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  1. Is there going to be an update 101 now that AB is in New England? Other than that, I'm cool with it.
  2. Some Big Changes: LeSean McCoy was released by the Bills and Javaenon Clowney was traded to Seattle sorry for the spelling
  3. Does this Latest ROM still has Andrew Luck? I agree Chad Kelly should be the 2nd QB, the other guy Phillip Walker is alright.
  4. IMO, the Colts will be fine; Strongly believe Indy were preparing to start the season without Luck. Still the favorite to win the AFC South.
  5. VGifted

    My TSB Journal

    Vinny Practice!
  6. Discord name: VGifted Host: No (not at this moment)
  7. VGifted

    My TSB Journal

    More practice games!
  8. Sorry for the late news RB Duke Johnson was traded to the Texans I think. @gojiphen malor
  9. The Original "Speed Kills" 21. Another player who should be in the Hall of Fame.
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