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  1. Who can forget making it to the SB for the first time. "Wait... a 'special' half time show?! This is going to be great!" [Mighty Bombjacks] [12-year-old me learns valuable lesson.]
  2. Any progress on NES Classic box week-to-week updates once a season is underway? My 2-0 Browns face the Pats in a few weeks. Will I get my chance for Denzel Ward to pop AB for a fumble?
  3. Asked the question a few weeks ago - how to update week-to-week versions on NES Classic box. Tried this and doesn't seem to work. Downloaded Week 2 version. Renamed file TSBLIV. Deleted the Week 1 version. Synched via Hakchi - I get the new version and my .sav file is gone. Oddly enough, I can synch again and the Week 1 version and my .sav file com back despite that original .nes file being deleted. Any other suggestions?
  4. Can't wait to kick off. Thank you!
  5. Hmmm. What if I'm playing on a modded NES Classic box? Will the save file get overwritten when updates are made to the ROM?
  6. So... there are no dumb questions, right? Let's say I'm playing a season on the Week One version. Then, you release some kick-ass roster updates in a few weeks and I download a new version. Do I have to replay the games I've already played?
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