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  1. Early Games from week 6 of the BTFL season.
  2. BTFL Week 5 Offensive and Defensive Players of the week.
  3. So after every week in the game, I have a poll to see who is the offensive and defensive players of the week. The nominees for offensive player are: SEA Russell Wilson 4/10 246 yards 4 touchdowns 0 interceptions MIN Robert Smith 17 att 202 yards 2 touchdowns MiN Jake Reed 5 rec 158 yards 2 touchdowns IND Peyton Manning 8/14 211 yards 3 touchdowns 0 interceptions The nominees for defensive player are: NE Richard Seymour 5 sacks PIT L.C. Greenwood 4 sacks MIN John Randle 4 sacks Video for player of the week will be uploaded tomorrow.
  4. They really were. Yeah, the episodes will come out every other week or just week depending on how much time I have.
  5. So I am kind of new to this forum and not a very good advertiser of things, but I have a series on my YouTube channel where I have taken a ROM hack made by Gojiphen Malor on here and what I am doing is screen recording the games and then uploading the highlights on YouTube NFL Primetime style with the music and nicknames and everything. If anyone is interested in viewing the results of each week, I will supply the playlist here and anyone that wants to watch can as I will update each week. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwwwSFxnljguqVqrfLADQxiWAB7uiwaT3 Thank you for your time and I hope anyone who wants to watch enjoys!
  6. Damn... I was trying to get the worst all time teams for each franchise. Ah well, it was a good pipe dream.
  7. Can someone make this? I have the rosters for all of these teams, except I swapped out the 1986 packers with the 2005 packers.
  8. I'm new here, but is there any way I could get the Tecmo Super Bowl 3 Manager for a Mac?
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