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  1. Hey guys it's Leebo. I was a regular many years ago, and helped build the player stats/ teams for TRB2. I haven't looked at this in a long time admittedly. My original login is lost to the void due to changing email addresses. Anyway- I've been considering doing an AAF (Alliance of American Football ROM). I am a huge fan of the league (or was) and I had season tickets to the San Antonio Commanders. I consider myself somewhat of a historian/archivist now, and have dedicated a portion of my autograph website to the AAF. It's been gnawing at me recently, but how else could I best remember the league but by creating a ROM of it? Please be patient with me but I do have a few general novice/ questions: Has ROM editing become any easier- in the last say 10 years? Do I just open up Tecmo Bowl Manager and get rolling like I used to? Can a rom be edited to 8 teams? Can I force weather on a certain date? - such as when SLC plays ORL in SLC it has to be snow or memphis it's almost always raining. Are helmets easier to customize or does it still do a mass dump? Are playbooks eaiser to edit? I'd also like to know if this laundry list of ideas is possible... Mandatory 2 point conversions No kickoffs- Ball placed at the 35 Slightly faster game play clock The last I was on here I was building a Tecmo Fiesta Bowl ROM and an Ultimate WLAF team bowl- but the kicker is that it worked on TSB Ultra. Sadly the homebrew project stopped and I was sort of stuck in the water.
  2. I don't know if there is a download section for the music or sounds from Tecmo Bowl or TSB somewhere or it's somewhere in the archives, but if it isn't up here I can post it up. Leebo
  3. So I was digging through one of my old drives and found an early version of TSBU. In fact the first version from what I recall had the added helmet/logo introduction and you could customize the introduction music and have a logo come up when you loaded it. I haven't been able to get my earlier version working but as this comes up once every couple of years, is somebody trying to repair or complete the project out?
  4. Hey guys, took a 4 year break or so from the site but now I'm back. It's been a while since I've done any mod work on a file (and I am very raw,) so I have some general questions that you may have covered in that time. 1) I want to cut down the number of teams from 28 to 8. Is there a program that will allow me to do that? 2) I seem to remember there was an easier way of creating 'big' helmets than the helmet editor. Something to do with compacting images down in photoshop to simple PNG and reducing the resolution and then clipboarding it and importing it into the editor. Am I crazy? 3) Is there a small helmet editor program I can use? 4) Is there a program that will allow me to edit the intro text to the game? (As in changing the names of Lawrence Taylor, Barry Sanders, etc.) I won't ask about TSB Ultra. Thanks in advance! Lee
  5. I built the first WLAF ROM for Ultra years ago, if you'd like to use that. In fact in some places, when you download ultra you get it packed in the directory. It has every team but Hamburg.
  6. I was a huge football autograph collector at the same time I played Tecmo as a kid. Only recently I started following up on a lot of them sending to them TTM for autographs again. A lot of guys in Tecmo are covered there naturally since it was at the dawning of the Tecmo age. Also as a sign of respect to those great players I put up their Tecmo profiles next to their autographs. I hope to get Pat Beeeeeeeeeeaacchhh in a few weeks. Good times. leebo
  7. OMG years since I've looked at this board or the stuff I had built hoping that TSB Ultra would go live! I had like 79 of the 110 teams done from the college ranks and had already completed a WLAF compilation rom. Any chance this will ever be finished? thanks! Leebo
  8. No offense but: No I won't and Yes it's a horrible, horrible game.
  9. WLAF/NFLE was just uploaded to the board today. Please keep in mind, its for TecmoBowl Ultra. I hope everybody enjoys it. Thanks Leebo
  10. please put down the crackpipe everybody. Houston is not average. If anything it's more well balanced towards the topside. Lo White maybe a fumbler, but he's good for me if he can get 7 yards and run out of bounds. Moon, well he and Hill cant be touched, not to undercut the other receivers. On top of that Matthews and Munchie in the Oline. Come on. Thats an awesome offense. On D, Childress from the outside LB (even though he was a DT/DE), and Richard 'intercepto' johnson were all i needed. Leebo
  12. i definitely like to do the 1 yard line pause in the original tecmo bowl, but my favorite is in the SNES version when i use that weak ass dive play for no apparent reason to score. Leebo
  13. im still working on an NFLE/WLAF rom. This will be released for use on ULTRA when the next NFLE season begins. All of the rosters and players have been programmed and at this time I'm calibrating the teams and waiting for the final starters of the Cologne roster to be hammered out. There will be 18 teams in all including an all stars team. These teams are included on the rom: Amsterdam 95, Barcelona 97, Berlin 02, Birmingham 92, Cologne 04, England 98, Frankfurt 99, London 91, Montreal 91, NYNJ 92, Ohio 92, Orlando 91, Raleigh-Durham 91, Rhein 00, Sacramento 92, San Antonio 92, Scotish 96. Leebo
  14. Since the completion of the original TRB2 that Gaffney, JG and I completed, and the release of Ultra by Core Dump, I have been toiling away in my lair working diligantly on Tecmo Ultimate Bowl. The goal of this brainchild that I cooked up in an email to Gaffney lo those many months ago was to create the full pallette of teams from the 2002 season and put them on one huge rom for the Ultra platform. A total of 25 additional teams, to the ones that we put on the original TRB2 have been finished. It has taken me sometime to amass this amount of data from media guides and online sources. The teams have been all 'calibrated' in the TSBM so that they fit in line appropriately with the original build. To wet your appetites for those interested here is a list of the completed additional teams: Tennessee Nebraska Georgia Tech Baylor Boston College Rutgers Syracuse Temple Army Houston Louisville Middle Tennessee State Stanford TCU Tulane Connecticut Navy Akron Ball State Buffalo Eastern Michigan Miami (ohio) Northern Illinois Ohio Bowling Green I apologize in advance if (a) your favorite team was not on this list yet, ( you're disappointed that I like to live in the past, or © that I am only making this for Ultra. In response to any of these 3 problems listed above: (a) please feel free to drop me a line to let me know if you have any 2002 media guides floating around of any of the teams not listed. ( I am sorry I didnt work on a version for 2003, as I am lazy and already had the teams from 2002 available from our original work. © Due to the team constraints and the fact that graphics take time and tweaking to enter, Ultra was an obvious compromise. A release date has not been determined as of yet, however, a beta may be available soon provided enough people want it. (Keep in mind it'd be a beta, and there would be a few bugs.) thanks, Leebo
  15. Although I do appreciate CoreDump making an effort to build this and make our dreams come true of world domination.... HULK SMASH PUNY COREDUMP IF HE DOESNT BRING OUT A NEW VERSION SOON!!!!! Leebo
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