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  1. Thanks for the info!!! I hope you can help me with this problem / question I am having.  On my computer , I was able to run the emulator (i am using fceux)  and download a Rom from this site ....WIth my keyboard .I am able to get to the screen that has me choose Preseason, Season, Pro Bowl, Team Data , and Options but I can not get past that point with my keyboard.  I have tried 2 different Roms, same thing! Is there something I am doing wrong, or do I need a USB Controller to play? Please get back to me with your suggestions..Thank you !

  2. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my post!  I still need help though! I hope you can help me.  I downloaded your ROM (it looks awesome) and the Emulators you suggested but I am still having a problem with a USB Controller.  I cant figure it out. and I have no clue what to buy ? Can you help me with that.  At the present time , i have a PS3 Controller, and NES Retro Controllers.  I recently purchased a NES to USB adapter, but when it came in I realized I dont have any controller that will fit in it.  ( I attached pics of adapter I bought).  What is my best and easiest way to get a controller.  Can i use the PS3? Should i buy a Wii one? Do i buy a NES to USB controller??? I am confused on what to get.  Looking very much to start using your ROM (thanks for always updating it btw) Any info will help me out!!! 

    Thank you soo much for your time



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    2. gojiphen malor

      gojiphen malor

      Let me read up on those and I will get back to you. I'm almost wondering if it might just be easier to get a Microsoft Controller specifically made for Windows 7/10 like this one :


      Definitely try the PS3 controller as i feel that's the best way to go.

      The NES controllers look neat.. but if you want to eventually try some other emulators for say SNES, Sega.. you're going to need more than the two buttons A+B.

      I don't personally have a 2015 rom but I did work on these :




      In the offseason I am planning on perhaps a Volume 2 for the Championship Edition that I would include the 2015 Broncos on :)

    3. kurtvalenti


      OMG....i would love if you could add the 2015 Broncos team to a Championship Edition! Would be amazing!


      Can you answer me this?  Should I use a computer or purchase a Raspberry Pie to play on???

      I am going to try to install the PS3 controller like you told me tonight onto my computer? 

      Again, I am not looking to play online... I just want to play myself...... 

      What do you think are pros and cons of a computer vs a Raspberry Pie and which one would you chose?


      Thank you again for getting back to me!

    4. gojiphen malor

      gojiphen malor

      I absolutely love the Raspberri PI3 i have. So easy to set up and then play on the BIG SCREEN.

      However, if you can get it running on your PC, with a PS3 controller, and are happy with that, it won't cost you anything more.

      What i like about the PI3 is the ability to unplug and take to someone else's house, while not tying my computer up.

      No problem at all.. keep us posted on your progress!

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