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  1. Some Big Changes: LeSean McCoy was released by the Bills and Javaenon Clowney was traded to Seattle sorry for the spelling
  2. Does this Latest ROM still has Andrew Luck? I agree Chad Kelly should be the 2nd QB, the other guy Phillip Walker is alright.
  3. Sorry for the late news RB Duke Johnson was traded to the Texans I think. @gojiphen malor
  4. Theo Riddick was released by the Lions, was signed by the Denver Broncos.
  5. Two More players call Retirement; LB Derrick Morgan of the Titans and Bengals OL Clint Boling
  6. I think he'll be on the Commissioner's list so Add Hill to the Roster.
  7. Detroit Lions added WR Jermaine Kearse to their roster.
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars just sign WR Terrell Pryor
  9. @gojiphen malor breaking news: Seahawks release Kam Chancelor and Doug Baldwin, plus Jags Telvin Smith is not playing this year
  10. NY Giants DT Demarcus Lawrence needs to be added.
  11. @gojiphen malor Nice job on the rom, can't wait for after the draft. T.J. Yeldon has found a team, the Buffalo Bills.
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