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  1. How would I go about changing team names/locations/abbreviations in this tool? Right now the only thing stopping me from using this tool full-time is that GM for TSB lets me change team names, whereas I can't find a way to do so with this editor.
  2. So I was playing the original TSB, trying to complete a Super Bowl run with the Eagles (QB Eagles FTW), when something strange happened. We were playing against Tampa Bay. It was the first play from scrimmage. Testaverde threw the ball, trying to find a connection with his TE, Hall... and it fell incomplete. Okay, not too big of a surprise, my guys were on him. But then something strange happened. The play didn't stop. No ref blew a whistle, no verdict was given on the completion status of the ball. It was just sitting there in the middle of the field doing nothing. No "FUMBLE!" announcement, nothing. I could still run around and stuff but I couldn't pick the ball up. It's the weirdest thing to happen to me when playing this classic game. I have a savestate and photo proof here. (Before you ask, the clock hit 0:00 because NOBODY COULD PICK IT UP so the 5 minutes expired with it STILL ON THE GROUND.)
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