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  1. I have run across a few weird things while playing the game lately.... I cause a fumble in the end zone on the other team, I recover the ball and they call it a safety instead of a touchdown?? I cause a fumble on the other team, 2nd down. I recover the ball and run it towards my end, they catch and tackle my guy. Instead of being my ball on 1st down, the other team still has the ball, 3rd and 40 whatever I ran it back??? The last one has to do with trades... The AI trades players with me without asking?? During the 2nd week of trades, I ask to trade a DB I think. Instead I notice another team has traded punters with me. I also noticed a few other players missing that I didn't cut or trade. How can I prevent this?? I have spent time building a heck of a team, don't want to lose anyone without my knowing. Thanks in advance...
  2. Thanks.... I did find the other updates he did, would like to try those. Any idea what software I need to put them on my console? Also, hello from Galva Kansas!
  3. Is there such a thing as a 2019 version based on TSB 3? All I see is the ones based on the original game. If there is, what do I need to load it on my SNES class console? Thanks...
  4. First, hello from Kansas, new here. I am playing TSBIII on one of those new "classic" consoles... a mini SNES with a bunch of games. Anyway, I have created a great QB and RB on San Francisco, and I would really like to move them to another team. Is there any easy way to do this or do you have to try and trade them?? Also, is there a way to speed up the SKP games when you are going through a season? Why do I want to see all the stats of each game? That's why I put it on SKP after all... Thanks... Go Seahawks!! And Chiefs I guess
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