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  1. Hey TSB fans :) This is probably the best idea I've seen for an statistics exporting tool! I have been playing TSB on and off since the advent of emulators, but on the console before that (I was in high school when this game released) lol! I am having a similar problem as Jonesy, where depending on what save state I use with the extractor tool (at http://www.tecmobowltools.com/SaveStateExporter), I get all zeros or ridiculous numbers that I can't even process how it came from the save state. The names of the players are all present, but it's just the placement and/or values of the numeric data that isn't inline with what I see on the emulator. I was using an emu called Virtual NES v0.92 (which I'm not married to), but that save state was one that generated values in the fields by the extractor. When I used Nestopia 1.40 (simulated some data, and saved), I was given all zeros. I did see the setting in Nestopia to toggle "internal compression". Could I be leaving another default setting in the emu when it saves? What else could I try? I'm sure it's something on my end, so I'm sorry to bother you nice lot with this =\ I'll switch to the more supported emu, whichever it happens to be haha! Thanks to everyone in advance, drewdy
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