is even still done in broad scope hex editors....outside of rosters and playbooks, no one's even made a gui that translates this game into a more human language so the barrier to entry for modifying this game is huge compared to far more complex games of the current decade. It feels like everyone was hard at this thing and then in the middle of all of it, everyone scattered, leaving hacks half finished and abandoned, documentation strewn here and there, and no evidence as to why. This must've been what it felt like to walk through chernobyl after the melt down lol. Did Tecmo send somebody a cease and desist?
  14. oh. cool! good to know! and....yeah...all these threads are old news. what happened here?
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