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  1. Amazing work. Thank you. I have one question for you that you may be able to clarify. I was gifted a small Chinese handheld PSP type clone that has a built in emulator and plays NES games. It actually has Super Tecmo Bowl built in. I was able to download and play all of your versions, but I experience players ghosting and disappearing during play. I doubt there is much I can do about this, but thought I would at least ask. Thank you for your time.  


  2. Newb with a very basic question.  I am playing with a handheld Chinese PSP copy that play 1000's of .nes games.  I have loaded the latest Tecmo Super Bowl file, but when I try to launch it, I get "invalid file format."  I am assuming that the downloadable files on this site are specific to the emulators that are offered here.  I tried this just as a hunch, but I think I am probably right.  Your thoughts?


    Thank you for your time . . . 


    1. Knobbe


      It should work on most emulators but there is no way I can support nor test all emulators.  Try some of the other mods here, those might work

    2. McQuillian


      Thanks.  you were right.  Some of the other files worked fine.  Appreciate the response . . . 


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