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  1. VGifted

    My TSB Journal

    I'm back again, Today's word is "Inconsistency" I've been playing for a full year and I feel I am not playing up to my true potential. I'm sure everyone gets the feeling of forgetting how to win where everybody is coming for the same thing, VICTORY! There are times I can do everything right and still lose. Trail by a TD needing a drive to win; (those are the opportunities I hope for), I can go toe to toe with one the highest ranked players in the TPC Circuit beat win but turn around and lose to a weaker player. Hard to stay focus sometimes, those are the things I can overcome easily. At this point, I had played in about 5 leagues overall I only have one winning season (OGTL, plus a playoff appearance) . What will be the next step to get better; find a training partner. Study more, learn player's tendencies , I'll do anything to get better. This is the beauty of being in the group of great TSB players. In October 2020, Florida is having a Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament; it's long overdue That's my chance to make a name for myself. From here on out, play the game without a doubt, without fear, the most important thing is rekindle the passion and joy of playing.
  2. I called the Trigger of Lighting Denver Select QB1 B.J. Tolliver
  3. Denver select rb/wr woodside/sharpe
  4. Next Denver Selection: Round 9 WR/LB Humphries/Landry
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