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  1. VGifted

    My TSB Journal

    Some Online Games; Two close wins!!
  2. I think he'll be on the Commissioner's list so Add Hill to the Roster.
  3. Discord Name: VGifted Host: Can not Any way to contact: Email and Facebook (I'll PM)
  4. Sounds good. I'm very concern for both teams though. Sure their offenses are going to be explosive but can the Browns and Chiefs stop anyone?
  5. Detroit Lions added WR Jermaine Kearse to their roster.
  6. Jacksonville Jaguars just sign WR Terrell Pryor
  7. NBA Finals Game 1 predictions
  8. As long as #12 is still standing, they always have a chance.
  9. What about a "Waiting List" Tournament; construct their own rosters, and the top 2 join the bronze level automatically.
  10. Proud owner of a 3,000 rushing season!
  11. VGifted

    My TSB Journal

    Three 300 Rushing games!
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