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  1. Tecmo Bowl Champ Teams

    This ROM is the greatest teams in each franchises history. Let me know if there's anything you believe to be an error, this ROM was done by one person and is likely to have mistakes. White stars by players name denotes that they were Pro Bowl that year and red star denotes All-Pro selection. Enjoy!



  2. Tecmo Bowl All-Stars

    This ROM features the best players for each team by position, taken from the two versions of original Tecmo. For example, Indianapolis has the improved Jack Trudeau from the Japan version and Dickerson from the US version. Los Angeles has the improved Bo Jackson from the Japan version and Marcus Allen from the US version.
    There are a few repeating players that play different positions. Dennis Gentry is both a receiver and a return man. The inside linebackers of Miami are both an Offerdahl, and the outside linebackers of Indianapolis are both Bicketts. I feel like that's pretty fair considering the fiery offenses around. 
    In addition, the Minnesota and Washington's WR reverse plays are replaced with a functioning play. 



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