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  1. Ken Griffey Jr Baseball - Original '94 Version with Fixes, Names and Updates

    I did this a few years back and figured I would share it. It's basically the original '94 game but with rosters that are more accurate with various fixes and corrections and updates/revisions.
    *This also has all the players' actual real names input in already as well
    Physical appearances have been fixed, so you will notice Glenallen Hill (CHC), Ryan Bowen (FLO), Lenny Webster (MIN), Butch Davis (TEX), Brian Williams (HOU), Jacob Brumfield (CIN) are now black (they were incorrectly white before) and Rob Deer (BOS), Kevin Brown (TEX) and Ben McDonald (BAL) are now white (all 3 were incorrectly black in the original) and many other players whose skin tones were wrong (too dark or too light). Some guys' hair colors or haircuts & facial hair were wrong in the original (Jeff Kent for instance now has his trademark blonde hair and 'stache) and have been fixed and some player physiques have also been revised/corrected as well.   
    Players that had incorrect batting or pitching sides were fixed. Example: Ozzie Guillen (CHW), Chip Hale (MIN), BJ Surhoff (MIL), Greg Myers (CAL), Dave Hansen (LAD), Mike Pagliarulo (BAL), Ernie Riles (BOS), Dave Nilsson (MIL), Scott Cooper (BOS) and Jeff Reed (SF) were all incorrectly RH hitters in the original and Darren Lewis (SF) was incorrectly a LH - all have been fixed. Quite a few other players were also corrected who previously had incorrect batting or pitching sides.  
    Some players were replaced in this version. The original had a few fake players so those were replaced (3B on the Angels, OF on the Pirates, OF on the Marlins). There were also a few players that barely played in the original, so I replaced those guys with players who had more playing time. You'll notice a few rookies from '94 that got their first cups of coffee in '93 on here now too, such as Ryan Klesko on the Braves, Jim Edmonds on the Angels and Bob Hamelin on the Royals.   
    Players' ratings were changed if they were inaccurate. A lot of player ratings in the original were inaccurate, whether they were undervalued (Edgar Martinez, Harold Baines), overvalued or just plain, flat out wrong or way off (ahem...Dean Palmer, The Big Hurt and Piazza's DEF anyone?), so those were all updated and changed. Of course Barry Bonds, who was infamously underrated in the original (a 6 rating for DEF? Really?! lol I am a huuuge Dodgers fan and even I think that was a huge diss) is now rightfully the best player in the NL and as good as Junior in the game.   
    Lineups and pitching rotations are more accurate to what was actually used from Jul-Sep '93 now.  
    Players that were, for whatever reasons, missing-in-action but should have been in the original game are now present. So Vinny Castilla (COL), Dick Schofield (TOR), Kirk McCaskill (CHW), Jeromy Burnitz (NYM), Frank Bolick (MON), Kevin Baez (NYM), Rich Rodriguez (FLO), Scott Kamieniecki (NYY), Mark Clark (CLE), Greg Briley (FLO), Frank Tanana (NYY), Cris Carpenter (TEX), Rheal Cormier (StL), Jeff Mutis (CLE), Bobby Ojeda (CLE) and Junior Felix (FLO) are all ready to play ball like they always should have been.  
    Enjoy! and "PLAY BALL!"



  2. Ken Griffey Jr Baseball - All-Time Greats: '98 Expansion

    This is the '98 expansion edition of my All-Time Greats hacked ROM of KGB. 
    It plays and was designed to be exactly the same as the regular version and player ratings and stats also use the same system I used for the regular All-Time Greats edition.
    **A few special things to note**
    I wanted Arizona and Tampa Bay to have similar uniform looks to what they have in real life. But until I learn how to hex edit, we are forced to use the game's default designs. Because of those limitations, I ended up replacing the Houston Astros with the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays and the Texas Rangers with the Arizona Diamondbacks. So while the stadiums and uniform looks of those 2 teams are semi-accurate or as close to what they can be or what they should be - obviously the Rays are in NL and the Diamondbacks are in the AL in my version of the game. For exhibition play, this won't be an issue since you can simply turn on or off the DH rule. But for season play, the Rays will be DH-less and playing against NL teams and the D-Backs will have a DH and be battling AL teams. But at least the teams are present and their all-time rosters can be played with. Of course since the original game also only enables you to pick from 28 teams, this also means this '98 Expansion Edition won't allow you to play the Astros or Rangers vs the Rays or D-Backs. 
    I would also love to replace the Houston and Texas logos at some point with Arizona and TB's so they will be accurate. As well as also attempt to change the team names on the gameplay screens and standings screens so they will be accurate as well. I need to learn how to edit with the hex editors and SNES palettes and need help with that though. So that would be included in a later update of this ROM if and when I am able to figure that stuff out.  
    As always, any feedback, criticism or suggestions is extremely welcome!
    ENJOY!!! And "Play Ball!"
    Ken Griffey Jr. All-Time Edition '98 Expansion.smc
    Ken Griffey Jr. All-Time Edition '98 Expansion.smc



