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  1. Discord: LudioWon Nickname: Ludio Availability: Tuesday thru Friday (day or night) Host: No 4 teams: Eagles, Vikings, Packers, Chiefs Location/Time zone: Milwaukee, WI (CST) Why you want to join HSTL? Everyone in the Tecmo community has been awesome and I wish I'd found it and attended tourneys sooner.
  2. REGISTRATION IS OPEN! https://brewcitybowl.com/register Tecmo Super Bowl returns to Milwaukee for the inaugural Brew City Bowl on Saturday, October 19 at The Mecca Sports Bar and Grill from 11a-6p. Entry fees are $25 per player, with 20% of registration and raffle proceeds donated to a local charity (TBD). Prizes will be awarded to tournament winners in addition to raffles and additional Tecmo challenges! Championship final to be played on the 42 foot screen behind the bar. Rules and additional updates can be found at brewcitybowl.com (I know there's overlap with other tourneys on this day. I reached out previously and this is what worked best to host at the venue. I first played at Tundra and Tomczak this year in 2019, and am excited to bring the group and a TSB tourney to Milwaukee. Next year we'll work to find dates that don't conflict so anyone interested can attend all events.) Message me anytime here, on the fb/twitter pages (@BrewCityBowl) or on discord (Ludio-1). Thanks! Tommy
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