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  1. Love the super juiced version! But still to nitpick... a few of your ratings are waaayyyy off! Jason Witten, old as dirt and returning from over a year out of football. You have him better than OJ Howard and Austin Hooper and Eric Ebron among others. That's absurd. He should be a 50 in rec and hitting power, and that's based on the player he was over 18 months ago. There are a few others that are headscratchers. What is your process for developing the ratings?

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    2. babydaddies


      And to be clear, I'm talking about a few here and there. Overall, I think you did a great job. Like I said, I'm nitpicking. I definitely think Antonio Brown and Patrick Mahomes should be much better than they are. Lamar Jackson should be faster than 50/44/56. There are a few RBs in particular where I'd expect a higher Receptions rating - Duke Johnson a 38 in receptions? Kamara and Le'veon Bell both just 44? Anyway, you've done an amazing job with the game, so thank you!

    3. gojiphen malor

      gojiphen malor

      Very welcome, glad you are enjoying the game. Remember also, those number go up two notches when the player is in excellent condition. A 44 rec becomes 56 rec. I do have the RB's scaled back a bit for balance. Christian McCaffrey's 50 rec makes him stand out above the others.

    4. babydaddies


      Yeah, this is probably my favorite version of all. The way the ratings work out though, I've found that DeSean Jackson is actually the best RB in the game due to his speed and agility profile. So it's a little odd in that way. 

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