  3. Ken Griffey Jr Baseball - All-Time Greats

    This is a custom hack of the original KGB SNES game, but with all-time legends on every team's roster!
    I tried to include a bit of every championship era a team had on each roster, spanning all 98 seasons in MLB's live-ball era from 1920-2019. 
    I kept the game's basic structure and fundamentals for rosters intact. What this means is that every team has 5 starting pitchers, 5 relievers, 8 (or 9 in the AL) starting position players and 7 (or 6 in the AL) bench position players. I also stayed true to the original's roster makeup so that nearly every bench has a backup catcher, 3 backup infielders and 3 backup outfielders -- except in the AL, where the DH's natural position dictates the remaining bench positions (example - David Ortiz's natural position  was 1B, so the Red Sox only have 2 IFs on the bench). I think there are 1 or 2 teams that may have 4 OFs or 4 IFs on the bench, but the rest stay true to that formula. Generally, a player appears on the team he played his best seasons for. But there are some exceptions in order to get as many deserving players in the game as I could (example - Mike Piazza had his best seasons with the Dodgers from '93-'97, but he is the Mets' starting catcher in this game). Also, I made a rule that no player can appear more than once in the game. So you will not see Barry Bonds on the Pirates and the Giants, Reggie on the A's and Yankees, Bic Mac on the A's and Cardinals or Frank Robinson on the Reds and the Orioles. 
    Player's stats are based on their 7 peak consecutive seasons of their career, with the majority of those seasons for the team they represent in this version of the game. For example, Frank Thomas' stats and ratings in this game are his 1991-1997 seasons averaged out. These same basic rules apply to pitchers as well for their ratings, ERA, Wins, Losses and Saves stats. Also, in order to really see every player on an equal playing field, the 7-year peak season stats/ratings are pro-rated. So for instance, if you look at Tony Gwynn's stats in the game, those are his 7-year peak numbers pro-rated to 500 ABs. All position players' stats are pro-rated to 500 ABs. All starting pitchers' stats are pro-rated to 32 GS. And all relievers' stats are pro-rated to 60 G. This allows you to look at the players on even ground, so a player who may have usually had 720 plate appearances won't have bloated stats over a guy who may have only normally had 500 plate appearances during his 7-year peak. 
    Player's skill ratings also had a specific system I used. Using players' 7-year peak season numbers and pro-rated to 500 AB/32 GS/60 G, here were the ranking systems I used for each skill rating:
    BAT uses the hitter's batting average in their 7-yr peak. Depending on the era the player played in, this can slightly change. So for example, if a player played during a high offensive era like 1919-1940 or 1994-2005, it's slightly adjusted and accounts for that.
    POW uses the hitter's home runs as well as Isolated Power and Slugging% in their 7-yr peak.
    SPD uses the hitter's Stolen Base attempts + 3Bs in their 7-yr peak 
    DEF uses the hitter's fielding percentage as well as DRS (Defensive Runs Saved), dWAR in their 7-yr peak. In addition, I also took outfielders' assists into account. Likewise for catchers, their CS% was also used and plays a part in their DEF rating. With some exceptions here and there (like Jeter), most players with multiple Gold Gloves almost always received a 8 or better DEF rating. However, there are a few players who had great defense (9 or 10) that never won a GG and also a few who have won GG and had mediocre or only slightly above avg defense (Jose Altuve and Derek Jeter are good examples of this). 
    SPD uses the pitcher's SO/9 innings pitched in their 7-yr peak.
    CON uses the pitcher's WHIP as well as FIP in their 7-yr peak.
    FAT uses the starting pitcher's innings pitched per games started in their 7-yr peak and a reliever's innings pitched per games played in their 7-yr peak period. 
    I tried to be as faithful as I could to all player's physical appearances. Whether that was physical stature and physique, batting stances, hair length and color, facial hair or skin tones. I think I did a decent job and hope you feel like the players match their real-life counterparts as much as this game allows it to. If anybody notices a mistake or something that may need to be fixed, please let me know! I will fix it and re-upload an updated version.
     Please leave any feedback, criticism, suggestions or comments on here! I'd love to know what anybody else thinks that downloads and plays this. Also, please check-out my '98 expansion teams addition where the Arizona Diamondbacks and Tampa Bay Devil Rays are represented.
    Ken Griffey Jr. All-Time Edition.smc
    Ken Griffey Jr. All-Time Edition.smc



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