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  1. Denver is fool's gold. Good players but their playbook is trash. The entire NFC Central; all 5 teams have a better playbook than Denver's.
  2. VGifted

    My TSB Journal

    Making my OGTL debut!
  3. VGifted

    My TSB Journal

    Another TSB Classic! This one was an OT 30 seconds left Bomb for the win. Big Ultra shout to @ImFlo GG player
  4. Astros are going to Finish off the Yankees!
  5. Nats vs Astros in the World Series
  6. Dallas is the best team in TSB3; 2nd Best is the Dolphins @TecSpectre convince me bro
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, Football fans of all ages! Be ready for a pats-chiefs rematch.
  8. Is there going to be an update 101 now that AB is in New England? Other than that, I'm cool with it.
  9. Some Big Changes: LeSean McCoy was released by the Bills and Javaenon Clowney was traded to Seattle sorry for the spelling
  10. Does this Latest ROM still has Andrew Luck? I agree Chad Kelly should be the 2nd QB, the other guy Phillip Walker is alright.
  11. IMO, the Colts will be fine; Strongly believe Indy were preparing to start the season without Luck. Still the favorite to win the AFC South.
  12. VGifted

    My TSB Journal

    Vinny Practice!
  13. Discord name: VGifted Host: No (not at this moment)
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