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  1. I can't find #5 or #6 in the SET Command List, that's the first place I looked. As for #11, you can't open the bugfix rom with TSB Supreme because some locations in the rom are slightly different, as bruddog says in the thread (which I really should have linked in the OP):
  2. This is from the topic for bruddog's "bug-fix" rom. Is there a standalone version of this hack? I've spent a lot of time making my custom rom... This would be nice as well. Preferably in TSBTool Supreme format.
  3. Thanks for the answer. I was more curious about Quickness, however, as I don't think people have really looked into it.
  4. I've noticed this on the last couple years of TecmoBowl.org Official Yearly ROMs: From my research, this is exactly what the 16-bit versions do. 1: Is there a way to apply this to an otherwise normal Tecmo Super Bowl NES rom? (28 Teams) 2: What does Quickness do, if anything, on 16-bit versions? EDIT: Wait, shouldn't Pass Control & Passing Accuracy be swapped?
  5. Hi there! I know that on the NES version of Tecmo Super Bowl, Quickness & Accuracy of Passing do nothing. I also know that Accuracy of Passing does do something in the SNES/Genesis versions. So I still have 2 questions about this: 1: Does Quickness do anything in the 16-bit versions? 2: Would it be possible to hack the NES version to make Accuracy of Passing &/or Quickness do the same things in that version?
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